10 stellar beauty secrets you didn’t know about


Gde and how does Vera Brezhneva take care of her hair, what styling tools does Victoria Daineko use and what shampoos can be found in Elena Pinskaya-Vakulenko’s bathroom?

Anna Pletneva

I have naturally very curly unruly hair. And I do everything possible with them: first I stretch, then I twist again, and so on ad infinitum. In general, I am amazed how the hair can withstand all these irons, tongs and hair dryers. The only thing that saves me is the Happiness for Hair Japanese treatment. After him, the strands are filled with life again.

I remember how in childhood I made a mask according to my mother’s recipe: from a raw egg, lemon and brandy. And then all this flowed behind the collar and down the back … Now, of course, the recovery procedure has become much easier and more pleasant. Especially when you make it in the salon and a wonderful master conjures over you.

Ksenia Shipilova

The secret to beautiful hair is to change your care products so that they don’t get used to the same brand, otherwise they will simply stop working. To make my hair shine, at the end of the wash I rinse the strands with cold water. At home, a moisturizing mask works best – I do it twice a week. If there is no time for long preparations, apply the mask before shampoo and wash your hair as usual – the product will work and save you time. To make your hairstyle look better, create a tight cut effect – apply special mousses or oil to the ends. Hair will visually become heavier and healthier.

I have tried many salon hair care procedures – keratin straightening, botox. The best is Happiness for Hair, because it is universal and most effective. To stimulate their growth, I do plasma lifting – in my opinion, this procedure is more effective than mesotherapy.

Victoria Dayneko

Once upon a time the only styling that I could do was “wash my hair and go to bed”: because I have curly hair, it turned out very beautifully, because they crumbled into small strands that crumpled against the pillow, and it turned out a beautiful curl.

In London, when I was recording my album, I was walking around my favorite Selfridges mall, and on the first floor, a Russian girl, Maya, met me in the styling corner. She recognized me and invited me to the styling, promised that I would like it. I came, she curled my hair very cool with a Jose Eber Curling Iro. Then I made friends not only with Maya, but also with curling irons. After that, three of them appeared in my collection, and I began to do styling myself. Now I take this special set with me on tour and shooting. I love them for their optimal temperature (110 degrees, so they don’t burn hair) and ideal diameter. The hair after them keeps its shape perfectly even without varnish.


I have a cabinet in my bathroom with hair oils – carrot, coconut, shea butter, and many others. In total, about 15-20 oils. I apply them at home myself, sometimes at night as masks (for how to properly use hair oils, read on link).

Sati Casanova

The main beauty secret is proper nutrition. If you don’t include enough fat in your diet, your skin, hair and nails will look bad, and no amount of creams and procedures will help. Diet fat is easy. For example, I eat a lot of avocado, coconut oil, and ghee.

Valentina Zelyaeva

Before each wash, I rub jojoba oil into the scalp. I apply it along all the lengths. Leave it for at least 2 hours or overnight.

I love Christophe Robin shampoos and balms – they have excellent compositions. At the end, be sure to rinse your hair with a solution of apple cider vinegar and cool water.

Elena Pinskaya-Vakulenko

I dye my hair once a month and do restorative procedures every two weeks. I really like L’Oréal paint – I have been going to one master for seven years now and hold on to him like a gold bar. I make cares from Kevin.Murphy and Olaplex – the latter, by the way, is now being spoken by many people, but my master is sure that not everyone has learned how to use these products so far.

I love Kevin Murphy – they have a very cool Texture Master volume spray. I spray it on the roots, squeeze the hair – it sticks together slightly and a very voluminous effect is obtained. And then there’s Oribe’s amazing Dry Styling Set. And I like both brands of hairsprays.

Natasha Poly

Frequent dyeing has made my hair dry and brittle, so I try to wash it as little as possible. At home or in a hotel, I never dry my hair, I leave it to dry on its own. I dry it slightly with a towel and rub the oil into the ends. I love Extraordinary Oil from L’Oreal Elseve very much. It has a neutral odor that is not felt at all. This is especially important when I go to bed with the product on my hair. By the way, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave streaks on the pillow. It has a thick texture, so two to three drops are enough for one use. If this oil is not at hand, I can apply a cosmetic for the face to my hair.

If I’m in Paris, I always wear makeup at Christophe Robin’s. He has an adorable hairline of his own. He makes me a slight highlight, at first glance, generally barely noticeable. It looks very natural, something like the effect of the hair burnt out after the beach.

I really like it when the roots remain dark. I do not allow to paint over them completely, because this makes the face look unnatural – as if I had put on a mask.

Vera Brezhneva

I take great care of my hair. Whenever possible, I try to expose them to high temperatures as little as possible. Once every three to four months I apply to the Happiness for Hair procedure. In Kiev, I have a personal trichologist, on whose advice I do oil-based care. As a result, the hair becomes more vibrant and shiny.

I do coloring once every two months. At the same time, the main part of my hair is lightened with paint, the lightening composition is used only on a few strands of the face. Thanks to this, I manage to maintain the excellent quality of the curls.

My signature styling is a light wave. But I don’t use a curling iron to achieve this effect. I naturally have slightly curly hair and when it dries naturally it gives me a beautiful look. I use curling irons only before concerts and important events (and do not forget about thermal protection!).

On tour, I almost always wear makeup and do it myself. In my arsenal there are two types of tongs: one for creating large curls, others for even strands. In addition to thermal protection, I sometimes use Oribe Texturizing Spray for volume and hold. link). I prefer the same hairspray as shampoo and conditioner. At the moment, these are CHI brand funds.

Yasmina Muratovich

I use Santa Maria Novella shampoos at home, I’m very happy with them. I apply Christophe Robin hair masks several times a week. I love trying new products. If you use the same, the effect of it disappears.

I can’t live without leave-in hair care – I always apply moisturizing sprays before drying, the hair looks better right away. Now I use Kontier spray, it has a very interesting honey aroma.