10 makeup novelties to shine with this summer


WITHVertising palette of eyeshadows, blue mascara, trendy highlighter, comfortable eyebrow pencil, super long-lasting lipstick and much more – the editors of BeautyHack tried out the summer beauty novelties and told which of them will make your makeup especially effective.

Eyeshadow Cover Shot: Bold Glitter Eye Palette, Smashbox

Tested by BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova

Probably the most mesmerizing thing about the Smashbox eyeshadow palette is its design: a bright, iridescent picture from which it is impossible to look away. Inside the palette there are 8 rich and bold eyeshadow shades with glitter and unexpectedly delicate texture. The shadows are well shaded with a brush or fingertips – you can easily achieve the desired effect and create a beautiful shining eye makeup (you will learn how to choose shadows depending on the color of the eyes here).

To prevent the shadows from smearing, and the colors not to mix with each other, it is better to apply a special base on the eyelids before makeup. For summer makeup, I go for shades of Pinky Ring and Seapunked, which pair nicely with my basic wardrobe: denim jacket, jeans and sneakers. In the evening, this outfit can be changed to a dress, but the makeup will look as good as in the morning.

Price: 1 850 rub.

Tonal CC Elixir “Anti-aging protection” Âge Defense, Ciel

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Ana Lipartia

Few women can boast of a flawless complexion, so most have to use special products to hide imperfections, such as acne or enlarged pores. I have dry skin with minor marks of inflammation, so not all foundations are suitable for me. Now I have switched to light BB-creams – they not only hide imperfections, but also care for the skin. In the summer, I often use CC cream that I found from the Ciel brand.

The anti-aging tonal CC Elixir has many advantages, from beautiful packaging to its miraculous effect. The product has a convenient dispenser, non-greasy texture and SPF15 sun protection factor – which is especially important in summer! I spread the cream with a sponge and after a few minutes enjoy the even tone. And when applied to the skin around the eyes, it even hides and smoothes fine wrinkles. Also, this CC cream goes well with any means: loose powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter – it does not roll or slip. The cream gives the skin an even tone and a slight moist glow – this year’s makeup trend!

Price: 900 rub.

Eyeliner Eyeliner Pen “Cabaret Premieré”, Vivienne Sabó

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Ana Lipartia

Now I can create spectacular eye makeup with just one product – Cabaret Premieré eyeliner. She has an incredibly comfortable applicator with which I run along the growth line of the upper lashes, and after a couple of seconds, a neat thin arrow makes my look bright and attractive.

The applicator on the eyeliner is thin and adapts well to the required pressure to create the desired effect: you can draw an ultra-thin line, or you can add the required thickness to the arrow and draw a neat tail – it is easy to experiment with this tool. The Cabaret Premieré eyeliner draws crisp and bright, but does not smudge or flow. Most often I use it in tandem with mascara, but over the eyes, the eyeliner lays just as well and lasts all day.

Price: 400 rub.

Highlighter palette for brilliant makeup “Moonlight”, Illuminating Face Palette Moonlit, Oribe

Tested by senior editor BeautyHack Anya Sherstneva

Multifunctional products are my weakness, so I just couldn’t help but fall in love with Oribe’s Moonlight Highlighter Palette. The palette combines three shades: bronze-gold, pink and mother-of-pearl. With the first color, I do a small contour of the face or apply it as shadows, I highlight the apples of the cheeks and lips with pink, and I place beautiful highlights on the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose with the lightest color. Also, all shades can be mixed with each other with a fluffy brush and applied as a shining blush. The texture of the highlighters is silky – they blend easily and beautifully on the skin. Moreover, these pearlescent powders contain a complex of weightless oils and a unique elasticity activator to moisturize the skin and maintain its elasticity.

Price: 5760 rub.

Mascara Fusion Volume Sensation Mascara, tone 556, Ciel

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Ana Lipartia

A new addition to my arsenal of eyelash products is blue mascara from Ciel. I always wanted to see how colored pigments would behave on my rich black eyelashes (read all about colored mascaras in this material). Blue has become a real experiment for me, but I was not disappointed in it!

The brand has developed not only a beautiful shade, but also a special light texture of the product and a fluffy brush, thanks to which I was able to make friends with mascara the first time. It can be applied in one layer for a natural look, or layered for fluffy, vibrant blue lashes.

I prefer natural makeup, so first I paint my eyelashes with black mascara, then wait until it dries a little and apply a blue tint over it, painting from roots to ends. The result is a bluish-black color on the lashes that looks elegant and not flashy!

Price: 720 rub.

Pencil for perfect and long-lasting smoky Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil, Amber Dust, Romanovamakeup

Tested by senior editor BeautyHack Anya Sherstneva

After foundation, eyeliner is the most important makeup tool in my makeup bag. I bring them up to the outer corner of my eye, and the look immediately becomes more expressive. He also helps me out when I need to quickly turn daytime makeup into evening makeup.

The pencil for fast and long-lasting smokey eyes from Romanovamakeup was a real discovery. Firstly, I really liked the shade – such a glossy shining brown color effectively accentuated my brown eyes. And, secondly, it is really very persistent – the arrows drawn by it remain bright and clear throughout the day. The pencil has a soft, creamy texture, so it is easy to apply and can be shaded to achieve a beautiful haze on the eyelids. With it, my cosmetic bag became lighter and more comfortable – I forgot about the eyeshadow and replaced the eyeliner with it.

Price: 1270 rub.

Mattifying foundation for the face Ocean Feel Powder Foundation SPF-50, 02 Medium Beige, KIKO MILANO

Tested by editorial assistant Anna Khobotova

By the summer, the Italian brand KIKO MILANO has delighted everyone with a new collection. Its main innovations are tanning enhancers with waterproof and sunscreen formulas, as well as light textures.

I decided to experiment and got myself a foundation from the new collection. The product is presented in 8 shades, from light milky to dark, and is suitable for owners of normal to combination skin.

This powdery foundation can be applied in two ways: wet or dry. To create a natural look, the manufacturer recommends applying powder with a dry applicator or a fluffy brush, or using a damp sponge for a thicker finish.

I tried both options and I can confidently say that the powder is very light, while making the complexion even and hiding all imperfections. It holds up well during daytime walks and at night parties. And its main advantage is the presence of SPF-50 (in the summer, protection from ultraviolet radiation is especially important). The KIKO MILANO brand tried to make the new product convenient and useful, and they did it!

Price: 1450 rub

Liquid eyeshadow Eye Tint Silk, shade 10 Senso, Giorgio Armani

Tested by senior editor BeautyHack Anya Sherstneva

I have brown eyes, but I never thought that dark shades of eyeshadow would suit me. We had love at first sight with Armani eye tint (top 5 lip tints look for here). I applied shadows on the eyelids and realized that I didn’t need anything else for evening makeup. Maybe just mascara to make the eyes even more expressive.

The eyeshadow has an incredibly light and almost weightless texture – the product is easily applied to the eyelids with a convenient applicator. Despite the rich color – shimmering purple, the shadows look delicate and not at all bright – they can be shaded with a fingertip to a translucent shade and used to create makeup for every day. During the day, the tint does not roll off and does not wear off, so there is no need to correct makeup. It can also be used as an eyeliner.

Price on request

Long-lasting liquid matte lipstick Superstay matte ink City Edition, shade 118 dancer, Maybelline New York

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Daria Mironova

To be honest, I am skeptical about the lipstick’s persistence claims, so I tested the product for a long time, but as a result I was pleasantly surprised.

Maybelline New York lipstick has a pleasant sweet scent, convenient classic packaging and an unusual drop-shaped applicator brush. Thanks to the latter, the lipstick is easy to distribute without a pencil, and the lip contour is clear and even. Immediately after applying the product, you must wait 5-7 minutes until the lipstick hardens. The texture of the lipstick is a little sticky, but after it dries, no discomfort remains.

On the lips Superstay Matte Ink City Edition is almost not felt, you can talk, eat, drink and generally forget that you have it on your lips. Her durability surprised me a lot – the lipstick lasts more than 10 hours! If you go to a restaurant, I advise you to bring it with you. The product has only one drawback – it is difficult to wash off the lipstick. Don’t try regular micellar water, use hydrophilic oil, or any oil-based makeup remover.

Price: 360 rub.

Pencil for eyebrows Brow Definer, Dark Blonde, Aveda

Tested by BeautyHack editor Julia Kozoliy

This tool is no more than six months. Aveda released it at the end of February, giving beautiholics instructions on what to love a new eyebrow pencil for. On the list: ease of use, durability, cruelty-free and other “goodies” from one of the strongest beauty players in the American natural cosmetics market. After a week of regular use, I assure you – the pencil really turned out to be successful! Firstly, you do not need to think long when choosing a shade. For example, for me, a brunette with brown hair, Dark Blonde was perfect. With it I get a super-natural result!

I draw with a pencil “gaps” on the eyebrows and blend the color with a brush, which is on the other side of the product, and then fix the hairs with a transparent gel. The texture of the product is very soft and comfortable, while drawing with a pencil is easy and clear. The durability, as the brand promises, is excellent, and the pencil is washed off with micellar water.

Price on request