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If you want to comprehend the mysterious world of perfumery, But you have already realized that it is difficult to approach this vast topic on your own, searches will certainly lead you to Internet communities and rare blogs of professionals. Over the past year, against the background of the flourishing of telegram channels, the popular messenger has accepted into its ranks and experts on fragrances, with whose help it is much easier to understand how a niche differs from a luxury and why everyone is crazy about tuberose. We show our favorite Russian-language perfumery resources – in addition to Nose Republic and Evaluatrix, which we have already talked about.



The largest perfumery resource in Russia to this day remains the encyclopedia, one of the star contributors of which is Valery Mikhalitsyn. He collects his essays in a separate public L’HĂ©doniste, and we definitely advise you to subscribe if you are a frequent visitor to VKontakte – the topic of fragrances on this social network is outrageously poorly disclosed. Mikhalitsyn is engaged in classical analytics of new products and his own discoveries, he is always looking for interesting stories about the creation of a fragrance, admires the bottles, does not hesitate to criticize compositions and does not divide perfumes into classes.

“Other perfumery”


This channel is hosted by Anna Zvorykina, in Russia she is one of the few who deals with rare and understandable not all natural perfumes. She is also the author of the book “From Cloves to Sandal”, a must-read for everyone who intends to seriously get carried away with the world of fragrances: this is almost a full-fledged textbook. In detailed posts, Zvorykina talks not only about tested fragrances, but also about the basics of the art of perfume perception, about how and where to learn to understand smells. Well, as we love, he is not afraid to give out a little bile on especially outrageous reasons. Soon, Anna promises to transfer perfume training online – it is not clear how and when it will be, but we are waiting.



Perfume critic Ekaterina Khmelevskaya has been conducting her own Aromablog for a long time, but it is much more interesting to read her channel in the telegram: we hope that Khmelevskaya still has enough time for things not related to smells, which is difficult to believe due to the number of updates. You can find out about the latest news on the Russian market, the most interesting launches and the very hard-to-reach life of niche brands by reading only Ekaterina’s channel – at the same time, there are practically no frightening terms and speeches concerning exclusively internal problems of the industry in it. That’s really, really, about perfumery in human language.



The blog of the critic Maryana Ryzhauskas, who has also been working in the Russian media spaces for a long time, is alive and well – and even looks good from the point of view of modernity and design convenience. Nevertheless, if informal recordings are more to your liking, look for the Parfumistika telegram channel, which the author diligently fills with full-fledged reviews, news, and reflections on the run. Those who are embarrassed by obscene vocabulary and other writer’s hooliganism can pass by, but you will lose a lot: Maryana questioned the well-known perfume snobbery, when it was not yet fashionable, and is faithful to her “omnivorousness” to this day.

“Hyperboloid of the Cat Leopold”


Matvey Yudov, another author-editor of the immortal, is one of the best perfume experts in Russia. Typically, fragrance writers are valued for their ability to translate abstract aromatic sensations into words, which requires some poetic skill among many others. Chemist Yudov has one more advantage: he is able to explain aromas precisely from the point of view of their properties, and reading about this is incredibly interesting, even if you have an eternal deuce in chemistry. In the Facebook group, new texts are regularly posted, there is a convenient navigation on popular topics, which will especially help beginners.



E-sports journalist Nadezhda Vayner was a former co-author of the beauty blog Fierce & Cute, and then started her own chamber channel, where she talked a lot about beauty and makeup from an openly feminist point of view. Recently, perfume reviews have appeared there with enviable constancy, in which not the most commonplace tastes of the author are also reflected. It is worth reading if you, like Nadezhda, are constantly looking for “darker” scents that are not trying to please – these are the ones she most often writes about with very personal enthusiasm.

Gala anni parfum


Perfume expert Galina Anni conducts courses and master classes for those who want to seriously study olfactory history. We recommend her telegram channel to those who want not only to read about modern bottles, but also to gain special knowledge. It is much more effective, of course, for this to personally look at one of the classes in order to get acquainted with the vast vintage collection and learn the art of smell. We, as incorrigible, but curious lazy people, simply urge Galina Anni to write more often.

Hear the smell


Journalist Bogdan Zyryanov hosts a relaxed yet informative channel dedicated mainly to niche perfumery. There are many illustrations, polls and, in general, opportunities for feedback – the author overcomes the lack of comments in the telegram with frequent invitations to discuss a variety of near-aromatic topics, and shares interesting stories of readers with the rest. Bogdan is a perfume blogger who is interested not only in smells, but in the context in which they exist, so an outstanding breakfast and a new series of “BoJack Horse” can prompt him to reason.

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