8 September 2021

HDo you have enough motivation to achieve your goals? Or maybe interest in the world around you began to fade away? Try to cheer up by watching movies that will definitely inspire you to new feats.

BeautyHack has prepared a list of the best motivational films – enjoy watching!

1 + 1

If you haven’t watched the French comedy drama 1 + 1 yet, be sure to take a moment to see this movie. Motivation and good mood after watching this motion picture are guaranteed to you.

The movie is based on real events. One of its main characters, a wealthy aristocrat Philip, is confined to a wheelchair and needs an assistant. While interviewing candidates for the position of a nurse, the hero chooses not the most suitable young man – Driss, who recently got out of prison and came for an interview only to be refused in order to receive unemployment benefits. But the behavior of the young man attracts Philip’s attention, so he chooses him for the role of assistant. How will the working relationship between the rich intellectual and the guy from the streets end up?

Stephen Hawking Universe

A biographical film based on the memoirs of Jane Hawking, the ex-wife of the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. The motion picture will definitely awaken inspiration in you.

Jane and Stephen met at Cambridge University when they were still students. After the meeting, their feelings immediately flared up. But soon the doctors gave the young scientist a disappointing diagnosis, which led him to paralysis, and gave him only two years of life. Fortunately, the doctors’ expectations were not fulfilled, and Hawking lived for many more years, overcoming the disease throughout his life, and at the same time building a career and a family.

Ghostly beauty

The role of the main character in this film is played by Will Smith – he plays a talented advertiser named Howard Inlet, in whose life a tragedy occurred. After this event, he lost the meaning of life and fell into depression (the astrologer tells about the rules of a happy family life here). Then his colleagues and friends devise an unexpected plan to help Howard find happiness again.

The film motivates and awakens the lust for life even during tragic events.

The man who changed everything

Stories about self-confidence, overcoming our own weaknesses and sports achievements always give us a desire to move on. Therefore, we invite you to watch a film that will not only tell about success in big sports, but also show you how to challenge the whole world and prove your case.

The Oakland Athletics are a baseball team that the main players began to leave after one notable loss – the team was on the verge of disintegration. But her general manager Billy Bean, played by the charming Brad Pitt, isn’t ready to give up. The hero with all his might begins to fight for the revival of Oakland Athletics. Will the protagonist succeed?


Do you agree that all the events that take place in our world are interconnected? To get a better understanding of this theory, watch the melodrama “Amelie” – it will make you think about all our actions.

Amelie is a quiet and carefree girl who one day decides to get to know a guy, returning him a lost thing. But she does not do this right away, but comes up with an original plan that entails a series of adventures for many other residents of the capital.


A biography film with Reese Witherspoon, who this time plays not a frivolous blonde, but an unfortunate woman named Cheryl Straid, motivates to overcome any difficulties in life.

When the heroine’s marriage collapses, and the closest and dearest person dies, Cheryl has no hope for a bright future. Desperate, the main character goes alone on a difficult mountain hike, more than a thousand kilometers long. From the very beginning of the journey, the girl risks her life, but does not turn off the route, wanting to be completely healed from mental suffering.

Million dollar baby

What do you think of successful female athletes? A film about a girl who is struggling to achieve her goal in a completely non-feminine sport, will definitely convince you to give up in a difficult situation (How to deal with self-doubt, the psychologist advises here).

Meggie Fitzgerald is a former athlete who is forced to work as a waitress to support her family. But, as soon as Maggie’s life situation becomes stable, she decides to return to boxing training and goes to a talented trainer – Frankie Dunn. But he does not see potential in the girl and refuses her. Then Maggie shows all her tenacity and proves to Frank the opposite. Will the former waitress reach new heights in boxing?

127 hours

The film is based on real events that happened to the climber and canyon conqueror Aaron Ralston. Its history will definitely not leave you indifferent, so get ready to watch.

Having gathered on his usual journey, the main character does not tell anyone where he is going – Aron does not even suspect that he may be trapped and spend six days without food or water. What do you think happened to him, and will the hero be able to escape?

Knockin ‘on Heaven

After watching this drama with elements of comedy, you will definitely want to reconsider all your views on life and rethink your attitude to dreams. After all, sometimes so little is needed to make a person happy.

Marty and Rudy met at the hospital, where they were given a terrible diagnosis – cancer, and the heroes have only a few days to live. To come to terms with such news, young people decide to get drunk, and then, in a heart-to-heart conversation, it turns out that Rudy has never seen the sea. Then the heroes decide to escape from the hospital – they steal a car in order to fulfill Rudy’s cherished dream. How their story ended, you will find out by watching the film.

Selling for a fall

Several Wall Street financial analysts independently predicted the economic crisis in 2008 – even before it was even talked about. They understood how the economic situation would develop and made a fortune on the crisis.

The film received good reviews from critics, as well as an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. You will also like the actors who played the main roles in the film – the talented handsome men Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling have not left anyone indifferent.

Text: Diana Snetkova