Which curling iron to choose for your hair?


LThis is the perfect time to experiment, including with hair. You can try on a wide variety of haircuts, wear high hairstyles or loose your hair, decorate strands with hairpins and accessories. And to give the hairstyle a neat and stylish shape, hair devices, numerous stylers and curling irons will help.

BeautyHack tells you which hair curler is right for you.

What should you pay attention to?

Any thermal device does not have the best effect on hair health, therefore, when choosing a curling iron, always pay attention to the following points:

Number of heating modes the curling iron should have several of them so that you can use the device on hair of different types and structures.

Heating temperature regulator ideally, the heating temperature of the curling iron should vary from 160 to 200 degrees. This makes it possible to style hair of different types with the help of the device. For example, dyed hair is thinner and weaker, so the temperature of the curling iron should be kept to a minimum. But thick or curly can only be tamed by a device heated to 180-200 degrees.

Plating plates or rod the safest for hair today is considered a ceramic coating, tourmaline or titanium. Be sure to pay special attention to this – inexpensive curling irons with a conventional metal coating severely damage the strands.

Ionization function if you want to see your hair smoother and shinier, then when choosing a curling iron, this item should definitely not be bypassed.

Number of attachments – the more of them, the wider your opportunities for creativity and experimentation – you can create a wide variety of hairstyles – from smooth strands to small curls (5 means for straightening hair without an iron, look here).

Automatic shutdown function – if you are not the most attentive person, then this item will definitely come in handy for you – the device will automatically turn off after a while after laying. And on some models, you can even set a timer – after a specified time, your curling iron will turn off by itself.

What to choose?

The principle of operation of the curling iron is quite simple – you need to clamp a strand of hair with heated tongs and, as a result of heat treatment, the hair will remember the new shape. Today you can pick up a styler to create various curls, but still there are several main types of curls:

Cylindrical models with a round rod, which may differ in diameter. Some of these come with multiple interchangeable attachments, allowing you to experiment with the shape of your curls. The smaller the diameter of the curling iron, the finer and clearer the curls will turn out, and vice versa – a curling iron with a large diameter rod will help to create soft voluminous curls. Such curling irons are suitable for creating hairstyles for both long and short hair.

Satin Hair 7 EC1 IONTEC, Braun, 4 999 rubles.

Electric tongs CI5538, Remington, 3590 rubles.

Conical – stylists are very fond of just such models of plots for the ability to create the effect of natural curls – a cone-shaped rod makes the curls wider at the base and reduces their size towards the end of the strand. It is convenient to curl hair of any length with a cone-shaped curling iron, but especially this device will appeal to owners of short haircuts.

Electric tongs BHB872 / 00, Philips, 2690 rubles.

Easy Curl C20E Red, Babyliss, 3 190 rubles.

Spiral curling irons – unlike cylindrical and cone-shaped curls, these devices have a spiral rod into which you need to carefully insert a strand in order to get clear curls.

PHS 1930K, Polaris, 1299 rub.

Double and triple curling irons – such devices have two or three rods at once. They help to create strands and curls of an unusual shape, but it is not very convenient to work with them, so they are often chosen by professionals.

Multistyler Rowenta 4in1 Waves Addict CF4711F0, 4290 rubles.

Curling iron-corrugation – Such a device is similar in shape to an iron for straightening hair, but unlike the first, its plates are uneven – their special shape helps to create original small zigzags along the entire length or create volume (you will find the 10 best hairstyles with corrugation here).

Electric tongs GA.MA FAIRY WAVES, 2190 rubles.

When choosing a curling iron, remember that not only your hairstyle, but also the health of your hair will depend on this device. Carefully study all the technical specifications before purchasing the device, and also do not forget to use thermal protection means when laying.

Text: Anya Sherstneva