ZDid you know that the age of a woman is given not only by the face and hands, but also by the décolleté? The fact is that the skin in the chest and neck area is thin and less elastic than in other parts of the body, therefore it ages quickly. Wrinkles, folds and creases form – especially on the neck. BeautyHack is about how to maintain the elasticity of the skin in delicate areas and take proper care of it.


When washing your face in the morning and in the evening, do not forget to take care of the décolleté and neck area. Necessary daily procedures – cleansing and nourishment, will keep the skin elastic and slow down its aging.

For cleansing, use a milk or lotion that suits your skin type, then sweep an ice cube over the décolleté to tone the epidermis, and complete your beauty routine with a nourishing cream.

Choose products specifically designed for the neck and décolleté, or opt for cosmetics labeled “for dry skin”. How to care for sensitive body skin, read here

Peeling is another way to cleanse. It should be done no more than twice a week; for the procedure, it is better to choose products based on fruit acids. This exfoliation will prevent the pores from clogging.


Do not forget to protect the décolleté area from ultraviolet rays in summer, then the appearance and elasticity of the skin will remain unchanged. The sun can provoke premature aging and the appearance of age spots.

When tanning, be sure to apply an SPF cream (20 facts you need to know about SPF – here) to protect the décolleté area from UV radiation. Use sunscreen on vacation or when walking on a summer day in plunging necks. And you will learn about the best tanning products – here


It is useful and pleasant to take care of the décolleté area. For example, various masks give the skin elasticity, and the time spent can be spent with pleasure.

The choice of masks is varied: you can make them yourself or buy them in the store (the main thing is that the composition is natural and includes a vitamin complex). If you systematically perform the procedure, then the effect will not be long in coming.

You can also lose breast elasticity during weight loss – how to avoid this, read here

Massage and shower

A contrast shower enhances blood flow to the tissues, which makes the décolleté skin elastic and restores its former elasticity. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a week, but the first result will appear not earlier than three months, therefore, after long and regular use, the effect will be justified.

Taking care of your décolleté area with massage is easy! Just before the procedure, it is imperative to apply a fat cream or oil to avoid the opposite effect.

With light circular movements, directing them up, stroke the décolleté area, alternating between your right and left hands.

Correct posture

Keep your back straight to keep your breasts firm and slow down the appearance of wrinkles! Correct posture with your head up will get rid of the double chin and prevent the formation of folds on the neck (they are also the rings of Venus). Straightened shoulders will add beauty to your bust. Ten secrets of a beautiful posture – here

Remember, you need to take care of the décolleté area constantly to avoid unpleasant age-related consequences. The treatment will not take long, but it will prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

Text: Diana Snetkova

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