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BeautyHack launches a series of interviews with telegram bloggers. Ekaterina Kopteva (rapupupunzel) – about what components you need to look at in the compositions of the products, whether a cheap shampoo can be of high quality and what should not be neglected in hair care. Read the beginning of the material on the website, the continuation – on our Telegram channel

You started the channel in 2016, when Telegram had a very small audience. Did you have a specific goal then? How would you like to see the channel in a few years?

In 2016, few people knew about the existence of Telegram in principle. Compared to Instagram, where the number of subscribers is in the tens, hundreds and millions, everything here is much more modest.

It was not clear to me why such an ideal platform for introverts, where you can stand on a stool and broadcast without feedback, had been empty for a long time. This format was convenient for me: I wanted to share what was of interest at that time. About 5-6 years ago, I had to literally grow my hair from scratch, so I started to figure out what’s what, and discovered a sea of ​​information that needed to be told to someone and somehow structured. At the same time, counting likes and reading comments was not interesting. Plus, I have a narrow topic, competitors on Telegram (amateurs who will tell you how to take care of your hair at home so that it doesn’t get worse) can be counted on one hand.

Three years later, do you have a plan for how and why to develop the channel further? Is this project generating income now?

The concept of the project has remained the same. Only one section with experts has been added. I also do not plan to monetize the channel. There are projects initially “sharpened” for monetization. For example, Dasha is the author of the channel “Very necessary!” – from the very beginning she spoke honestly about it. But at the same time she writes great, I love to read her texts. Rapupupunzel brings some income, but it is far from the main one. I have a clear position: I do not advertise products and services that I myself have not tried.

Now I am on maternity leave, but after I plan to return to my main job. I am engaged in project planning. And the beauty theme became my hobby at the moment when I realized that the amount of funds on the shelves in the bathroom exceeds the norm of a healthy person. In the future, I would like to leave everything like that: why transfer a stable income to an ephemeral one that can bring a hobby.

Where do you get the information for your channel texts?

All information that I find is available to anyone. But most people want ready-made answers right away. And that’s okay. I, too, would be glad if the answers to all my questions were in one article written in simple language. But this does not always happen. I read something in Russian, something in English. Unfortunately, on the Russian-language Internet, most of the information about hair care is filled with rumors, myths, grandmother’s recipes. All this must be passed through the prism of critical thinking.

I often take several articles, translate them into Russian and process them into one material. Favorite resources –,

What ingredients in hair products should you look at?

In leave-in products, I’m not afraid of silicones, it’s great if they also contain moisturizing ingredients like panthenol, glycerin and oil. My hair normally tolerates keratin, although many do not use products with protein in the composition (this can only be understood by trial and error).

Regarding shampoos … I used to have a tough negative attitude towards sulfates. But then I tried a couple of high-quality treatments and noticed that in addition to sulfates, they also contain other softer surfactants – and together they work fine. Now I am calm about sulfates, but I try not to take shampoos from the mass market category, because in them sulfates prevail over everything else in the composition.

I use conditioners and masks without silicones. Their task is to moisturize the hair. And already on top you can apply an indelible agent with silicones.

What funds are in your personal top now?

I love shampoos from Botavikos. I tried everything and chose a moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating one: they form a good foam, cleanse, but not to a squeak. I am impressed by the Sashajuan brand. Thickening Conditioner was one of the top 5 discoveries of 2018. The Evo Ritual Salvation air conditioner also got there. Recently I wrote about Davines Replumping Conditioner, which also pleasantly surprised me.

Can a budget hair product be of high quality? How many hair products did Katya try? And where does that which does not suit her go to?

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