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I AMFlashy makeup or nude – what to choose for a first date? How (and should you) use false eyelashes? On the example of star images, make-up artist Yuri Ananov explains how to get ready for a romantic date.

Bright makeup on a date: yes or no?

The main task of makeup is not to change you beyond recognition, but to hide minor flaws and emphasize your advantages! Any man is afraid to wake up with a “other” girl. Also, he will always be embarrassed by overly expressive and wide eyebrows, it would be time for everyone to calm down and remember about naturalness.

A very important psychological moment is lip makeup. The clearer they are, the more expressive the image will be and the more the girl will be remembered by the man!

A date, especially the first one, is such an intimate moment that a large amount of cosmetics in this case is not a good idea. If the makeup is not perfect, the expression lines from the concealer or the crumbling shadows will forever remain in the memory of your companion.

False eyelashes: yes or no?

False eyelashes are a very subtle point, you have to be confident in your skill, because they can come off even if you sneeze. If you have made up your mind, then I advise “bundles”: they are easier to glue, and they are not felt before our eyes! You can always glue the “bunches” under your eyelashes, then they will not be noticeable at all.

I use the most famous “bunches” from Olga Romanova in medium size. They must be tinted at the roots with ink (Olga herself told more about them in link)!

Express makeup products – which ones to choose?

An even, clean, non-shiny face with thick eyelashes and a delicately drawn lip contour is the perfect makeup for a date! You can apply a creamy peach-colored blush to your cheeks, under your eyebrows, lips and collarbones – it will be natural and harmonious. I recommend sticks.

Along the contour of the lips – a beige pencil, which must be shaded with your finger.

Replace the liquid tone with a double-acting foundation powder. It stains clothes less. Where a thick layer is needed, use a damp sponge; apply with a brush for a sheer finish. And I also recommend a matting base: with it, the skin will not shine!

If you want to add an accent, but in a hurry and can only afford express make-up, apply a pearlescent pencil of any shade in the center of the mucous membrane of the eyes (for unusual options for the summer, look for link).

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