8 September 2021

Opuffy braids, high tails and sloppy tufts. BeautyHack features stellar styling options for vacations, summer parties and workdays (stylist tips included!).

Romy Straid

This hairstyle Romy did for the Coachella music festival this year. Please note that the ribbon in the hair (a very relevant accessory now) is matched to the lemon shade arrows. This mix goes well with blond, like Romi’s.

Emily Ratajkowski

Another look for Coachella-2018. While colleagues were braiding tricky braids and high tails, Emily opted for classic, messy curls with straight ends.

Elsa Hosk

Especially for Coachella, Elsa made a strawberry blonde (now the girl is blonde again) and decorated a completely simple hairstyle with a bright hairpin. There is never too much pink! For more examples of such coloring, see here

Elsa Hosk

Another version of Elsa’s summer hairstyle. If you are going to do a similar hairstyle on the second or third day after washing your hair, use the advice of the star stylist Marina Roy – apply Bed Head After Party cream from Tigi to your hair: “If you warm the cream in your palms, distribute it along the length and comb your hair, the effect will be like this as if you just washed your hair. Hair immediately becomes smooth and fresh, this will be confirmed by all my models from the set! “

Gigi Hadid

High bun, bangs and curled strands – the image of Gigi for the presentation of the fourth collection Tommy x gigiwhich came out in early 2018.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Two ideas for a summer festival from Alessandra – Use a regular scarf to secure the bun.

Kaia Gerber

One of the most talked about spring hairstyles is made for the summer heat! Such a high bun was done by Kaye during the spring Chanel show. “Favorite everyday hairstyle of all girls. Tie your hair into a very high ponytail at the crown of your head, do a light bouffant, and twist the strands into a tourniquet. For more volume, slightly pull the strands out of the bun and fix the hairstyle with hairpins, ”stylist Alex Nagorsky explains how to replicate Kaya’s image.

Negin Mirsalehi

Negin’s long hair styling is the dream of all her Instagram followers (and the girl has 4.7 million). For Coachella-2018, the blogger and creator of the Gisou brand chose light waves and spikelets that perfectly emphasize her coloration.

barbara Palvin

The high ponytail is one of Barbara’s favorite hairstyles. Stricter for official events, like the Portuguese GQ awards, and with a bright elastic band – for relaxation!

Lily Collins

The author of this hairstyle is stylist Gregory Russell. This is the look he and Lily created for the Prada cruise collection. The case when you can’t overdo it with hair gel!

Selena Gomez

Selena’s high braid was included in the selection 30 best hairstyles for April… According to the art director of Go Coppola Nikolskaya, Katya Konoreva, the hairstyle would not look so impressive without the shaved nape: “If you are ready to do it, then you should know: such a haircut and a hairstyle will greatly lengthen the nape and neck. Therefore, if you have complexes about this, go for it! “

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has one of the most striking looks at the Oscars this year. Art director of the Brush salon and creative partner of L’Oreal Professionnel Alex Nagorsky says that many girls now want to repeat it. “A very dynamic hairstyle using the S-wave technique, when the stylist uses the iron to draw the letter S along the entire length of the strand. At the same time, the hair is twisted chaotically, due to this, the necessary volume and dynamics are obtained. “

Sara Sampaio

Sarah has long hair, but thanks to a 25mm curling iron she also tried a bob haircut. It turned out to be a cross between the image of an 80s diva and retro waves – perfect for a summer disco party!

Brittany Snow

Hairdresser-stylist Evgeny Shatokhin advises fixing such styling with the most inconspicuous means. “Nak’s Fixation Finishing Spray is an excellent choice. The product does not contain water, it dries instantly, allowing you to create a naturally beautiful styling. The varnish is resistant to moisture – what is needed in our climate. “

Kendall Jenner

Visual instructions on how to repeat Kendall’s hairstyle – by link!

Petra Nemtsova

Stylist Anna Portkova advises using cosmetic oil or wax to create this hairstyle. “Apply a drop of the product to your hand and then lightly style your hair. This will remove unnecessary fluffiness. “

Amanda Seyfried

Before repeating Amanda’s hairstyle, take the advice of stylist Yevgeny Shatokhin – wind your hair and tie it into a ponytail. “And only then form a bundle! Finally, you can use Nak’s Shine Mist Conditioning Shine Spray. It eliminates excessive frizz without weighing down or sticking to the hair. “

Jasmine Sanders

The headband does not have to be plastic or metal. In special cases, a braid can easily replace it!

Irina Shayk

Irina has a very simple hairstyle, which, thanks to her well-groomed hair, is also appropriate on the red carpet. If you want to quickly achieve the same effect, use oil sprays. Alex Kontier, the owner of a network of French beauty salons in Moscow, Kontier Paris Coiffure, recommends the BC Oil Miracle Oil Mist spray from Schwarzkopf Professional: “This is a light veil with a natural shine effect that emphasizes hair movement. Spray on dry hair – styled or loose. “

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

A great idea to open up the shoulders and accentuate the coloring. Rosie’s strands seem to have burned out in the sun! By the way, the same styling can be tried for girls with medium-length strands – the longer the hair, the more voluminous the hairstyle will be.

Candice Swanepoel

Another option for braids instead of a hoop. “Hold all the strands (three or four) used for braiding with one hand. This is necessary so that you can always correct your hairstyle with your second hand, ”advises stylist Anna Portkova.

Lauren Conrad

A simple idea to highlight summer coloration. “It is important that light strands are on the face as well, otherwise you will get the effect of a small head and a shock of hair somewhere below the shoulders,” explains colorist Tanya Shark.


Want the same bouncy curls? Choose the right haircut. Here is Tanya Shark’s recommendation: “For curly long hair, the most comfortable haircut is a cascade. That is, the top hair at the crown should be shorter than the bottom hair. The transition can be large or small, but due to the difference in length, the curl will be noticeable. Hair will be more voluminous, and curls will be more pronounced. “

Amber Heard

A hairstyle like Amber’s is appropriate with any makeup. True, you should entrust it to a professional in order to get that very slight negligence in combination with braids.

Lauren Conrad

This styling for long hair is great if you have thin strands. “Use hairspray and gloss spray to highlight the color. And no mousses – they make the hairstyle heavier, create a “dirty” effect, ”explains top stylist Ivan Anisimov.

Karlie Kloss

Pay attention to the thin strands released near the face. In combination with a high, slightly sloppy bun, they correct the shape of the face – making it more elongated.

Alicia Vikander

Perfect styling for girls with long necks and beautiful chin lines! But it is better to have it done by a professional.

Elizabeth Olsen

A simple hairstyle with some strands tied up in a ponytail is good for young girls. Elizabeth still has time to experiment!

Jenna Duan

Braids of different sizes make styling for long hair special, but strands released from the face deprive it of unnecessary formality. Use nail polish to fix your hairstyle. Stylist Marina Roy recommends TIGI’s Catwalk Session Series. “I love it for the haze spraying (doesn’t stick the hairs together), the easy hold and the fact that it can be layered. But even if applied in two or three layers, it will be invisible on the hair and very easily combed. The comb literally doesn’t recognize it, the hair stays clean! “

Rose Byrne

In order for the bangs to have the correct volume and crumble around the face, like Rose’s, stylist Anna Portkova advises styling it with a round brush with a hairdryer, taking the hair back. “I do not recommend using strong fixing varnishes. A static hairstyle gives age. “

Photo: harpersbazaar.com, instyle.com, marieclaire.com, Instagram, cosmopolitan.com