8 September 2021

DTwo months ago, the special correspondent of BeautyHack, Yudina Galina Aleksandrovna, performed several rejuvenating procedures at the Supernova clinic and is ready to share the result with us.

When my daughter noticed that my skin looked tired, I was very surprised. I live next to the forest, walk every day, do gymnastics, watch food, travel a lot and always in a good mood. After our conversation with her, I looked at myself in the mirror for a week, and as a result I realized that masks, massages and bath procedures are no longer enough to preserve the beauty and elasticity of the skin at 63 years old. After thinking everything over properly, I decided that it was time to try serious methods of rejuvenation, for which I turned to the clinic. Supernova


I met a doctor at the clinic Zhanna Yurievna Yusova, and all fears were immediately dispelled. The doctor carefully examined the condition of my skin, asked a few questions on the topic of daily facial care and clarified what kind of result I want to achieve. In addition, Zhanna Yurievna immediately explained that you never need to diagnose yourself on your own – it is better to sign up for a consultation with a professional cosmetologist and discuss with him what procedures can be done at the moment, and with which ones to wait.

Of course, no one canceled age-related skin changes. They are facilitated by genetic characteristics, and the influence of negative environmental factors, as well as stress and much more.

In my case, the doctor saw photodamage of tissues, ptosis, hypertonicity of the facial muscles of the face and some other problems (which 8 zones give out age, you will find out here) due to age. To correct them, Zhanna Yurievna proposed to carry out the procedures in two stages.

The first stage is the renewal of the upper layer of the skin using CO2 resurfacing with PRP therapy. As the doctor told me, with the help of these procedures, a complete renewal of the skin is achieved, as far as possible in accordance with age: the relief is leveled, superficial pigmentation is erased, wrinkles are smoothed and the processes of skin regeneration are launched at a deep level. And since the resurfacing procedure greatly dries the skin, then it should be combined with PRP therapy in order to replenish the reserves of hyaluronic acid and start the processes of renewing collagen fibers.

The second stage of my rejuvenation was aimed at eliminating the hypertonicity of the muscles of the lower part of the face – it is they who pull the skin down and contribute to the formation of numerous folds. To cope with this task, the doctor suggested making a face and lip contouring – a procedure using fillers – gel preparations based on hyaluronic acid. They will fill in the wrinkles that the skin could not cope with on its own during resurfacing. Lip restoration is a mandatory moment that should not be underestimated, because the deficiency of hyaluronic acid begins to be felt first of all in this area (read about laser lip skin rejuvenation here).

Before the resurfacing procedure, I was given local anesthesia, so I did not experience any discomfort. But my face turned red and looked like I had just left the steam room, and my skin was burning a little. The Bepanten ointment helped to relieve irritation – the doctor applied the remedy to my face with a thick layer. I also used this product in my home care for the next three weeks – the dry skin after the procedure immediately absorbed it.

The first results, as the doctor warned me, I began to notice after a week – the face began to peel off, the old skin peeled off, and new and fresh skin appeared under it.

In addition, I noticed that the enlarged pores were reduced or completely closed, and some cosmetic defects on my face became almost invisible.

Three weeks later, I returned to the clinic to move on to the second stage of my rejuvenation and undergo a botulinum contouring procedure. I remembered that the doctor did injections in the forehead, on the lower eyelids, in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle and along the contour of the face. I also underwent contouring of the cheekbones and lips. The procedure was not the most pleasant, but I courageously endured everything for the sake of beauty.

After the procedure, the skin immediately tightened and the wrinkles became less noticeable. Now, two months later, I can say that the wrinkles in the glabellar space have practically smoothed out, the nasolabial folds have become less pronounced, the overall skin tone has increased, the look has become more open, and the lips have become more voluminous. It is a pity that no procedures can erase all age-related changes – there is a small rosacea in the nose, but now my face looks younger and more attractive – everything is as Zhanna Yurievna promised me. I am very glad that I met this doctor and ended up at the Supernova clinic.


The desire to return to youth is absolutely natural, because often the emotional age does not correspond to the passport age. Unfortunately, it is impossible to turn back the clock, but today cosmetology can stop it and freeze it a little, and the work of a professional cosmetologist is truly jewelry work, which is not visible, but it is very important for every woman.

Interview and text: Anya Sherstneva