8 September 2021

EIf you have not had time to prepare your figure for the summer or are just thinking that it is time to get in shape for the beach season, then there is a chance to be in time! Beauty blogger Olga Smirnova, author @ makeupmania.ru, began active preparations for summer holidays on the seaside and in a new BeautyHack review she talked about the most effective means for body shaping. Modeling ampoules, roller, home wrap – find yours.

There are two pieces of news, good and bad. Perhaps I’ll start with the bad one. By themselves, the means for body shaping do not work, or they work, but not as effectively as they could. Therefore, memorize the formula of 3 simple terms: balanced proper nutrition + physical activity + means for body shaping = ideal body, and then you will not have to shyly hide behind a pareo. (Approx. Ed. – About the reasons why you will never lose weight, we wrote here).

I almost forgot about the good news, here it is: weight loss products exist, and this is not a myth! Cosmetics really helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, smoothes unevenness and fights cellulite. I’ll tell you about the best tools that I have personally tested below.

Before declaring war on cellulite, you need to check the items, whether all the ammunition is stocked. You will need: a massage scrub, a mask and a film for wraps, skin-smoothing gels and creams after a shower, massage rollers or the very legendary rubber cans that you can buy at the pharmacy.

Anti-cellulite scrubs will become the most budgetary item on the way to a perfect body. For Russian brands, which are especially active in producing these funds, prices start at almost 100 rubles. Choose any scrub in a comfortable price range. For example, well-known and recognizable funds in orange banks of the Russian brand Floresan. Gel scrub, which contains red pepper extract and cinnamon essential oil, accelerates blood circulation, warms up the skin surface, improves the process of accelerating the metabolism of fat cells.

The next remedy, or rather a set of ampoules, can be described briefly: “It will hurt, you will like it.” The package contains Babor’s 3D Cellulite Correction Ampoules / Ultimate 3D Cellulite Fluid 14 modeling ampoules, 10 ml each. The product is intended exclusively for external use. After a shower and an active massage, apply the serum from the ampoule with vigorous movements to the skin of problem areas. After a couple of minutes after application, the skin may turn red, then become hot. The process has begun, although it is not particularly pleasant.

The serum breaks down fat cells, strengthens connective tissue, activates the elimination of toxic products of cellular metabolism, smoothes the skin. It contains a complex of active substances Hexapeptide-39, Collagen Booster Peptide, forskolin and caffeine, which work to eliminate orange peel.

If you follow the diet and exercise, at least minimal during the day, fat deposits are significantly reduced, the skin relief is leveled and becomes smooth. The course is designed for 2 weeks.

This red bottle can often be seen in bags in women’s fitness club locker rooms. The tool has shown its best side in my marathon last year on the way to a perfect body. This year I decided to repeat the Body Fit course – this is an anti-cellulite lifting cream-gel from Clarins. Unlike Babor ampoules, the cream does not cause discomfort, it even looks attractive pink in color. Yes, yes, this is to the question that anti-cellulite care can be pleasant.

The cream gel contains quince leaf extract, which simultaneously acts on all three types of fat cells responsible for the appearance of cellulite. After using a bottle of cream, the result is noticeable: the skin becomes smoother, and unevenness is less pronounced. I think I will repeat it next year.

As the books report, French women don’t wear suspenders. But now we know exactly what Parisians are doing in their luxurious bathrooms – they are doing anti-cellulite massage with Celluli Ultra Performance Gel and Roller from Payot.

In a tube of refreshing blue color, the product for body shaping and cellulite removal. At the heart of the concentrated formula is a cocktail of fat-burning active ingredients that hit the very root of the problem. Perform daily massage in circular motions in problem areas of the thighs, abdomen and buttocks, and after a month, take a control measurement of the parameters of the figure. You will definitely not find a couple of cm!

A nice bonus (after all, French women love practicality so much), in addition to the cream, you don’t need to buy any accessories – the roller nozzle is already at the base of the tube.

A little time-consuming, but also an effective way to combat body fat – wraps. Try Guam Fanghi D`alga Nourishing Mask. It contains Guam algae extract, clay, ivy, horse chestnut extracts, lemon oil, oregano oil, sage oil, caffeine, which smooth the skin, activate metabolic processes, stimulate the breakdown of fats, strengthen and restore skin turgor.

Wrapping is best done after sports and a contrast shower. Apply the product on clean skin of the abdomen and waist in a thin layer, then wrap with cling film, and to enhance the effect, wrap yourself in a warm blanket or put on thermal underwear. After 40 minutes, remove the tape and shower. Apply anti-cellulite cream to complete the ritual. Before the beach season, it is recommended to conduct a monthly course according to the following scheme: wrap for 3 days in a row and a break for 3 days.

Celluli Eraser Biotherm Concentrate is another active fighter against the hated orange peel. The formula of the product contains thermal plankton, healing coralline algae extract, caffeine, ginkgo biloba and escin extracts, which fight against the appearance of cellulite and even prevent re-manifestation. Apply the product after massage twice a day, morning and evening, to problem areas.