8 September 2021

WITHclinic specialist OSTEO POLY CLINIC Lyudmila Nikolenko – about whether it is worth doing a cupping massage, in which cases the procedure will work, and what means really help to eliminate cellulite.

Lyudmila Nikolenko

Lyudmila Nikolenko

Massage specialist, cosmetologist of the Osteo Poly Clinic family osteopathy clinic

How does cellulite occur?

Stagnant processes in the body are one of the causes of cellulite. Add to this unhealthy diet: sweets, an abundance of other fast carbohydrates – all this is also a direct road to cellulite.

With experience, I realized that if a person adheres to the drinking regime (do not be afraid of edema: often their reason is a lack of fluid), excludes harmful products, the body is already grateful, friability goes away. And then all that remains is to tidy up the skin! It’s as easy as shelling pears – any wraps and soft lymphatic drainage procedures (for example, dry brush massage) work.

Can massage – yes or no?

Recently, this procedure has become popular again. Cupping massage is a kind of LPG hardware technique. Here, too, the vacuum acts on the skin receptors, which contributes to the destruction of adipose tissue. The undoubted advantages of the procedure are the improvement of lymph flow and blood flow. But she will not cope with cellulite in 100% of cases. I believe that “banks” will work if you are not significantly overweight. Otherwise, you need to start with nutrition.

If you are in good shape, but want to remove looseness, then you can try can massage – after five sessions you will see the result.

But at home, the procedure is definitely not worth doing. It is necessary to correctly and carefully drive the cans over the skin. And this is difficult to do on your own, since you need to work with the hips and buttocks. Even a specialist can hardly massage himself – the hand needs to be positioned in a special way.

In my experience, cupping is more effective for muscle tightening.

In all cases, do not forget about contraindications. Among them are problems with blood vessels (only gentle massage techniques are suitable) and hypersensitivity.

Other treatments for cellulite

I really love peels – they work well, the skin becomes smooth and well-groomed after the first session. You can practice both home and salon treatments.

I also recommend wraps. We work at the clinic on two brands. The first one – Thalion – is good as part of an anti-cellulite program and for general health improvement (the products contain algae, sea water, salt). The second wrap is from the Styx brand. It is more intense, you will see the result faster. For comparison: you need about 10 Thalion wrap sessions to get a lasting result, but with Styx, progress will be noticeable after 3-5 sessions.

In general, everything is very individual. For example, my many years of experience show that a cold wrap is more suitable for girls with delicate thin skin – it becomes more elastic. In this case, the canning technique is not the best option.

If the skin is denser, with pronounced cellulite, hot techniques are better.

When a girl with perfect skin comes to me, I always ask her about her care. One of the most effective procedures is the same dry brush massage. The main thing is to do it regularly and treat the skin until redness appears (to good hyperemia) in the right direction and move the brush from the bottom up in the direction of the lymph flow.