8 September 2021

NSWide, bushy and natural eyebrows are one of the most popular trends in 2019. To achieve this effect, you need to comb the hairs up a little and fix them in this position.

A special eyebrow gel will help to achieve the desired result – today you can find such a tool in the assortment of any cosmetic brand. Look for the best of them in the BeautyHack selection.

Waterproof fixer for eyelashes and eyebrows Double Fix ‘Mascara, Clarins

An all-in-one product from Clarins that works for both eyebrow fixing and waterproof protection for any mascara. With it, you can swim in peace while maintaining perfect lashes and flawless brows.

Use Double Fix ‘Mascara transparent gel for natural or waterproof makeup (read about mistakes you can make in eyebrow makeup here). To shape the eyebrows, apply the product along the entire length of the hairs, fixing them in the desired direction.

Price: 1 850 rub.

Eyebrow gel Eyebrow Plumping Gel, Pupa

If your eyebrows are not thicker, Pupa Eyebrow Tint Gel will help to make them visually fuller (our tips will help you to give your eyebrows the perfect shape. here).

The product contains special fine fibers that fill the voids and add volume to the eyebrows. Also, the gel reliably fixes the hairs for the whole day. A handy small brush of gel helps to correctly model the eyebrows, which evenly distributes the pigment, separates and lifts the hairs.

There are four shades in the gel color palette – among them you can easily find the desired color for blondes, and for fair-haired, and for dark-haired girls.

Price: 699 rub.

Long-lasting gel for eyebrows Waterproof Brow Set, MAC

Try combing your eyebrows with the Waterproof Brow Set and you will find out what it is like to enjoy the result for as much as 8 hours! The tool not only lasts a long time and makes the eyebrows more expressive, but also evenly spreads on the hairs, without sticking them together and leaving no lumps.

The gel has a light formula, so it fixes the hairs well in the right direction and gives the eyebrows a well-groomed look, and its small brush ensures accurate application of the product. The gel palette is diverse – every woman will find her perfect shade in it.

Price: 1 400 rub.

Transparent gel for eyebrows Clear Lash & Brow Gel, Artdeco

Eyebrow gel from Artdeco not only correctly models the shape of the eyebrows and gives the hairs shine, but also cares for them. The gel contains castor oil, which strengthens the hairs and improves their growth (how to make your eyebrows luxurious with other Artdeco products, you will learn here).

Price: 649 rub.

Gel fixer Control Freak Eye Brow Gel, NYX

To shape your brows and lock in even the most unruly hairs, try NYX Brow Styling Gel. The texture of this product is creamy and absolutely non-sticky, so the gel is convenient to use in combination with other decorative cosmetics, for example, eyebrow shadows.

Control Freak Eye Brow Gel helps to fix the eyebrow hairs in the desired position – before applying the product, give the eyebrows the desired shape and shade in any usual way, and then comb the hairs with gel. A nice bonus: the gel has a very convenient packaging, so the product is quite economical to use.

Price: 630 rub.

Text: Diana Snetkova