8 September 2021

Ivan Anisimov

top stylist image agency Embassy of Style

Whatever the length of your haircut, focus on volume. I do not recommend long hair. A bob and a short haircut will correct the shape of the face and visually reduce the proportions. But there are nuances everywhere; if you want shoulder length, ask your stylist to skip straight cuts. The haircut should be elaborate, with strands of different lengths – so it will look easier. The ideal length for a bob is to the cheekbones or chin (bob or elongated bob). Even an extremely short haircut “for a typewriter” will work if you beat it with interesting coloring – for example, make a snow-white blond. The bangs will emphasize the rounded shape of the face. Do as Michelle Williams: comb back or lay her on her side, gradually growing back. This technique will make the face more oval. Don’t paint dark colors. Ask the colorist to create chocolate highlights that will shine in the light. They will create additional volume for the hairstyle and visually stretch the face.