8 September 2021

GRafik, prints and the choice of safe nail coatings are the main nail trends of 2019! What coating is suitable for short nails, and where to look for inspiration when choosing a new shade of manicure – in the BeautyHack material.


Not minimalistic, as we used to in 2018, but bright, with large details, almost watercolor strokes on the nails. The practical side of such a manicure: you can visually adjust the shape and length of the nail (for visually longer nails, ideas for manicure can be found here) by placing the strips at different angles and experimenting with their width.


Glitter looks great on nails of different lengths. For those who do not want to part with the length, it is better to limit yourself to a monochromatic coating – you get an actual manicure in the style of the 90s. And for short nails – a lot of experiments! Even if your master is going to depict the galaxy on the nails – it will not look too much. And the photo below clearly confirms this.

Floral prints

A recommendation for those who are not ready to go all out, depicting animal colors on their nails. Complex plant prints are always relevant, they can look restrained on nails or, conversely, super bright. Plus, the manicurist will have an inexhaustible field for creativity – if you want, be inspired by Monet’s canvases, if you want, by cubist artists.

Mix of shades and textures on nails

The main thing here is to adhere to the rules for combining colors. There are several schemes for working with the color wheel, which a manicurist will most likely tell you about. It is not necessary to choose shades that are close to each other. Complementary (contrasting) colors also look great on the nails. For example, turquoise and peach, red and blue, etc.

Pop Art

Pop art elements are good for short nails. They do not look childish, but they also bring a drop of enthusiasm to the image! Moreover, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein left us a sea of ​​inspiring paintings.

Lettering on the nails

If you are tired of “talking” inscriptions on T-shirts! A slogan or individual letters on the nails is a reason to amuse others. Want your words to be visible from afar? Choose contrasting shades of base and top layers. The bright version is white letters on a pink background. Burgundy and black look more subdued, but no less cool!

Safe varnishes

The trend towards conscious consumption and selection of beauty products that are as safe as possible for the body and the environment is also relevant for the nail industry. Manufacturers of varnishes like Zoya, Kure Bazaar, Smith & Cult eliminate all questionable components from varnishes in one fell swoop. Look for 5-free and 8-free marks on the tubes. And Smith & Cult is also known for its durable coating, which is equated with shellac (about which we wrote in detail here), and an unusual palette (with bright and pastel shades).

Where to do it:


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