8 September 2021

ANDShield the perfect light cream for the summer? Chief Editor of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva tells what products can moisturize your skin in a matter of seconds – write it down! And for a guide, look for a detailed care guide on link

Yuza Sorbet and Yuza Sorbet Night cream, Erborian

My introduction to the Yuza line began with an emulsion-textured night cream sorbet. I tested it after returning home at 6 am from the plane, went to bed, and after a couple of hours I had to get up. While I was trying to gain strength, the product reanimated the skin, soothed it and moisturized it. It was absorbed in the first minutes after application without a greasy film, and there were no unpleasant marks on the pillow. But the next morning in the mirror I saw a healthy complexion, nourished skin and not a single hint of lack of sleep. It contains Japanese lemon Yuzu (a powerful antioxidant), green plum (activates microcirculation), licorice (has an anti-inflammatory effect), soy and rice proteins (deep nutrition and hydration, as well as activation of collagen and elastin synthesis).

Now I use this product in combination with a day moisturizer from the Yuza Sorbet series. The day cream is even lighter in texture than the night cream, it is perfectly absorbed and creates the effect of a second skin. I apply instead of a primer and feel free to start makeup in a couple of minutes: the foundation does not roll, but on the contrary lays down in an even layer on moisturized and even skin that shines with health. Contains liquorice, green plum and yuzu, rich in vitamin C to combat skin fatigue.

Price for a day cream: 4,150 rubles.

Price for a night cream: 4 350 rubles.

Moisturizing cream WaterBurst, Glamglow

I’m a big fan of Glamglow products – I love their masks, moisturizers and magic lip balm. The cold autumn, turning into winter, is already here, the skin began to peel off, and I needed urgent “resuscitation”. WaterBurst cream in blue packaging promises to provide “moisturizing – 72 hours”. In texture, it is more of a gel (with an insanely delicious aroma of fruit gum – you just want to eat it), which is quickly absorbed and immediately gets to work. The composition contains water from Jeju Island (located in the Korean Strait) – for intensive moisturizing. By the way, the cream coped with this task by a solid five: my peeling disappeared in a couple of days of use. WaterBurst really helps the skin to retain moisture. Included in my daily care: I apply in the morning (after it, after 5-7 minutes, you can start makeup, it will not float away) and in the evening before bedtime (do not be afraid, the product does not leave greasy marks on the pillow). On days when you can do without makeup, I apply this cream, a light balm on the lips with a tint and a little concealer under the eyes: I never stop receiving compliments, how fresh I look (WaterBurst leaves a beautiful glow on my skin).

Price: 4 500 rub.

Moisturizer for face Perfect Moisturizer, 3Lab

The American brand’s products are loved by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and Hilary Swank. The brand was one of the first to present a unique technology for using stem cells and a bioengineered growth factor. I already talked about cream for the area around the eyes and about BB-cream, it’s time for a moisturizer for the face!

Usually, when you try funds that are an order of magnitude higher than the average price, you expect a miracle. And for me it happened with this cream! I tried it this summer – I tested it for a week and carefully tracked the result. Perhaps the big difference between other products that moisturize well and at the same time are quickly absorbed is that it gives a prolonged effect. I applied white gel every morning with massage movements on the face and décolleté, and after a minute there was no trace of the product (the skin eats it greedily), and after five I was already starting to make up (again, an alternative to the primer, because the foundation lay flat and did not roll). The cream really moisturizes well, while this is not a “one-time action”: within a week the face has freshened up, the peeling on the nose, which had tormented me since winter, disappeared and, it seems, are not planning to return. The cream does not have any smell (opponents of fragrances, take note), and it also has a very convenient dispenser (two clicks are enough to squeeze out the right amount on the whole face) and economical consumption (already in August, and more than half of it remains). It contains olive oil and hyaluronic acid. This summer, the remedy saved my skin from dehydration, dryness and flaking.

Price: 10 045 rub.

Ultra-moisturizing face cream Aqua Reotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel, L’Occitane

If you always switch to lighter textures in the summer and are looking for the perfect replacement for your moisturizer, take a look at L’Occitane’s Aqua Reotier line. It is no coincidence that the “ultra” prefix appeared in the name – the products combine the properties of a nourishing cream and a refreshing gel, so the skin remains radiant and moisturized all day long.

Thousands of micro-bubbles contain the power of the Rheotier spring – its mineralized water restores the balance of the skin. If you are the owner of dry and problem skin, we advise you not to wait for absorption, but to apply makeup immediately. The cream acts as a moisturizing primer, and thanks to the sticky base, the tone will last all day. I wrote about the best tones for dry skin here.

Price: 2 890 rub.

Text: Karina Andreeva