8 September 2021

TOWhich antibacterial agent does Irena Ponaroshku use on the plane and how does Rosie Huntington-Whiteley refresh her skin on flights? BeautyHack features beauty products and gadgets from stars and bloggers.

Ksenia Sobchak

V Instagram Ksenia showed and told about the contents of her flight cosmetic bag. She always has a sheet mask (for example, Magic Stripes), Instant Flight protection moisturizer from the American brand Nannic, chlorophyll capsules (ChlorOxygen, like Xenia, available on Iherb.com).

Other beauty products include Sergey Naumov Lip Balm, Dior Capture Totale Sample, Temple Spa Mint Foot Balm, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (for a night flight), Lancôme Cleanser.

Ekaterina Odintsova

Life hack from Ekaterina: if you want to take everything you need on the plane, but are worried that it will not fit in your hand luggage, use the Save My Bag. “I take the biggest bag and put a pillow on the bottom. Yes, yes, I always fly with my pillow, it is fundamentally more comfortable! In the same bag I put my outerwear, my purse with money and documents and go to the plane. If on the way to the plane I go shopping in Duty Free, then I can put my purchases in Save My Bag. “

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie does not often share her beauty hacks with her subscribers. But nevertheless, she revealed one secret – she applies an elixir for facial beauty from Caudalie during takeoff and during flight. The main purpose of the product is to refresh the skin and give it a glow. The elixir can also be used to fix makeup.

Jennifer Lopez

In March, J.Lo and baseball player Alex Rodriguez celebrated their first anniversary. They started dating a year ago. In the photo, Alex is with 10-year-old son Jennifer Maximilian. As you can see, the tablet is the best friend of all parents on the plane!

Bella Hadid

Some of Bella’s favorite beauty products are face masks (for more details about the star’s departure, we wrote here). “I’ve become a real expert – I always distribute masks to my friends and match them to different skin types.” Her favorite moisturizers are Kiehl’s Hydrating Mask and Dior’s Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask.

Irena Ponaroshku

In this picture, notice the Breathe Oil Spray. Irena always puts it in her vacation bag. “Now I always fly only with this spray, so as not to pick up something at airports and planes. I spray directly on clothes, on an airplane seat, on a pillow and periodically renew during the flight. ”

Regina Todorenko

In the life of the host of the “Heads and Tails” program, there were long and very long flights. Therefore, in the plane with her, anything can be. The editorial staff of BeautyHack is not at all surprised with coffee to go and a sandwich from Starbucks – Regina posted a snapshot of a snack on her Instagram.

Sasha Mitroshina, blogger

A blogger with a 450,000 audience, Sasha Mitroshina, regularly tells subscribers about her travels, workouts and gadgets. One of them accompanies a girl on airplanes – an e-book PocketBook 641. “E-ink technology (electronic ink) is used in e-readers. Such screens do not flicker, due to which they are very similar to paper and reading from them does not strain your eyes. ⠀ Also, E-ink does not fade or glare in the bright sun. The brighter the light, the better the text is visible on it, on the contrary. As on plain paper. The beach is generally superb! “

Keti Topuria

Under this photo, Keti expressed her gratitude to the air carrier, but BeautyHack saw a gadget that many Russian stars adore – the Enhel hydrogen water generator (read about what it is in interview the founder of the brand Julia Angel).

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn not only strongly supports projects in the protection of animals, but also the owner of two dogs – Frankie and Chance. They travel with the actress right on the plane.

Maria Viskunova, blogger

“I thought it couldn’t get any better, and then they brought a mattress,” said the millionaire blogger Maria Viskunova about one of her flights. An indispensable attribute of such a comfortable flight is Voss mineral water, which is extracted from Norwegian springs and bottled in designer cylindrical bottles.

Lily Allridge

Lily uses organic American brands Kora Organics and Tata Harper Scincare on the planes. The model’s hand luggage contains hand cream, an antibacterial agent, a moisturizing face cream and a healthy snack – a cherry pie-flavored bar.

Lindsay Ellingson

A Victoria’s Secret Angel drinks cold-pressed juice before the flight. Lindsay’s favorite ingredients are ginger, cayenne pepper and lemon. The cocktail boosts immunity and improves digestion. The girl drinks juices from a New York brand Gingersnap’s Organic

Millie Macintosh

Model, designer and British it-girl Millie Macintosh’s bag contains a large bottle of water and a fruit salad. Millie’s faithful companions on long flights – WelleCo Chocolate Protein Shaker and Travel Kit Nourishing Protein

Liu Wen

One of the most popular models in Asia, Liu Wen, drinks several glasses of vitamin C juice before getting on the plane. And the girl always refrains from fatty and high-calorie foods during the flight, which saves from edema.