8 September 2021

TOWhat styling spray can replace perfume, how to create a light wave on long hair and give the strands texture? The BeautyHack editors tested the summer styling products and chose the favorites.

Spray Mister Fantastic, Evo

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

The Australian brand spray is considered a universal styling product and is suitable for all hair types, but it is especially recommended for thin hair. I liked the fact that it does serve multiple functions. First, it works as thermal protection. Secondly, it thickens the hair along its entire length. Thirdly, it fixes well and prevents them from pushing. I spray along the entire length of wet hair and proceed to the express styling “comb-spray-hair dryer”. The product does not stick hair, has a neutral odor (opponents of fragrances, take note). The composition is free of sulfates and parabens. Now I use it every day before styling!

Price: 1 720 rub

Spray 3D Volumiser Spray, Toni & Guy

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

I liked the spray because it helps to create great styling at home in a matter of minutes. My head, I dry my hair with a towel and spray the product on the roots. After combing (I talked about the best comb for wet hair here) I lower my head down and dry it with a hairdryer. After 7 minutes I see excellent root volume that looks natural. But if it is not enough for me, and my goal is volume as from the corrugation, during the styling process I apply the product to dry hair. Gives good hold, at the same time does not stick and is easily washed off with shampoo. The smell is sour, but unobtrusive, and the spray format is very convenient to use – you won’t apply too much.

Price: 910 rub.

Salt spray for texture styling Sea Salt Spray, Toni & Guy

Tested editor BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

Toni & Guy is an English brand with a half-century history. The first Toni & Guy salon opened in London in 1963, and today the franchise network is steadily approaching the 500-year mark. Its founders, the Mascolo brothers, came to the UK from the United States with the dream of a small family business. Who would have thought that it would become a family, but not small, and grow into a giant with its own magazine, academies, hairstyle tools and a hair line.

I got acquainted with the brand several years ago, having bought a regenerating mask in one of the Moscow “brainchilds” of Mascolo. She liked my hair so much that I decided to continue communicating with this brand. Since then, Toni & Guy products periodically appear on the shelf, delighting with their effect and quality. The last on the list of personal discoveries is a salt spray for texture styling.

Even if you never blow-dry your hair or use styling products, you must try Sea Salt Spray. Firstly, this spray is a “multi-tool”: it copes well with fixation, and with giving root volume, and with texturing. Secondly, it simply has a divine scent of the sea breeze with floral, sweetish notes. Thirdly, it does not stick together or weigh down the hair, but at the same time makes it stiffer – ideal when you need to remove frizz.

The second ingredient on the list is sea salt. It is, of course, useful, but the hair can dry out – I use the spray no more than once a week.

Price: 862 rub.

Salt spray Rockaway Salt spray, R + Co

Tested by editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova

With the onset of heat, salt sprays become one of the most important styling products. Now they can be found in almost any brand of hair care – from mass market to luxury.

For me personally, this tool was not understood for a long time: everyone admires beautiful curls, and I get glued strands. Why? I love the R + Co brand – I decided to trust and give the last chance to salt sprays. And how glad I am! Firstly, no stuck hair for you, and I applied a lot – from the very roots to the ends. Secondly, even if at the exit you do not want “surfer” curls, almost everyone wants volume without a gun, and this spray copes with this task perfectly. Thirdly, the curls themselves, even on long strands, are formed neat, without creases. My long hair looks more like waves, but this is even better.

Price: 1910 rub.

Perfumed spray Relative Paradise, R + Co

Tested by editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova

In the summer, you don’t always want to wear even the lightest perfume, because the heat makes any smells suffocatingly heavy. R + Co solved this problem and created a perfumed spray that can be applied to hair, body and clothing. Light citrus-woody aroma, which is not abundant, lasts up to 6 hours with a subtle sillage. Most of all I love unobtrusiveness in it! The most important advantage is that the spray does not dry the hair and skin of the body, which is what many perfumes sin. In the composition: notes of mandarin, Sicilian lemon, green tea, amber and tree moss. Ideal for the summer season.

Price: RUB 1510

Styling spray with algae and flower extracts Algues et Fleurs, Leonor Greyl

Tested by senior editor BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

Leonor Grail – you guessed it, the founder of the brand – introduced the fashion for natural styling. That is why all brand products have a natural composition without silicones, parabens and aggressive substances. Spray for styling curly hair Algues et Fleurs meets all these principles, and at the first meeting I christened it the perfect remedy for mermaids. First, the spray makes the hair curl and creates the perfect balance between wild “curl” and lack of “waviness”. I belong to the second type and stand at an eternal crossroads – to straighten or completely twist naughty hair? After applying the spray, the dilemma disappears – the hair curls beautifully, like after the beach. Secondly, the composition contains extracts of algae and flowers (again, a reference to mermaids) – thanks to them, the curls remain moist and begin to shine. I apply it every day to wet hair or after styling with a curling iron and admire the lush, dense curls without a hint of stickiness or overloading with styling.

Price: 3 195 rub.

Sea Salt Texturizing Spray Caviar Style Waves Texture Sea Salt Spray, Alterna

Tested by senior editor BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

Not going to the sea yet? Then the sea comes to you – in a dark purple bottle from Alterna. The spray contains real Dead Sea salt, so curls will appear even on the owners of the straightest and heaviest hair. Mine are a little curly by nature, but in fact they are more fluffy. The tool helped to create the perfect texture and enhance the curl – the same beach curls that are especially relevant this summer. Despite the salt in the composition, the hair does not dry out – this is helped by extracts of black caviar and sea silk, as well as a special Flex-Strength complex. The result is soft, voluminous curls, barely touched by sea water.

Price: 3 020 rub.

Dry texturizing spray, Moroccanoil

Tested editor BeautyHack Daria Sizova

I have quite dry and problem hair – for many years I have been fighting for length and volume (you can see the list of products that helped me grow my hair here). Therefore, I have always avoided dry sprays, preferring leave-in conditioners and sprays for the lungs. combing).

But textured strands, which have not gone out of fashion for several seasons, will not work with liquid styling. Therefore, the texturizing spray came in handy (with such styling it is very convenient to walk in the summer – it does not take much time and is suitable for any occasion).

The product does not dry the hair (it contains argan oil), it gives volume and pleasant texture, which makes the styling careless, and the image light and romantic.

I washed my hair, applied a spray to my damp hair, dried it with a hairdryer – my styling is ready. To add more texture, spray on dry hair (it will help and fix the hairstyle). But be careful with the dosage: just a drop of the product is enough (I spray it at arm’s length), otherwise you will “glue” your hair.

Price: 2 250 rub.

Lotion to create texture MotionLotion, KevinMurphy

Tested by BeautyHack editor Julia Kozoliy

Before trying the lotion, I watched the video on the official website of the Australian brand. On it, the founder of the brand Kevin Murphy himself shows how to use the tool. It can be applied to wet hair at the start and finish to texture curls. For me, the second option is preferable: after drying with a hairdryer, I distribute a dense cream along the entire length to remove fluffiness and give curly strands a shape. Inspired by Kevin’s advice, I tried to apply the product to wet hair, drying it with a hairdryer without a comb. The result is a surfer girl’s styling with very light root volume and shine. Salt and sugar sprays for such styling do not give such an effect, but in Motion.Lotion the oils of bergamot, geranium and patchouli are responsible for the effect of well-groomed strands (they also give the incredible “signature” Kevin.Murphy scent). For this reason, I will definitely put a 150 ml canister in my vacation suitcase!

Price: 2110 rub.

Cprey to create a moving texture Beachy Spray, ICON

Tested SMM-manager beautyhackru Alexandra Grishina

If you are not able to meet the salt sea or ocean this summer, I advise you to indulge yourself with beach styling. And the spray for creating curls from ICON will help you with this.The tool easily copes with the embodiment of a beach or, if you like, a festival look. The ingredients revitalize the hair and give it a moisture-like feeling, as if you had just stepped out of the sea. After application, the hair becomes thicker, more elastic and “manageable”. Just three movements, and you are the star of the party: spray (just a little and at a distance of 15-20 cm), beat the hair and shape it. The composition contains 3 important vitamins: vitamin B5 – makes hair elastic, vitamin A – gives texture and shine, vitamin E – restores hair from damage. My advice: Spray on dry hair. This makes it easier to shape them and create a natural structure. Leave them to dry naturally after application.

Price: 2 616 rub.

Hair straightening gel, Natura Siberica Oblepikha

Tested by editorial assistant Anna Khobotova

Curly, voluminous hair is my problem (yes, yes, everyone has their own “problem”). All my adult life I have been searching for the perfect remedy for straightening. About 8 years ago, the only way out was an iron, the harm of which can not be said. Now I am very responsible for leaving. I regularly use thermal protective sprays and oils.

The straightening gel came across for the first time. Moreover, from the adored Natura Siberica! The brand has been creating natural remedies from ingredients grown on a farm in Siberia since 2013.

The first thing that surprised me about the gel was its consistency: not sticky or greasy, it is quickly absorbed. Nothing to do with styling gel – a big plus.

The product has a summer fruity aroma that stays on the hair all day long. The main advantage is the result! The gel facilitates straightening, instantly removes frizz – hair flows and retains its shape for several days. It is better to apply the gel on dry hair. It’s hard to believe, but it has an ideal natural composition: vitamins E, A, F, Altai sea buckthorn and amaranth oils, which provide shine, silk proteins, which retain moisture in the hair structure. This whole bouquet creates a super result – the hair and the hostess are delighted!

Price: 470 rub.

Revitalizing cream-oil “Royal Jelly and Propolis”, Garnier

Tested by Beautyhack special correspondent Daria Mironova

This easy hair styler has a bright, honeyed scent that will stay with you all day long. For my thin and short hair, I need a small drop of the cream, otherwise the strands will look unkempt. I usually put some product on the ends and paid special attention to the bangs. After natural drying (I do not use a hairdryer), the hair became smooth, shiny and manageable. A nice bonus: the styling product takes care of them.

Price: 299 rubles

Perfumed hair spray “Passion fruit”, Yves Rocher

Tested by Beautyhack special correspondent Daria Mironova

This spray from the limited summer collection of Yves Rocher is perfect for those who love tropical fruits. I used it in the morning on dry hair. The product adds volume and shine, and the bright aroma of passionfruit perfectly replaces perfume on a hot day.

Cena: 349 rubles