8 September 2021

VRach-dermatologist Victoria Britko told how to store the shampoo correctly, what is the best place for foundation and why the hair mask should be taken with a special spatula.

Rule # 1: stick to expiration dates

All certified products in our country have an expiration date and release date. European manufacturers are allowed not to post this information if the cosmetics does not deteriorate for more than thirty months. I do not even recommend looking in the direction of such funds – they use the strongest preservatives that can provoke an allergic reaction and negatively affect the skin. The shelf life directly depends on the composition – the more natural it is, the faster the cosmetics deteriorate. Water-based products are not stored for more than twelve months, eco-cosmetics based on natural oils – no more than eight.

Rule # 2: Choose Dispenser Packages

The less cosmetics are in contact with air, the more chances you have to maintain their beneficial properties and avoid oxidation. Vitamin C, for example, is destroyed by contact with oxygen and by direct sunlight. Give preference to dispenser bottles. Especially if you don’t plan on using makeup every day.

Rule # 3: keep eye creams in the refrigerator

And other decongestants too! They will remove bags under the eyes faster when they are cold. Better to read the label first. If there is a temperature range of +10, put the cream in the refrigerator 15 minutes before use. The rest of the time he belongs in a dark cabinet.

Rule # 4: don’t store shampoos in the bathroom

The optimum humidity for storing shampoos is no more than 60%, the temperature is no more than 25 ° C. The best place for them is a mirror cabinet. Temperature conditions in the bathroom change too often!

Do not forget to close the bottles and use a spatula when applying masks – if moisture gets in, the funds quickly deteriorate. And further. Never buy shampoos on the street – they are stored there in violation of the temperature regime.

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Rule # 5: keep makeup away from lighting fixtures

The lighting partings heat the plastic cans, and they begin to release harmful substances. Bottom line: the cream deteriorates faster, nutrients are destroyed, and the skin can give a negative reaction.

Rule # 6: keep track of the expiration date of organic and natural cosmetics

There are no strong preservatives in natural cosmetics – their shelf life does not exceed six months. In addition, it often contains fatty acids that oxidize at room temperature. Place for natural cosmetics – refrigerator.

Rule number 7: the shelf life of lipsticks – no more than two years

Store lipsticks and foundation at room temperature for no more than two years. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight. If the lipstick has melted a little, place it in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.

Rule number 8: open ink is stored for no more than a month

Mascara in a closed tube is stored for about six months. After breaking the integrity of the package, you have a month to use it. Do not have time – throw it away to avoid irritation, allergies and conjunctivitis.

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Rule # 9: Don’t use funds with SPF for next season

Throw it away if you haven’t used the sunburn oil during the summer season. Within a year, it will deteriorate and cease to fulfill its main function – protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Rule # 10: buy a special refrigerator for cosmetics

Yes, they do exist! The surface of refrigerators for storing cosmetics is coated with an antibacterial compound. The optimum temperature is maintained in them – 12 degrees. Although the storage conditions for funds may differ. Manufacturers conduct special temperature tests before the cream enters the storefront. Pay attention to this.