8 September 2021

TOEvery woman dreams of flawlessly smooth skin, and with the onset of hot days this issue becomes especially relevant. If the shaving machine is not suitable for you, and removing excess hairs with wax is too painful, then epilation with sugar (sugaring) will be the ideal solution for you.

The shugaring procedure can be carried out independently at home or done in the salon by a professional master. But whichever option you choose, there are several mistakes that can negate the effectiveness of shugaring.

BeautyHack approached this issue with great care and collected for you the mistakes that we most often make during shugaring.

Shugaring is a procedure that goes far to the Far East, and the recipe for making caramel paste came to us from Ancient Egypt – oriental beauties have always appreciated smooth skin and maintained its perfection with the help of sugar syrup.

The modern shugaring procedure is also carried out using sugar paste, which often contains natural oils and fruit ingredients. This method allows you to remove hairs along with the root, and the effect of the sweet procedure lasts from 3 to 6 weeks. The procedure may be ineffective in the following cases:

Insufficient hair length

For the correct implementation of the shugaring procedure and its effectiveness, it is important that the removed hairs are long enough – at least 6-8 mm, otherwise the sugar paste will not be able to capture them. Professional craftsmen can work with hairs of different lengths, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to repeat such a trick at home (we talked about in which salons you can do hair removal here).

Wrong choice of funds

Often women prepare sugar paste for home shugaring on their own, but the proportions are violated, so the product does not work. In the second case, the error lies in the incorrect use of ready-made compositions, which also leads to failure. As a result, the hairs are in place and the skin is reddened and clammy. To avoid this error, always strictly follow the instructions.

It is also important to properly prepare the skin for the procedure and use only special lotions that cleanse and degrease the skin and thereby make the procedure more comfortable. Often such an error can be observed in the salon, when the craftsmen replace professional products with alcohol or chlorhexidine. They may also use regular talcum powder or baby powder instead of professional talcum powder, which can lead to ingrown hairs and clogged pores.

Incorrect technique

In order for the shugaring procedure to be successful, it is especially important to observe the correct technique for pulling off the paste – according to hair growth without sharp jerks up. Each treated area has its own method of hair removal – manually or using fabric strips. Not knowing these details can lead to bruising, swelling, itching, and redness. This is especially true when it comes to shugaring in the bikini area – delicate areas require more delicate techniques.

Skin tension

For the effectiveness of the shugaring procedure, it is also important to properly tighten the skin – the hand that removes the paste and the other hand that pulls the skin should go in clearly opposite directions. Compliance with this rule will make the procedure less painful and avoid bruising.

Hair Growth

If you have ever encountered ingrown hairs after sugaring, then most likely you are removing the hairs incorrectly. Working against hair growth is the main cause of hair ingrowth. In addition, sugar-free hair removal is more painful. In order not to repeat this mistake, remember the rule: the paste should be applied against hair growth, and removed according to growth.

Sugar paste size

If we talk about shugaring, the rule “the less the better” does not work here. Working with too small a piece of paste can ruin the whole procedure – you can run it on the skin as much as you like, but you will not achieve the desired effect. In addition, a procedure using a small amount of paste may be too painful or take too long. Professional masters know that the larger the surface to be treated, the larger the piece of paste should be – the procedure will be more comfortable and the effect will be longer.

By following these simple rules and caring for your skin after the shugaring procedure, you can enjoy smooth and beautiful skin for a long time (7 of the best body scrubs you will find here).

Text: Anya Sherstneva