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If micellar water or other common remedy make-up remover dries your skin, it’s time to fall in love with everything Asian and try hydrophilic oil. Its advantage is that it gently treats the lipid barrier of the skin, removes persistent makeup without any problems, and is also suitable for all skin types from oily to very dry. Do not forget that oil is only a stage of thorough cleansing: if you do not have enough of its effect, do not rush to give up your favorite foam or gel. We are showing our favorite oils that significantly increase the pleasure of an evening wash – we wrote here how to use them correctly.

NYX Stripped Off Cleansing Oil


The line of makeup removers released by NYX this year turned out to be excellent: if you want to try balm or oil for a long time, and you run out of money, you have a direct road to the corner of the brand. It is a good hydrophilic oil that can remove stubborn products; it has no pronounced odor and is easily washed off. The volume is small, the original 100 ml can be stretched for a couple of months: oil with a dispenser is a fairly economical product, if you do not add a couple of extra clicks to the ritual for fidelity.

Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil

Hydrophilic oil

Very inexpensive (it’s a pity that in terms of rubles the situation is getting sadder) Japanese oil with the same effect of turning into foam. The beauty is in the details: a solid volume of 230 ml, a dispenser with a limiter, no obtrusive odor and a pretty package. Despite the seductive mark “Deep Cleansing”, it copes exactly with what it should – that is, it perfectly rinses off BB-cream and products that lay down with a film, but does not completely remove especially corrosive pigments. Washes off completely in the second stage of cleansing and is perfect for combination to dry skin. Choose if you do not suffer from inflammation, but very much from dryness.

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oil

Of the non-Asian oils available, The Body Shop is perhaps the most successful. It is very gentle, while everything is in order with the skills to remove persistent makeup: to dissolve tints and matte lipsticks that stick tightly, just hold a cotton pad with oil on the skin for a while. It does not know how to overdry categorically and perfectly manifests itself in daily use. As is the case with many products, The Body Shop may not be suitable for lovers of products with a neutral or absent scent: it has a pronounced cosmetic fragrance, which fans of the brand, however, rank as additional advantages.

The Skin House Essential Cleansing Oil

Hydrophilic oil

A well-known bestseller, always presented in every Russian store that specializes in Korean cosmetics. Like many of his colleagues, it takes effort to remove stubborn mascara, but otherwise does a good job. The manufacturer claims that, along the way, the oil cleans the pores, but it is difficult to judge about this, with the obvious need for a second stage. And yet it is on friendly terms with skin of any type: if you already had a bad experience with the inflammation that arose after using hydrophilic oil, then you can give this category of products a second chance, starting with Essential Cleansing Oil.

Shu uemura porefinist

Hydrophilic oil for oily skin

The history of the popularity of hydrophilic oil began precisely with the invention of the Japanese brand Shu Uemura, which had just officially appeared in Russia. For the indicated price, you can purchase a mini-version with a volume of 150 ml, which, again, is not so little; an almost half-liter jar costs twice as much. Nevertheless, it is difficult to ignore it: all five versions are famous for their cleansing properties, among which there is an oil designed specifically for oily and acne-prone skin. POREfinist not only removes makeup, but also removes impurities in principle and fights inflammation. Immediate result – just like after a multi-step reference wash.

Missha M Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil

Hydrophilic oil

One of the first hydrophilic oils cleverly introduced to the market in conjunction with the trendy BB cream, and to this day one of the best. Removes stubborn foundations and thick sunscreens gently and without leaving a trace, and the high price can be forgiven for the economical consumption. Match it with the same gentle cleanser: the pleasant integrity of the protective barrier with such a system is noticeable even in winter. There is also a travel version with a volume of 100 ml, which, however, loses due to the not very convenient packaging.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil

Makeup remover oil

A little more glory in the Take The Day Off line has received a cleansing balm, but there is also a decent hydrophilic oil in it. The product fulfills all responsibilities, although it sins, like many others, with difficulties in removing the mascara (remember the method with the application of a cotton pad for a while). Nevertheless, it does not show aggression towards different skin types and will be a real salvation for those who choose perfume-free cosmetics: a rare example of a completely odorless makeup remover.

Holika Holika Gudetama All Kill Cleanser Oil To Foam

Hydrophilic oil

Alas, the legendary butter in a cheerful package with soda in the composition has disappeared from the sale, and All Kill products have replaced it – there is such a thing in a huge “lazy” series, the face of which is the charming yolk of Gudetam. This tool seems to be designed to combine two stages of cleansing at once, nevertheless, it is rather an additional special effect: its abilities are really enough for a full cleansing, if you are too tired and not ready for the next stages, but it is better not to rely on a single product. everyday.

Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil

Hydrophilic oil

Like many Korean media, it acts in the genre of “God, what a cute jar”, but the content also performs exceptionally well. Available in several versions: moisturizing for dry skin, refreshing with tea tree oil for greasy-prone skin, and light Calm for skin prone to inflammation. If you prefer products without mineral oil, which many confidently call the culprit for the appearance of inflammation and clogged pores, then you should pay attention to this line of Etude House. Even a lightweight version can handle long-lasting makeup.


Make-up remover serum

Despite the name of the product, it is an understandable hydrophilic oil from the popular Japanese brand BiorĂ©, known for high-quality and inexpensive skin cleansers. “Serum”, like Holika Holika described above, can theoretically cope with both makeup removal and cleansing. There is a direct warning that it is better not to use the product to remove eye make-up; in practice, if the sensitivity in this area is not critical, with careful handling, the oil will cope with mascara and eyeliner without causing discomfort.

Photo: NYX, Pudra, Tomodachi (1, 2), The Body Shop, Shu Uemura, Lunifera, Sephora, Holy Skin (1, 2)

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