7 perfect powders for hair volume


TOHow to use volume powder and who is it suitable for styling? Experts and editors answer.

Powder.Puff Volumizing Powder, Kevin.Murphy

Valeria Belozerova, beauty salon stylist Keep Looking

This powder in a cute pink round jar has become a real hit in our salon. I use it as a styling fixer or to create extra volume.

The fixation, by the way, is strong enough, but comfortable – you will not want to wash off this powder during the day. I apply it on dry hair – on the roots and along the entire length. If you sprinkle the powder in a thin layer, you get a topical, deliberately careless styling with a voluminous texture.

Powder.Puff is suitable for any hairstyle – from simple straight hair to complex buns and curls. It is easy to use, so it is convenient to use it at home too.

Apply it with your hands, rubbing along the length or at the roots – it instantly becomes transparent on the hair and does not leave a white “haze”. But you should not use it instead of your usual dry shampoo – this tool was created specifically for styling (imagine if fixing hair lotion was turned into a weightless loose powder).

If someone does not like hairsprays because of their smell and stickiness, the powder will be the perfect solution – it does not have a pronounced aroma.

Price: 2 700 rubles.

Powder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder, Redken

Alexandra Grishina, Special Correspondent of BeautyHack

This baby bottle is fraught with incredible power, which is subject to everything. Even add volume from the roots to dense, heavy hair! Powder Grip 03 has a dry consistency and spreads easily along the parting, as if creating a framework that holds the style all day and adds the necessary volume at the roots.

If you want to achieve a matte effect, spread the powder along the length. It will also help the owners of oily scalp (and hair, respectively) – it will prolong the freshness, will not dry out or glue the strands together. Therefore, feel free to add this powder to create volume in your beauty cabinet.

Price: 1 295 rub.

Boost Powder, American Crew

Roman Moiseenko, independent stylist

This remedy was advised to me when I cut my hair. But I found a use for it for women’s styling – when I was doing my friend’s hair during a vacation, and there was nothing at hand except an iron. I curled up my hair, and then, as if from a salt shaker, sprinkled each strand with powder and beat it with my hands. The hairstyle has become voluminous, and the curls have become dense. I especially recommend for thin hair (you can understand that this styling suits you by making a test on link).

Price: 760 rub.

Volume Powder, Kontier Professional

Alex Kontier, blonde coloring guru, author of the Sun Kiss technique, creator of the Kontier Professional hair care brand

How to use volume powder? I apply it to the root zone of the hair, lifting the strands with my hands. A small amount is enough for volume for the whole day. Try using this styling to make a voluminous ponytail: separate the parietal zone, fasten the rest of the hair in a ponytail with an elastic band. Apply powder to the root zone, lightly comb the hair at the base (especially at the forehead), wind it around the base of the tail and secure with a hairpin. Fix the styling with saline spray.

Price on request

Spray-powder for styling “Volume and Freshness”, Taft

Julia Petkevich-Sochnova, author of the blog BeButterfly and columnist at BeautyHack

In fact, this is a light dry shampoo, but in fact it is applied to clean hair to prolong this condition and delay the moment when a full-fledged dry shampoo is already needed. In general, if they wash their hair every day, then they can live with it until the end of the day in very good condition – even a dry shampoo will not come in handy.

Price: 299 rub.

Osis + Dust It, Schwarzkopf Professional

Elvira Chabakauri, blogger

This powder is simply created for crazy volume – if you want to “put” a mohawk or just create a head of hair on top, you just need to pour a little bit of this powder into the hair roots and distribute it well with your hands. The hair becomes unpleasant to the touch, but it will stand until the very rinsing of the product!

Price: 950 rub.

Texturizing lotion with powder from mineral particles Techni.Art Powder-In-Lotion, L’Oréal Professionnel

Karina Andreeva, chief editor of BeautyHack

On vacation in the summer, I apply lotion to wet hair and do not dry it with a hairdryer – only with a towel. The product accelerates the natural drying process of hair, softens it and puts it in neat strands – after it there is no feeling that the hairstyle looks untidy.

The volume spray powder also makes hair visually thicker. The format of the tool is very convenient to use in any situation. The texture becomes more expressive – perfect for girls who want to emphasize a new haircut (the most relevant ones were told by link).

Price: about 1,000 rubles.