8 September 2021

NSPopular in the 80s and 90s, small zigzag waves on the hair are back in fashion! Airy and casual hairstyles often flashed at fashion shows this year, and also fell in love with secular beauties and star divas.

And this is not surprising, because corrugated waves are easy to create on hair of any type and of different lengths, and such a hairstyle will last a record long.

BeautyHack talks all about wavy hair and crimped strands that will be at their peak this summer.

How to do it?

There are two ways to make small waves.

If you don’t have a special curling iron-corrugation in your arsenal yet, it’s time to buy it (which hair curling iron to choose, read here). Blow dry your hair thoroughly and let it cool before styling – never use the styler on wet curls. Spray them with heat protectant spray and divide them into thin strands. Walk through each curling iron with a special zigzag nozzle until you achieve the desired result. The advantage of this method is that you can make small waves along the entire length or select only individual strands.

If you don’t have a curling iron with a corrugated attachment yet, but you want to wear a fashionable hairstyle right now, the second method will suit you. To do this, apply a texturizing agent to damp hair, then dry it a little with a hairdryer – the curls should remain slightly damp. Divide the entire mass of hair into separate strands and make a thin braid out of each – try to weave the braid to the very tip so that there are no ugly creases left. Wait until your hair is completely dry and loosen it up. You can leave the resulting waves as they are, fluff up your hair with your fingers, or comb for a particularly airy look.

Styling options

Wavy hair can be worn loose or styled into a stylish hairstyle.


Try zigzag curls at the back of your head for a stylish take on a classic hairstyle. The styling can be decorated with a beautiful hairpin or silk scarf.


Collect curls in a low or high ponytail – note that this hairstyle will look especially impressive if only some strands are corrugated.

Lion’s mane

Feel free to experiment and comb your hair so that the curls become fluffy and airy. And in order for the hairstyle to take shape, you can stab the strands near the face with invisible ones.


Do not forget that small curls will give the braids a beautiful volume and make even the simplest hairstyle spectacular (you will find more hairstyles with corrugation here).

Star Choice

The stellar beauties were the first to appreciate stylish styling – small curls make curls visually more voluminous and always look stylish. And this hairstyle is ideal for owners of curly hair, because the high humidity in the summer will make such a style even more magnificent.

Tyra Banks

The model wears fine waves with pleasure, curling the strands around the face into neat flagella.

Lily Collins

The actress was also inspired by the new trend and styled zigzag curls in a stylish hairstyle, which adorned her image at one of the social events.

Gigi Hadid

The model loves to experiment with the color and shape of her hair, which is why wavy strands have become one of her favorite hairstyles.


The singer has clearly demonstrated how small curls adorn a short haircut.


The singer loves to try on fashion trends – a voluminous shock of small curls effectively adorned one of her looks for the red carpet.

Text: Anya Sherstneva