8 September 2021

TOHow to make a bun with a braid, like Kate Middleton, and braid the simplest spikelet? BeautyHack publishes the best beauty tutorials from Instagram, and stylist Anna Portkova gives simple braiding tips for beginners.

Anna Portkova

Anna Portkova

Stylist, trichologist-consultant

The first important rule: if you want to master braiding, practice. For those who do not know how to make a simple spikelet, a couple of lessons are enough to cope with absolutely any hair. This is a skill that only comes with practice.

But there are a couple of tricks that will make life easier. First, use cosmetic oil or wax while braiding. Apply a drop of the product to your hand and then lightly style your hair. This will remove unnecessary fluffiness.

Secondly, hold all the strands used (three or four) with one hand. This is necessary so that with the second hand you can always correct the hairstyle. So the pigtail will turn out neat. Many bloggers show weaves with deliberately tousled braids. The scheme is simple: they just stretch the links to the sides to get a voluminous hairstyle. My advice: do this stretch every 5-6 links – this will keep the braid in shape and be stronger. You can fix your hair along the length with several invisible ones – this is imperceptible and especially convenient for those who are just starting to master braiding.

Evening styling by Sarah Angius

Beauty blogger Sara Angius used only one product to create this braid – Lush Sea Spray. The girl applied it to wet hair for volume and better fixation of the hairstyle. The main fixing component is sea water, namely sea salt. It will slightly weigh down the strands, so it will be much easier to work with them. An important final step: on one side, secure your hair with an invisible one so that the hairstyle does not get tousled.

Simple Braided Hairstyle for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair and don’t have time for styling or brushing in the morning, watch this video. Sarah shows you how you can get a trendy hairstyle with two invisible haircuts in 10 minutes!

Sports styling

American blogger Missy Sue, whose page has 782 thousand subscribers (about the same number of fans for Missy and youtube- channel), offers this braided hairstyle for going to the gym. But it seems to us that this is a great option both for every day and for an evening out.

Please note: Missy braids two voluminous braids, and then scrolls each of them, making a kind of knots. This gives the hairstyle strength, despite the external deliberate negligence.

Long Hair Bundle

A very simple weaving option that will help you out before an evening event if there is no time to get ready. It is also suitable for those who do not know how to weave even a spikelet – all you need is a “donut” elastic and hair of medium length, so that you can make three simple pigtails out of them. At the end, fasten all three braids around the “donut” with invisibility in any order and feel free to use any minimalistic accessory, as Missy does.

Side beam in the style of Kate Middleton

Here here We’ve featured photos of Kate’s signature hairstyles over the past 10 years. One of them is a low lateral tuft. With this styling, the Duchess of Cambridge often appears at official events with a lax dress code. And also in those cases when he puts on hats.

The creator of the most instagramble hairstyle pics and blogger Missy Sue showed her interpretation of the hairstyle. In order to repeat it, you need to master weaving just one braid and connect it with a regular low bun. In Missy’s detailed video tutorial shows, how to do it. The final touch is Kenra’s Perfect Medium Spray # 13.

How to hide the elastic that you use to secure the braid

Blogger Nina Stark at Instagram and on youtube channel teaches 400 thousand girls to make complex weaves with braids, bows, bunches (or even all at once!). If this approach seems too much to you, scoop simple beauty hacks for life. For example, in this video, Nina explains how to use invisibility to disguise a regular hair tie. Very helpful!

Braid around the head

To secure the braid around the head (which, by the way, is easier than you think), the creator of the blog What Lydia Likes Lydia uses two Syoss Max Hold products for strong hold: mousse and varnish. The girl applies mousse to wet hair of the root zone and dries it with a hairdryer, loosening the strands. The tool separates, but does not blind the strands – it is easy to work with them when weaving. And Lydia uses varnish at the finish. Note that only two invisibles are needed to secure Lydia’s hairstyle.

How to make braids more voluminous

Trusted by over three million girls on Instagram, Sara Angius shows you how to transform a regular two braids into a trendy adult girl hairstyle. Feel free to use her scheme: make a light bouffant, braid two braids, dividing all hair into two parts, and “stretch” each of them with your hands. This technique is often used by beauty bloggers to make a hairstyle deliberately careless, but at the same time maintain its integrity.

Use four strands to braid the side braid.

A simple hairstyle for long to medium hair. The technique of “stretching” the finished braid is also important here. And for a more voluminous effect, use four strands at once.

Game of Thrones hairstyle

Dedicated to fans of The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones! Nina Stark shows you how to style your favorite heroines’ hair without passing off as a crazy fan. A fishtail braid combined with strands intertwined at the crown (don’t forget to secure them with invisibility!) Is especially good against the background ash blonde… A great way to accentuate your hair in a custom shade.