8 September 2021

Vrach-dermatocosmetologist Victoria Britko (@ dr.viktoria_13_) told what types of nasolabial folds are, why they can appear at a young age and what procedures can get rid of this cosmetic defect.

Victoria Britko

Victoria Britko

Dermatocosmetologist. Specialist of the medical center MedAvenu

“The nasolabial folds are two longitudinal grooves that begin at the wings of the nose and end at the corners of the mouth. They are very clearly visible when you smile. Their presence and severity depends not only on age (although it also depends on it). There are many reasons for the appearance of nasolabial folds: from ordinary gravity and stretching of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus of the face to individual physiological characteristics, for example, the characteristics of fat packs. They make the face heavier, giving it age – a person looks older by several years! Today, cosmetologists have many ways to solve the problem of nasolabial folds. I’ll tell you about the most effective ones. “

Types of nasolabial folds

Gravity wrinkles or Gcmasonry– grooves that are formed due to tissue prolapse due to gravity and stretching of the musculo-aponeurotic complex.

Gradient – folds that form as a result of a sharp drop between the elevation of the cheeks and the upper lip. Most often, the reason for their appearance is the features of the nasolabial fat pack. Incorrect bite may also be the cause.

Dash fold… This is a thin superficial strip in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle that does not affect the subcutaneous tissue. Most often, it is formed due to active facial expressions and is observed in people with thin, dry skin.

Causes of the formation of nasolabial folds

Fast weight loss… Do not experiment with your body! A drastic weight loss affects not only the metabolism, but also the condition of the skin. When the subcutaneous fat layer becomes thinner, it does not have time to adapt to rapid changes and “sags”.

Active mimicrya. Emotionality is wonderful. But beauticians can scold her for it. Expression wrinkles at 25 often appear precisely because of her. Including nasolabial folds.

Heredity… Sometimes even very thin girls have characteristic cheeks. And no matter how they try to get rid of them, nothing comes of it. The reason is the large thickness of the fat pack. This is a hereditary factor that cannot be corrected by nutrition.

Smoking… You can talk a lot and for a long time about the dangers of smoking. There is even such a concept as “smoker’s face”, which is characterized by deep nasolabial folds, grayish skin color, “crow’s feet”, sunken cheeks, dark circles under the eyes. In this case, one procedure for correction will not be enough – a complex will be required to restore youth and beauty

Malocclusion… In some cases, correcting the nasolabial fold is the task of the orthodontist, not the cosmetologist. As a result of orthodontic treatment, the load is removed from the chewing muscles – they relax. Once the joints are in the correct position, the nasolabial folds disappear.

Improper facial skin care… If you ignore cleansing, do not take enough care of your skin and do not protect it from ultraviolet radiation, it will “thank you” with the appearance of many wrinkles and an unhealthy complexion.

How to remove nasolabial folds?

No need to self-medicate by practicing facial gymnastics from the Internet. First you need to establish the reason and only then choose the method. There are a lot of them: from injection to hardware techniques. In some cases, a complex effect is necessary – this can only be determined by a cosmetologist after an individual consultation.

Filler injections… Fillers are a good way to deal with nasolabial folds. A hyaluronic acid gel fills them in, smoothing the skin. The effect of the procedure will last from 6 months to one and a half years (depending on the drug).

Ultrasonic SMAS-lifting… During the procedure, ultrasonic waves are applied to the muscular-aponeurotic layer, visually reducing the nasolabial fold. The effect appears within three months.

Lipolytic injections… This method helps with excess adipose tissue. The procedure is carried out in courses – one injection is not enough. The beautician introduces an indirect lipolytic, a drug that leads to the death of adipocytes. Gradually, the layer of subcutaneous fatty tissue in the nasolabial ridges becomes smaller, and the fold disappears.