8 September 2021

TOsenia Wagner – about what you loved, what you dreamed of, what you wore, ate and looked at in your school childhood.

1) Every evening in the living room, in the kitchen or in the bedroom, from a brand new hitachi or an old “Knight” came “Ta-ta-ta-ta” and sunny California flashed.

And you clung to the screen, where Cruz and Eden were kissing, Sisi raged, wove Gene’s intrigues, Kelly languished in amnesia and so on and so forth. You were about 8 years old – and for the next 5 years of your life, not a single weekday evening passed without “ta-ta-ta-ta”;

2) Later, Gina will be replaced by Alexis Colby from Dynasty, instead of Mason, Brandon and other residents of Beverly Hills 90210 will dream, and in high school you will learn at least 5 Brazilian words – thanks to Zhadi and other tropican women (we wrote about the main beauties here and here). TV shows – American, Argentine, and, of course, Brazilian – will be to blame for algebra threes and walking circles;

3) Although the circle hell will hardly touch you, the children of the 80s. You will be lucky to catch May beetles, collect bells at the dacha, run around the yard, playing “Cossacks-robbers” and just swing on a swing instead of learning three languages ​​at the same time, ballet steps, flags of all countries of the world and others vital things;

4) You know what metallic leggings, hedgehogs for hair, rubber bands-rainbows and other fantastic Chinese bad taste that seemed like sparkling magic in childhood (I didn’t have any of the above, I suffered);

5) … oh yes! There were also hoods (I, unfortunately, had), flared jeans (I did, but with the size of my hips it wouldn’t be better), and in high school – grinders;

6) When you went to first grade, it was not candles for diarrhea and drops for potency that were advertised on TV, but Mars, Snickers and a car of villas. You adored everything – but the sweets were worth a lot and were given out on holidays (I kept the nibbled “whisp” in the fridge for the Barbie);

7) Barbie! One of two things – either you had it, or you fiercely envied those who let you play this goldilocks with the smell of rubber and holes in your ears. And what shoes and combs were attached to her in a bright pink box !;

8) Your mom smelled like Climat from LancĂ´me, Dior Poison or Amarige. Or maybe – “Red Moscow” or perfume “Silver Lily of the Valley.” In any case, there were not a dozen bottles on her table (or in the “sideboard”), there was only one and eternal – and you dreamed of pouring yourself over them from head to toe;

9) Your first eyeshadows were Ruby Rose, and your mascara was your mother’s plastic box with a brush that needed to be “spit”. Fortunately, at school, the saliva exchange with my mother was successfully replaced by the pot-bellied tubes of Maybelline New York (“everyone is in awe of you – and you are from meeeeeeebelin!”)

10) In your house they baked pies, cooked borscht and cut “Mimosa”, you remember the pot-bellied bottles of Sprite and “Zuko” juices, “Abrikotin” and “Kievsky” cakes, anniversary cookies and sausage sandwiches. Nobody knew the words “Quinoa” and “Jerusalem artichoke”, was not afraid of food, did not raise three extra pieces of bread into an event of a planetary scale. Therefore, today any diet for you is longing and torment, because all the most delicious, dear and harmful comes from there – from a bright, warm and cozy childhood.