8 September 2021

Is it possible to painlessly “leave” in a brunette from a blonde? Which salon treatment will help you transfer stains more easily and accentuate your new hair color? Special correspondent of BeautyHack Alexandra Grishina checks herself and shares her impressions.

Alexandra Grishina

Alexandra Grishina

Special Correspondent BeautyHack

HA little background: by nature, since childhood, I am a blonde. Few people believe in this, since since the age of 18 I have been painting in a brunette. In my life I have tried all the shades of the palette – from 4 to 8. And these colors look so organic on me that I still cannot avoid long stories with answers to the questions “How is it, blonde? It can’t be! ” A week ago I looked like this.

I paint myself monthly, because the hair grows very quickly and the roots, as you understand, are visible to the naked eye. At the end of April I found out that my stylist was going on maternity leave and … something inside me collapsed: we have been together for 10 years, and I am very skeptical, distrustful of the change of proven masters. For a month we took me out in blond, so that during the maternity leave I could not worry so much about regrown roots. My last staining happened on March 30th. And already two months later, on June 1, the roots were 2.5 cm, shone with an ash-blond hue and did not match the regrown length in any way. The decision has been made – we need to look for masters in Moscow. I looked at the work on Instagram, on websites, read reviews and chose the Sakurai salon on Patrick – not far from work.

There was no talk of any coloring of the roots of speech – we are returning to my beloved dark! I just collected the references of the options that I liked, showed them to my master and gave a complete carte blanche. In the salon, I was introduced to VIP-stylist Lyudmila Naumenko, and she immediately won over and instilled confidence in a gorgeous result. After talking and choosing the right shades, we decided to make a cascading haircut, thanks to which volume is added. She also said that blonde strands would look more interesting.

At the first stage, we made a “frame” of the haircut and got rid of unnecessary length. Immediately proceeded to staining, which used the means of L’Oreal and Aveda. After applying the paint and its aging, we went to the second stage – cleansing, toning, leaving. The latter surprised me a lot: Lyudmila applied a Glow Mask and Glow Essence serum from the ABC brand (Authentic Beauty Concept), turned on the steam mode in the sink and covered me with a plastic case. Thus, the treatment penetrates the hair structure faster and better. All this time I was lying in a chair with a Chinese massage regimen – I did not feel any tension, discomfort or fatigue in my back and neck. The main thing is not to fall asleep in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in a horizontal position. The departure is complete, we sit down in a chair, take off the towel and – here it is! My long-awaited NONBLOND!

I see dark roots, I see how I began to look brighter without makeup, the comb goes through the hair smoothly and easily – I am happy like a child. We align the haircut frame and start styling. Just look at this color! I fell in love with him in a second, and the highlighted strands add a summer playfulness to the image. It seems that I have just found myself a master to whom I can, I want, and most importantly, I am not afraid to return.

How do you like the result?

Text: Alexandra Grishina