8 September 2021

V There is no doubt about the unique properties of thalassotherapy – algae wraps help to restore slimness to the figure, tone the skin and effectively fight overweight and cellulite.

The main component for such procedures most often becomes kelp – seaweed, rich in vitamins A, C, E, D and group B, as well as valuable amino acids. It is they that help to improve the condition of the skin, and alginate obtained from kelp is the basis of most anti-cellulite gels, creams and masks.

BeautyHack tells all about kelp wrapping, which will help you quickly tidy up your figure both in the salon and at home.

Types of wraps

Depending on the need, kelp wraps can be done on different parts of the body: thighs, abdomen, arms and even chest (5 other wraps worth trying, look here). They can be hot, cold, or contrasting.

Hot wraps with kelp help to improve blood microcirculation and accelerate the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. This procedure opens the pores, which accelerates the process of removing toxins and toxins from the body.

Cold wraps with kelp stimulate the lymphatic drainage system, relieve swelling and remove excess fluid from the body. This procedure is also recommended when you need to relax and release tension.

Contrast kelp wraps combine both hot and cold effects – a sharp temperature drop and the active components of algae help to fight cellulite and fat deposits most effectively.

Logical chain

To make you happy with the result, experts advise doing a laminaria wrap in the evening – in the afternoon, all metabolic and restorative processes in the body proceed faster.

Before the procedure, you need to warm up the skin to open the pores and prepare it for the next step. If you are doing a kelp wrap at home, you can take a hot bath or shower. In the salon, you will be offered more interesting options, for example, visiting boors or a cedar barrel.

Now the heated skin is thoroughly cleansed with a scrub or peeling – so the active substances of the algae will penetrate deeper and work more efficiently. At this stage, the salon uses special products that not only exfoliate dead cells, but also saturate the skin with minerals, and also nourish and moisturize it.

After cleansing, you can proceed to the wrapping itself – sheets of kelp or a special paste of algae powder are applied to problem areas of the body, and to enhance the effect, a thermal blanket is placed on top – at home it can be replaced with cling film. During the wrapping, iodine and other active microelements of algae penetrate deeply into the skin, therefore this procedure tightens loose skin, makes it elastic, reduces the appearance of cellulite, helps to reduce weight and improve body contours.

The effect after the wrap is fixed by the final stage, during which a special cream or lotion is applied to the already clean skin with massage movements – it additionally tones the skin, makes it soft and velvety (about anti-cellulite massage products that really work, read here).

You will notice the first results after just one procedure – the skin will become firmer and smoother. But if you want to noticeably correct the silhouette and remove a few extra centimeters from problem areas of the body, it is better to undergo a course of wraps – usually 8-12 procedures. You can do them once a week and repeat the course every year for prevention.

However, do not forget that only in combination with proper nutrition and sports activities, the kelp wrap will give you the result you expect.

An important point

Laminaria wrap promotes weight loss and helps restore skin tone, but, like any procedure, it has its own contraindications. It can provoke allergic reactions, for example, to iodine or other components of algae. Also, wrapping should be abandoned for diseases such as varicose veins, the presence of inflammatory processes in the body or ulcers on the skin, cardiovascular, viral and oncological diseases.

Do not forget that before any procedure, it is always better to consult with a specialist who can answer all your questions and recommend the caring complex that is right for you (you will find the 5 best body shaping procedures in the summer here).

Text: Anya Sherstneva