8 September 2021

LThe best tools, beauty gadgets and styling techniques: the editors of BeautyHack told how to make your hair voluminous for the whole day.

Karina Andreeva

Karina Andreeva

Chief Editor of BeautyHack

Learn to do light bouffant

The main thing here is not to overdo it – too intense bouffant not only spoils the hair, but also ages, and does not at all turn into Lana del Rey, as many think. Gather the curls from the crown and comb them with a special comb (in very extreme cases, a toothbrush is used for this), gently walk with a classic comb and fix with varnish. You can learn how to comb without harm to your hair here

Try curling your hair

It’s simple: wavy and curly hair always looks more voluminous than straight hair. If you naturally have heavy and smooth strands, try applying a curl spray after washing and drying them without a hairdryer, and then wind them on a wide curling iron. In this case, it is better to refuse a nourishing conditioner or mask – they will deprive you of volume.

Style your hair with a round brush

But do not pull it out – it will only smooth them out. It is better to wind the strand straight from the roots, lift and dry at different temperatures: the first time with warm air, and again with cold air. With a sliding motion, remove the strand from the comb – a light wave will turn out, and a noticeable volume will be added.

Anastasia Speranskaya

Anastasia Speranskaya

Senior Editor BeautyHack

Use dry shampoo

Do not think that dry shampoo is needed only to postpone shampooing for a day or two, this product is also suitable for owners of fine, clean hair. To understand how to properly apply dry shampoo, you just need to study the label – some are sprayed from a long distance, others are literally rubbed into the roots. And you can find the perfect remedy here

Don’t limit yourself to styling

If you have thin hair, care sprays or masks to thicken them can help solve the problem, such as the Volumifique GelĂ©e Volume by KĂ©rastase. It includes the Ampliflex system, which improves the hair fabric – thickens, gives shine and smoothness. You will notice the result right away: the curls literally gain weight – they become voluminous and visually thicker.

Do the staining

Ever notice how volume appears after staining? This is because the dye penetrates into the cuticle, thereby expanding the hair. Of course, if you don’t want to part with your natural hair color, use other methods. But still, such a beauty experiment can not only change your image, but also add volume to the curls.

Yulia Kozoliy

Yulia Kozoliy

BeautyHack Editor

Apply texturizing spray

These funds are somewhat similar to dry shampoo, but unlike them, they have a degree of fixation, so they can easily revive a hairstyle that has already “floated”. Texturing sprays most often include mineral powder, which creates texture, adds dynamism to styling and – most importantly – adds volume.

Add volume with an iron

Lush styling can be done with a straightening iron, you just need to change the technique. If you pull the strands down, it will be difficult to achieve volume. Try lifting the strand up instead. And don’t forget to apply a heat protectant before doing this!

Make an express bundle

I warn you: you will not look like a model at the Chanel show. Simply blow dry your hair and immediately tuck it into a tall, loose bun right on top of your head – as close to your forehead as possible. Use a soft rubber band for this so that there are no creases. Let the curls cool in this position while you do your makeup – a small dose of dry shampoo at the end, and the volume is provided for the whole day.

Natalia Kapitsa

Natalia Kapitsa

BeautyHack Editor

Handle your hair less

This habit leads to the fact that the hair begins to grease faster – while the volume is irretrievably lost. In addition, constant touching weakens the curls and leads to the formation of split ends. Even combing them too often is not worth it – 2-3 times a day is enough.

Apply deep cleansing shampoo once a week

The remains of styling products and accumulated silicones can be difficult to remove with regular shampoo, as they lead to increased production of sebum and make the hair roots heavier. But the means for deep cleansing will rid the scalp of all that is superfluous and slightly dry the hair – they are guaranteed splendor.

Cut your hair shorter

The shorter the hair, the less it weighs – which means it will be much easier to add volume to it. Bob-square with lengthening, “torn” ends and pixie with a cropped back of the head to help you, and you can be inspired by examples from the stars here

Sofia Vorobyova

Sofia Vorobyova

BeautyHack Editor

Cool hair after blow-drying

No matter how hard you try to add volume to your hair by dropping your head down, after blow-drying it will cool and take its usual shape. To prevent this, fix the styling with cold air – this will keep the hair roots lifted longer.

Don’t use too much styling

The notorious middle ground is also important here: the use of funds for volume in reasonable amounts will work for you, but if you apply both mousse, spray, and varnish, the laws of gravity will make their own adjustments. Hair will be difficult to style, and if volume appears, it will not last long.

Change the parting

If you’ve been wearing the same parting for a long time, your hair is probably used to it. Shake them up and flip the curls to the opposite side – this is the fastest way to add volume and change the image at the same time. The scope for creativity is huge: a deep side parting, popular in the 2000s “zigzag” or just an oblique line – you choose.

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya