9 makeup products to brighten up your summer


NSTranslucent shine lip gloss, mega-volumizing mascara, glittery eyeshadow palette with metallic effect and peach blush: it’s up to you to decide what your summer look will be, and the editors of BeautyHack will tell you which makeup novelties you should especially take a closer look at.

Moisturizing shine for lips Luminous Shine Hydrating & Plumping Lip Gloss, Warm Nude, Lumene

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

I’ve always loved lip gloss and moisturizing lipsticks more than lipsticks with a matte finish. They are perfect for any season and will not dry out your lips! I recently discovered lip gloss from my beloved Lumene brand. Its texture is not sticky at all, it does not roll and does not cause discomfort. And the gloss also moisturizes the lips well throughout the day due to its main component – arctic lingonberry. Lumene gloss is presented in a wide palette, but for myself I chose a neutral nude shade with a small shimmer. On the lips, it looks as natural as possible – one layer is enough to create the perfect glossy finish.

Price: 694 rub

SS-cream Nordic Chic Color Correcting Cream SPF20, Medium, Lumene

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

In the summer I switch to light textures because I think the skin needs to be allowed to rest! I forget about dense tonal means until the cold weather, and in the summer, weightless BB and CC creams are used. The lightest and most airy of these is Lumene CC Cream. This is a great alternative to foundation, because it blends perfectly with the skin tone and is able to hide all its imperfections. An important rule for summer is the presence of a sunscreen. This cream contains SPF 20, which provides the skin with protection from the negative effects of UV rays. The durability of the product will also please – the cream does not roll or flow throughout the day, while it does not create a mask effect on the face. I don’t like to fix my makeup, so this is a real salvation for me. In addition, the cream masks redness and can be used as a concealer – it has even better coverage than many foundations. The Lumene brand is known for its natural and hypoallergenic products, so this CC cream is suitable even for sensitive skin. It’s also easy to find your own shade – there are only five of them in the palette: from ivory to dark, it’s hard to miscalculate – the cream adjusts to your natural tone (look for 6 ideal tonal foundations for summer here).

Price: 979 rub

Palette shadows for century Artisrty Studio Parisian Style Edition, City of lights, Amway

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

How can you resist a shimmery eyeshadow palette? I like to experiment with eye makeup, but for everyday make-up I choose calmer shades: beige, gray, brown. The Artisrty Studio Parisian Style Edition palette in City of Lights is made for those who like to add a little playfulness to their look. Six shimmery shades that can be used day or night. In the palette, you will find shimmery silver, bronze, classic gray and sparkling black – using the latter, you can make a daring and not boring smoky eye makeup. Countless looks can be created with these shades. And I recommend using silver as an alternative to a highlighter. Also in the palette you will find a handy double-sided brush that will help you when applying shadows and creating contours.

Price: 3 095 rub

Volumetric ink for eyelashes Volumizing Mascara Go Big or Go Home, Kat Von D Beauty

Tested by BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova

The first thing that impressed me as the owner of long eyelashes was the very name of the Go Big or Go Home mascara. With these words, I absolutely agree – I don’t leave the house without painted eyelashes. I apply Go Big or Go Home mascara with lightly hammering movements of a comfortable brush and at the same time I give the desired shape to the eyelashes (you will find out which brush is right for your type of eyelashes) here).

The brush has a thick bristle that perfectly separates the cilia and makes them infinitely long. In addition, she lifts them up and curls them up beautifully, making the look “puppet”.

Go Big or Go Home mascara is easy to apply on both the length of the eyelashes and the roots – if you paint them along the entire length, the look will turn out wide open, and the eye makeup will be especially expressive. To achieve this effect, I use the brush lightly on the base of the lashes while applying the mascara.

Price on request.

Lip Balm Fruit Nectar “Volume and Color Awakening”, Fruity Perfecting Balm, L’Occitane

Tested by BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova

Lip balms have always been my salvation from flaking and dryness. Loved was, is and will be the balm “Volume and color awakening” from L’Occitane. It fully justifies its name: after application, the lips look visually larger, and lipstick or gloss falls on it with a more even layer – the color is rich and radiant.

The balm contains fruit extracts and oils that take care of the delicate skin of the lips throughout the day. Also, the product has a pleasant mint-citrus aroma, and the natural shade after application really becomes brighter.

Price: 1 690 rub.

Lipstick Metallic Ocean Feel, Rose Attitude, KIKO

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Ana Lipartia

With KIKO Metallic Ocean Feel lipstick, you can feel like the star of any party. The red shade Rose Attitude fits perfectly on the lips, gives them a beautiful scarlet color and stays on throughout the evening, withstanding any snacks. Also, with this lipstick, you can safely forget about pencils – thanks to the creamy consistency, the lipstick glides pleasantly over the skin and does not spread beyond the lip contour. At the first moment, I was even sorry to use this lipstick – I wanted to admire the iridescent glitter on the stick itself and keep a beautiful jar on the shelf.

If we talk about the texture of the product, then the lipstick is soft and velvety, so it is not felt at all on the lips and does not leave an unpleasant sticky effect after application. Also, the formula of the product is enriched with seaweed extract, and the “metallic” effect and sparkling glitter will not leave indifferent any girl!

Price: 890 rub.

Volume Base & Volume Mascara, Bluish Black, RevitaLash

Tested by BeautyHack Senior Editor Anya Sherstneva

I have long heard about the wonderful RevitaLash care products, with which eyelashes become infinitely long. Therefore, I could not pass by the brand’s novelty – a double-sided set for eye makeup. In a small and very convenient package, there is a “Mascara Base”, which not only gives the eyelashes incredible volume and length, but also strengthens them. The color at the base is bright blue, but after application it darkens a little and is already completely covered by the second tool from the set – classic black ink. The mascara is conveniently applied with a special brush that perfectly separates the eyelashes and stretches each so that they become at least twice as long. Also, the composition of the mascara includes caring components that moisturize the eyelashes. And if we talk about resistance, then the product lasts perfectly throughout the day – it does not smear, does not crumble or flow. With this set, my eyelashes have already collected many compliments!

Price: 2350 rub.

Pomade for lips, Rouge Shine, Sephora

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Ana Lipartia

The novelty from Sephora has captured not only the cosmetic market, but also me. Therefore, now this lipstick is a regular guest of my cosmetic bag.

My choice fell on the shade Under The Spotlight. Juicy, bright, truly summer, reminiscent of ripe cherries. When I apply lipstick in one layer, it lays down quite evenly (in this case, a wet effect is obtained at the finish). The product does not dry out lips and does not roll off. When layering, it turns out a richer, more even color, with the smallest sparkles (which I really like). The texture is weightless, lips do not stick together, and lipstick does not roll off in the corners. Even after drying, it still continues to shine and shine.

Price: 560 rub

Cream blush, SoftWear Blush, Digital Peach, Lime Crime

Tested by BeautyHack Senior Editor Anya Sherstneva

Peach is the trendiest shade of this summer! Makeup artists urge to use it in eye makeup, wear it on the lips and, of course, choose to create a fresh blush.

Blush SoftWear Blush captivated me at first sight. Firstly, I immediately liked that the product has a creamy texture – in my opinion, it is ideal for the hot season, allowing you to create a natural and invisible make-up. The blush is easy to apply and blend well both with your fingers and with a special brush. Their shade immediately merges with the skin color, creating a natural blush effect. Now about the color itself – it’s amazing! At first glance, such a peach shade may seem too bright, but how beautiful it lies on the skin! In addition, the blush can always be shaded to a translucent color, or vice versa, layered to create a brighter image (go through our test and find out which beauty novelty you need right now).

I liked this tool so much that I began to use SoftWear Blush as an eyeshadow – I apply a little blush in the crease of the upper eyelid and emphasize the growth line of the lower eyelashes with it – the peach color beautifully refreshes makeup and visually even hides traces of fatigue.

Price: 1600 rub.