8 September 2021

Dfor sunbathing and swimming? Or still admire women? Alexey Belyakov, a columnist at BeautyHack, discusses this topic.

Want to know why men go to the beach? Thinking of sunbathing and swimming? Yes, it is possible, but this is the second thing. The main thing is to consider girls in swimsuits. So he sat down in a chaise longue, dark glasses on his nose, as if he was dozing. It was he who pretended to be dormant for his wife. In fact, he eyes – zyrk, zyrk! A beach for a man is generally an erotic adventure.

Well, let’s be completely honest. Why do women go to the beach? Yes, they sincerely love to sunbathe. But for them it is also a podium on the sand. They demonstrate themselves.

On the beach, we – men and women – undress to the end, expose the whole essence of our relationship. There’s a sex fair under the hot sun.

And if a woman says that she doesn’t care what she looks like on the beach – for God’s sake, she has every right, but as a sexual object she ceases to exist. Besides, I am not sure that she is sincere in her “indifference”. Most likely, she pretends to be carefree only because there is no willpower to take care of herself and her body parts. An important clarification: I’m talking about our women. Few in the world are as concerned about their appearance as ours. Well, more dashing Brazilian women, for example. While feminists and other body positivists rule in the so-called civilized world, our people look at their ass in the mirror and mutter: “Well, where to go to the beach with this one?”

And they are right. We want to see strong elastic bodies. Well, excuse me, it’s not we who are so depraved and stupid, this is a million years ago inherent in us by evolution. Our gaze itself clings to that which radiates health and perspective. This is neither good nor bad – it is, and there is nothing to be done.

By the way, that is why foreigners are so happy about our women when they come here. They are already stupefied with loose feminism in their homeland, they are happy to see women who are defiantly sexy. Now they come in large numbers to the Championship. I think football is the third thing for them. The main thing is our beauties.

But back to the beach. Everything is primal and honest there. We gaze at women with good bodies, we are eager to meet them (who else do men want I told here). If the wife is not around. There is no chance for trickery and deception. When it seems like a beauty with a figure, but how to undress – oh, no, it’s better to turn off the light. By the way, contrary to the ridiculous delusion, the size of the breast is not so important to us. Important, but not very important. Cubes on a girl’s belly are not too happy for us either: this is already for a bodybuilding competition. Nice flat belly – that’s enough. Even if not very flat. And most importantly, that same ass. Here is the center of attraction for all men’s looks. By the way, from the point of view of biology and evolution, this remains a mystery to me – why are we so obsessed with elastic round buttocks? It’s probably just beautiful.

Here they will also start talking about make-up, hats, glasses, a ribbon in their hair … It’s all girlish fun, we don’t pay attention to such trifles. We are interested in the body and only the body. Swimwear? Yes, it is important. But not the design, but the degree to which they expose the figure. And the color of the swimsuit is also important to us. Best of all – red, black, white. No quirks. Clear, clean, proven colors.

And, by the way, about wives. Once I met in the south with a nice sociable man (read about men’s fears on the first date here). He did not look at the girls on the beach at all. I even thought: maybe gay? But then his wife appeared in a bikini. I almost fell off the deck chair: she had a chiseled body plus an ironic smile. The smile of a woman who knows everything about her naked irresistibility. It is clear why the husband did not look at anyone. I immediately put on my dark glasses and furtively looked at her for a long, long time. However, she, of course, noticed it. And she was clearly pleased.