8 September 2021

TOWhat kind of body oils do girls take on vacation, what do they replace the foundation with and what do they do if they want to prolong the life of their tan?

Sunscreen Sun Eco Earth Power Pink Sun Cream SPF50 +, The Saem

Daria Lazarchuk, @ style.inside.you

I am responsible for the choice of SPF. The product should work flawlessly, not grease the T-zone, be miniature and smell good. And, of course, you don’t want to overpay for it. I found all this in the cherished pale pink tube The Saem.

The cream turned out to be very comfortable, not greasy at all. As if the finest velvet dusting on the face. The composition contains a lot of caring, soothing and healing components that worked for the top five. Redness and irritation that sometimes appear in the heat of summer, with The Saem cream, are reduced to almost zero. He also justified the label “for problem skin”.

A pleasant bonus for me was the toning properties of the cream. On the swatch, it is white and pink – a rather unusual mixture of care and pigment. When applied, the cream brightens the face and slightly smoothes the surface. A slight blur effect appears.

Swarthy girls are unlikely to be delighted, and this effect suited my fair skin with a cold pinkish undertone. Irregularities and rashes cannot be hidden in this way. But if there are no such problems, you can refuse tinting agents (which I did!).

Luckily for insta-girls, the cream does not give off the white glare from the flash. Any makeup can be applied using the product as a moisturizing base. Of the shortcomings, I can point out too bulky packaging for 50 ml of the product. Although it is flat and does not take up much space in the bag.

Like any SPF cream, this one also needs to be updated. It is important to carefully blend the repeated layers so that no white spots appear on the face.

A real discovery in 2019 in the category “up to 1,000 rubles.” Sun Eco Earth Power Pink Sun Cream has settled not only in my beach bag, but also in my gym cosmetic bag (I am a lover of morning exercises), and even in my everyday clutch. In my opinion, this is a budget salvation for light-skinned Slavic people.

Price: 962 rub.

Shower oil Atoderm, Bioderma

Natalia Leokumovich

Vacation is a delicate matter, but someone prepares for it all year, and someone like me – a month before!

Ksenia Wagner’s beautiguru beauties banks have probably already filled the shelves of all the girls on our planet, and I’m no exception! The skin of the arms, legs and, what can we hide, the most prominent parts of the body has mercilessly dried up over the winter, and flaunting in a short dress is not the best idea! There is a solution! No need to apply tons of cream on yourself! Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil works wonders. After him, the skin is like a baby’s, seriously! Even without applying the cream, it is soft and velvety. But after the scorching summer sun, she will need even more moisture. This oil is suitable for both children (even babies!) And adults, which is very convenient during a joint family trip.

So one product will be useful for the whole family, and a convenient 200 ml bottle is suitable for relaxation. Well, home, just like me, feel free to take a liter! The pricing policy is more than sparing. For mega-humidification in the 200 ml format, you will have to pay about 750 rubles, for 1 liter – about 1,500 rubles.

Yes, I forgot! Wear Bioderma Photoderm sunscreens during the day for a double thank you to your skin, and add a smile, drive and fun to your holiday bag!

Price: 1 470 rub.

Sun Soul Tanning Cream Gel, [ comfort zone ]

Maria Shlyapnikova, @mari_shlyapnikova

I cannot do without this wonderful product on vacation: delicate and light texture, suitable for face and body, pleasant aroma and excellent results from use! The composition contains a biomimetic peptide with DNA protection to prevent cellular aging.

I use it 7-10 days before the intended trip and then during the rest period.

The result: an even skin tone, an intense and beautiful tan that lasts for a longer period. Recommend!

Price: 3 157 rub.

Beach Bound Spray for Colored Hair, Tigi Bed Head

Anastasia Balaeva

On vacation, do not forget that sun protection is needed not only for the face and body. I recommend Tigi Bed Head Hair Spray. There are many different products with SPF filters in the line, choose the one that suits you best.

Price: 1 555 rub.

Antioxidant Complex Serum and Protective Daily Moisturizer SPF 50+, Ultraceuticals

Anastasia Balaeva

In the morning and in the evening, cleansing and toning – on schedule, and in the afternoon – protection and hydration, and for any type of skin. I recommend the Australian brand Ultraceuticals. They already know a lot about leaving! I use Antioxidant Complex serum, followed by Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50+.

Price: serum – 5 079 rubles; cream – 5 195 rubles.

Lotion Roucou Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, St. Barth

Anastasia Balaeva

During the day on vacation, my favorites are St. Barth. Ideally, Roucou Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30. After showering, I apply Sunsplash tonic to the wet body, which is also suitable for the face. I advise you to keep the product in the refrigerator. Then – aloe vera gel of the same brand. Removes redness and inflammation, as well as soothes the skin – what you need after a sunny day. If that’s not enough, you can apply any moisturizing lotion.

Price: 5 100 rubles.

Natural coconut oil

Anastasia Bayol

By nature, I am a very mobile person, I swim for several kilometers in the open sea, I go to the mountains. My suitcase is basically a set of sportswear and two dresses.

Vacation for me is an excuse to relax my soul, get in touch with nature and just enjoy the beautiful views. And it’s also a reason for detox in every sense: the body also needs to take a break from cosmetics.

The bright sun and sea water are very drying to the skin and hair, so I cannot do without natural coconut oil (I apply it every evening). After such a moisturizing treatment, the tan lays down evenly, the hair does not split, the skin is soft and moisturized.

Price on request

Fondant oil SPF 6, St. Barth

Margarita Seredenko, @smargooo

None of my trips are complete without St. Barth. I have dark skin, I use the product from the very first day in the sun, getting a beautiful, chocolate shade day after day. In addition to its beautiful color, the oil makes the skin incredibly soft and well-groomed.

I have tried many sprays and oils for tanning, but this one, unfortunately, not a budget tool completely satisfied my needs! It is very economical and has a pleasant aroma. And upon arrival, you will be delighted not only by the chocolate shade, but also by the spicy-salty sea smell of clothes, which will remind you of the wonderful days spent on vacation.

Price: 3 750 rub.

Moisturizing cream with the effect of radiance Strobe Cream, MAC

Ksenia Svetlichnaya, @apocalypseplease_

A must-have in my vacation bag is MAC’s Strobe Cream in a mini-package that’s easy to take on the go.

In hot sunny weather, you want to relax to the maximum – including, to arrange a “vacation” for your skin, without loading it with makeup. But at the same time, you always need to look beautiful! And in such a situation, Strobe Cream has come to the rescue for several years already. It literally refreshes your face (even if you have not been on vacation for a long time, you can use it to give a rested look!), Moisturizes, soothes the skin (which is important in summer) and gives an incredible natural glow “from the inside”. I glow with happiness in every sense!

This cream does its job 100%, does not grease the skin, hides minor imperfections due to shimmering particles and gives a feeling of comfort for the whole day. And I’m just in love with the shining finish. In addition, the convenient travel format of the tool itself hints: “Take me with you!”

I talked about my favorite concealer MAC on link

Price: 3 200 rub.