how to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes


Dfor a specialist – about your favorite care products for the prevention of wrinkles and the fight against age-related changes and salon procedures: from fillers to plasma therapy.

Home care

Irina Gnedina

Irina Gnedina

cosmetologist of the health and beauty center “White Garden”

At what age to start using eye cream?

It can be used even if you don’t have wrinkles. The main thing is to choose the right composition of the product. The epidermal layer of the skin under the eyes is 10 times thinner than, for example, on the buccal region. It quickly becomes thinner, which leads to the formation of wrinkles. The sooner you start caring for the skin around your eyes, the longer it will remain even and smooth.

Choose professional or pharmacy cosmetics with natural ingredients. Avoid the mass market: among the ingredients there are often parabens – preservatives that cause allergies.

What is the composition of eye creams?

Anti-wrinkle creams often include plant or cellular peptide complexes and hyaluronic acid, which acts as an epidermal filler. But it is better to select the product with a beautician – only a specialist can take into account the individual characteristics of your skin.

For example, there are no age-related and aggressive products in the Joelle Ciocco line. Eyelisse Eye Emulsion is suitable for all ages. Contains: borago oil, orange blossom extract, aloe, which refresh, remove puffiness, reduce dark circles under the eyes, nourish.

A good option for the first wrinkles is Anne Semonin cream. It can be applied regardless of age. Those with good genetics will need the cream after 35 (if not later). Someone cannot do without it even at 25 – it all depends on heredity and metabolic processes in the body. It improves microcirculation and actually reduces expression lines.

For those with deep wrinkles, I recommend cellular cosmetics. But be careful, it can cause redness and allergies. Therefore, first test the product on a small area, while applying the cream you should be comfortable. Burning, itching and other unpleasant symptoms indicate that this is not your option. My favorite brands are Valmont and Cellcosmet. By the way, they also have a line for young skin. Read about other products with a lifting effect on link

Salon care

Angelica Uzhva

Angelica Uzhva

cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist of the Clinic of German Medical Technologies GMTClinic

MesoEye C71 Injection

It is an injectable preparation that is used to correct the eyelid area and the area around the eyes. The basis of the drug is peptides (responsible for resorption of edema and strengthening of the walls of blood vessels) and a DRMC-complex of hyaluronic acid and microelements that moisturize and tighten the skin.

For a noticeable result, I advise you to make a course of 3-6 procedures with an interval of 10 days. The effect can then be maintained every six months. One procedure takes no more than 20 minutes, taking into account the preliminary treatment of the area around the eyes with an anesthetic and antiseptic.

Laser therapy

The procedure is suitable for patients of all ages. Laser therapy has a powerful stimulating effect at the cellular level, which leads to a decrease in macro- and micro-relief. The result is a visual reduction in the depth of wrinkles. The number of procedures is determined by the cosmetologist, depending on the severity of the problem. The course of treatment is from 1 to 3 sessions (with a frequency of 1 time per month).

To correct wrinkles in the periorbital area, two lasers are most often used: erbium and CO2. The laser beam acts on the skin, causing active cell regeneration. In general, laser therapy is aimed at improving the quality of the skin and fighting wrinkles. Before laser rejuvenation, the doctor may recommend preparatory procedures for you: for example, plasma therapy or biorevitalization with drugs based on hyaluronic acid.

During the procedure, the doctor necessarily applies application anesthesia to the skin. After laser therapy for about two weeks, you cannot go to the bathhouse and sauna, apply scrubs and treatments with alcohol and retinol in the composition, be sure to use products with SPF (I talked about the most effective ones on link).

Contraindications for laser rejuvenation are the same as for other physiotherapeutic procedures: exacerbation of chronic skin diseases, acute somatic conditions, pregnancy, cancer.

Chemical peels

To correct wrinkles in the periorbital area, I recommend a chemical TCA peel using a 20% (and higher) solution of trichloroacetic acid. This is a mid-peel that can be done 1-2 times at any time of the year.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes. In the process, the doctor applies a solution of trichloroacetic acid in layers (the number of layers depends on the thickness of the skin).

Immediately after the peeling, hyperemia is expressed on the skin (an increase in the level of blood flow), after 1-2 days the site of exposure acquires a bronze tint, and on 3-4 days macro-lamellar peeling appears. It is very important to follow all the doctor’s recommendations after the procedure. The specialist will give the patient a protocol of the rehabilitation period.

The result of TCA peeling is the correction of fine wrinkles around the eyes. Such peeling is also good for reducing wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks, around the lips and for improving the condition of the skin in general: it becomes smooth and even. Important: after peeling, you must not wash the affected areas with water for a day, use regenerative creams and thermal water. During rehabilitation, be sure to apply products with SPF (30 and higher).

The procedure has contraindications: herpes, inflammation, deep pigmentation, allergies, pregnancy, lactation, malignant tumors.

Plasma therapy

Plasmogel is produced by heating the patient’s plasma in a special centrifuge and injected by the injection method. The procedure is good for replenishing volume and correcting folds in the skin.

Plasma is injected using an atraumatic cannula, which completely eliminates the risk of hematomas. Plus plasma therapy – quick rehabilitation, compared to other procedures. You may experience redness that will go away after a couple of hours.

With plasmogel therapy, the effect is growing, so I advise you to do it as a course – 3 procedures once a month and six months later – another session. The result will be noticeable: firm, elastic skin and visibly reduced wrinkles around the eyes.


Another common injection procedure for correcting wrinkles around the eyes. Fillers are preparations based on hyaluronic acid that help to replenish the deficiency of subcutaneous adipose tissue. If with the help of fillers you need to solve the problem of wrinkles in the periorbital area, the specialist will use Juvederm Volbella, Belotero Soft or Teosyal redenciti II. During the procedure, pain relief in most cases is not required, since the preparations already contain lidocaine. The only exception is Belotero Soft – there is no lidocaine in the preparation. In this case, the cosmetologist performs application anesthesia.

The procedure must be repeated according to the doctor’s indications – the frequency depends on the degree of biodegradation of the filler itself. We work with a fixed area, so there is a possibility that your next visit to the doctor will not wait until 2-3 years later.

If shortly before the procedure you have an inflammatory process or a viral disease, it is better to postpone the introduction of fillers. Also, be sure to discuss with your doctor the risk of an allergic reaction to the components of the drug.

Microcurrent therapy

During the procedure, the specialist uses low-frequency electric currents. The cells are not damaged, they are regenerated, blood circulation improves. I advise this procedure to be done for those who have bruises and bags under the eyes that are not too pronounced. In this case, you will see a great visual effect! On average, the course takes 10-15 procedures.

Plus microcurrent therapy – it is painless, eliminates edema, fine wrinkles, and generally improves complexion.