WITHwhen picking up a vacation suitcase, limit yourself to the most essential beauty products. Moreover, some of them can be found on the spot. What natural oils restore hair at sea and what mask will save even the most brittle strands? The chief physician of the Lasmed clinic, Olga Gurkina, spoke about her favorite remedies.

Olga Gurkina

Olga Gurkina

Chief physician of the Lasmed clinic, dermatologist, laser therapist, trichologist

Shampoo and conditioner Lemon Sage Thickening, Paul Mitchell

I am against mass-market hair products, I use professional cosmetics. In the summer, due to the heat, the hair lacks freshness. Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Series helps me out. The menthol in the composition pleasantly cools the scalp. Because of the citrus notes, Lemon Sage Thickening shampoo and conditioner is loved by men. I recommend this line to people with fine to normal hair. Bonus – funds provide volume.

Protective spray Color Protect Locking Spray, Paul Mitchell

My stylist works with the means of this brand. Color Protect Locking Spray is designed for colored hair, but it is also suitable for girls with a natural shade. It contains proteins, sunflower and aloe vera extracts, panthenol and jojoba oil. UV filters protect from the sun. Apply to damp hair before going to the beach or pool, and renew after bathing.

Hair Perfector â„–3 Elixir “Hair Perfection”, Olaplex

Another savior for colored hair. Small volume tool (100 ml) – convenient to take on a trip. This amount of Hair Perfector is designed for 8 applications, but it all depends on the length. Can be used once a week or more often if hair is brittle and porous.

Apply the mask to wet strands (for example, right after the beach, if you previously rinsed your hair in the shower) and soak for 10 minutes. On vacation, this elixir will moisturize your hair and keep it well-groomed.

Jojoba oil

I am a fan of natural oils. Now I often go to Africa and bring my favorite jojoba oil from there. An important point: it (like other similar products) can be used only after exposure to the sun, if you do not want to get the effect of “roasting the strands”. A couple of drops of oil can be added to shampoo or applied to length as a mask.

Sunscreen lotion for hair Aquamare Protective Filter, Aldo Сoppola

Aldo Сoppola’s sun protection line is called Aquamare. Each product is based on brown algae extract. This lotion can be used both in the city and on vacation: spray on damp hair during drying (to add shine) or – on dry hair before going out in the sun. It is important to repeat the application throughout the day, especially if going to the beach or pool.

Hair Repair Treatment, Paul Mitchell

On vacation, I recommend staying out of the sun for a long time and covering your head with scarves or hats. And then make moisturizing masks. I love Paul Mitchell’s Hair Repair Treatment. The only drawback of the product is that you need to stand on the head for half an hour, but for the sake of the effect, you can tolerate it. Works well on porous, brittle hair. Apply after shampooing. It contains wheat protein, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, jojoba seed oil.

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