8 September 2021

HMost often in my image, the emphasis is on the eyes. I love experimenting with eyeshadows (there are over 50 of them in my collection), eyeliners and pencils. This collection contains 5 proven products, for which I will return to the store, no matter how many worthy alternatives there are in my home supplies!

Eyeliner-marker Graphik Ink Liner, Clarins

My secret for express eye makeup is soft pink eyeshadow, arrow and volumetric mascara. With this felt-tip pen, both thin and graphic lines are obtained. If I was asked to advise an eyeliner for someone who can’t draw arrows, it would definitely be the Graphik Ink Liner. The fine tip glides smoothly over the eyelids for perfect lines. The eyeliner stays firm throughout the day, does not get imprinted, and can be easily removed with micellar water.

Price: 1 950 rub.

Mascara Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, Marc Jacobs

I tried this mascara after an interview with star makeup artist Gilbert Solise (you can read it at link). He then said: “Velvet Noir Mascara will replace false eyelashes. Many girls do not like them because it is hard to stick, the process takes a long time, and this mascara is the best alternative: the effect is the same. ” “My case,” I thought, remembering how I once suffered with sticking eyelashes, started to be late, freaked out and eventually went without them. Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara won me over with a comfortable brush that perfectly separates and allows you to paint over each lash. I was also pleasantly surprised by the volume effect that appears from the first layer. Does not crumble, lengthens, and even rinses off with micellar water – delight! By the way, Irina Shayk uses the same mascara (an interview with her is available at link).

Price: 1 950 rub.

Palette eyeshadow Naked 2, Urban Decay

“I know I’d go back to you” – remember the phrase from the Selena Gomez song? In my case, it is not about unhappy love, but about the Urban Decay palette. As a person who has more than 50 shadows in his collection, I’ll be honest: I come back to Naked 2 again and again and always take it with me on trips, and only then, as far as possible and free space, I add the rest.

I love her because you can really do makeup with her for any occasion and for any eye color. It is truly versatile. And big. And despite the presence of other palettes, I use this one so often that I managed to use it up to zero.

12 colors for every taste (from light to dark, from nude to bright) and two textures – matte and shimmer. Pink shades are often used solo and combined with a black arrow, and to create a smoky I use black, brown and light with shimmer. There is where to roam! Perfectly shaded, super-firmly held (and with the base Primer Potion – and completely reinforced concrete!). What else does a beautygolic need to be happy?

Price: 4 780 rub.

Mascara Better Than Sex Too Faced

Another great mascara for every day – I alternate them with Marc Jacobs Beauty. In fact, it was always very difficult for me to find “my” mascara: my eyelashes are naturally black, thick, but they still lack volume and length. And I also want the mascara not to crumble during the day, but at the same time it was removed quickly and without irritation. With this tool, I had love at first sight, and all wishes were heard and embodied in it. A soot-colored mascara based on collagen is great for lengthening and curling lashes. I loved the hourglass-shaped brush, which allows me to paint over every lash and get to the very roots. It can be easily removed with a cleansing gel and really does not crumble (and this is extremely important when traveling to the sea, where it is always warm and the make-up has a risk of “swimming” from the heat).

Price: 1 750 rub.

Palette eyeshadow Chocolate, Too Faced

No, no, this is not a real bar of chocolate, but a trendy and stylish palette of eyeshadow Chocolate Bar Too Faced. But the cocoa powder in the composition is real!

And now about the shadows – why do I love them?

1) For 16 shades. Pale pink, cream, bronze, coffee, purple, gold and 10 more different ones – with them you can create any makeup for every eye color. Daytime nude or evening smoky – everything is possible with this palette.

2) For easy application, good durability and excellent shading. Despite the fact that the shadows are dry, they last up to 5-6 hours on the eyelids (after that I renew for intensity, if necessary). I usually apply with makeup brushes, but if suddenly I’m in a hurry and there is nothing on my hand, I can quickly fill the pigment on the eyelid with my fingertips – and it still turns out neatly.

3) For the aroma of chocolate, of course. The smell is incredible!

4) For the original, but lightweight packaging.

Finally, I’ll tell you about what shades I most often use for my dark brown (or even black) eyes.

I use a pale pink with Champagne Truffle shimmer as a highlighter and often apply under the eyebrow. I can also distribute it on the moving eyelid, and add a dark one to the outer corners of the eyes (for example, brown Gilded Ganache, Triple Fudge, Haute Chocolate).

Shades ideal for solo use are Marzipan, Strawberry Bob Bon, Canded Violet, Black Forest Truffle, Amaretto.

I often use the following colors for the lower eyeliner: Creme Brûlée, Semi-Sweet, Hazelnut.

In addition to the palette, there is a branded Glamor Guide, where you can find three already created looks. Get inspired!

Price: 3 500 rub.

Primer for eyes Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Urban Decay

Not all representatives of my collection of eyeshadows can boast of durability. This tool turned out to be a real salvation: it holds any pigment in reinforced concrete, as well as an eyeliner to boot. I distribute the cream primer with my fingers on the eyelids and apply shadows on top. After it, eye makeup in the evening is the same as it was in the morning after application. If you also have oily skin of the eyelids, take a note one hundred percent!

Price: 1500 rub.

Text: Karina Andreeva