8 September 2021

Dlinear fluffy eyelashes are the pride of every woman! With them, the eyes look brighter, and the look becomes more expressive.

Good mascara and proper care will help to achieve this effect (20 of the best mascara you will find here).

BeautyHack shares 7 important rules to help you preserve the beauty of your eyelashes, make them thicker and fuller.

The main task of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from dust and dirt, so they are the first to suffer from environmental influences. Lack of vitamins or stress can also negatively affect their condition – the eyelashes will become thinner and may begin to fall out. To prevent this from happening, it is important to take proper care of them.

Proper cleansing

Any eyelash care begins with proper cleansing. To remove mascara, soak a cotton ball in the micellar solution and apply it to your lashes – never rub your eyes to remove makeup. After a minute or two, the mascara will dissolve and you can easily remove your makeup.

The doctor’s consultation

If the weakening or loss of eyelashes is caused by health problems such as allergic reactions, hormonal imbalances or medication, then you cannot do without the advice of a specialist. The doctor will conduct all the necessary tests and select a vitamin complex for you, which will restore the balance of all necessary substances in the body – the eyelashes will grow faster and stronger.

Special products for strengthening eyelashes and accelerating their growth

Today the beauty industry offers a wide range of home remedies for strengthening eyelashes. They are usually presented in the form of oils, serums and tonics. It is recommended to use such funds in a course – about 2-3 months. They should be applied along the growth line of the lower and upper eyelashes twice a day.

Natural oils

It has long been known that natural oils strengthen eyelashes, prevent breakage and loss. The main thing is to choose your oil. One of the most popular oils for eyelash care is castor oil. It practically does not cause allergic reactions, while nourishing and strengthening eyelashes. For care, you can also choose almond oil, which improves their growth, sea buckthorn oil – to restore the structure of hairs, olive oil – for density and volume. Oils should be applied to clean eyelashes before going to bed, and they can be used in a course (2-3 months) or daily.

Decoction of herbs

Decoctions of herbs will help make eyelashes stronger and thicker. Brew a teaspoon of cornflower, sage, calendula or chamomile, soak cotton pads in the broth and apply them to the eyelids for 10-15 minutes. Such a compress will help not only strengthen the cilia, but also relieve eye fatigue after a working day.


There is no doubt about the healing properties of this procedure. Regular massage of the eyelids and eyelash rim improves blood circulation, which accelerates the growth of eyelashes, and the structure of the hairs becomes denser and stronger. For this procedure, apply a little oil to your eyelids and lash line and massage gently into the area with your fingertips. Try to massage regularly – 3-4 times a week.

Eyelash Extension Care

If you decide to make your eyelashes more voluminous and expressive using the extension procedure, you should not forget about proper care – with it, the result will delight you longer, and natural eyelashes will remain strong and healthy (you will learn all about eyelash extensions in this material).

To prevent artificial eyelashes from falling off your eyes in a matter of days, do not wet them in the first 3-4 hours after the procedure. And then try not to sleep with your face in the pillow and not rub your eyes – falling out, tufts of eyelashes can damage natural hairs, pulling them along.

Always use a minimum of makeup on your eyelash extensions and remove makeup very carefully. Remember that makeup removers and cleansers can destroy the glue structure, and lashes will quickly fall off.

Oily eye creams and oils are prohibited when caring for extended eyelashes – they also destroy the structure of the glue.

And if you want to prolong the effect of the procedure and at the same time keep your eyelashes healthy, get a special caring tonic – usually sold in a salon. This product has a non-greasy texture, and its action is aimed at strengthening the roots of the eyelashes. The product has a watery texture and should be applied along the lash line twice a day.

An important point

In the care of eyelashes, everything is important, including the quality of decorative cosmetics. Do not forget to check the expiration date of mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner – often it is expired products that can cause eyelashes to fall out or weaken.

Text: Anya Sherstneva