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Lip gloss from Sergey Naumov, shade The Ex
I have a lot of these glitters, but I don’t use this shade in my work, but I kept it for myself. On the lips, it feels like a moisturizer, while it does not stick at all. And after that, very, very moist lips. I highly recommend it to everyone. I myself apply it after the tint, as one gloss for bright lips is not enough for me.

Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick, Shade 21
Darling. I have other shades as well. I will buy more and more.

Long Lasting BB Concealer with Shining Effect Double Wear Brush-On Glow bb Highlighter Estée Lauder, shade 1C (light)
I can only use it all over my face, without foundation. Perfectly covers and does not “smear” in any way, generally invisible.

Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Fenty Beauty Lipstick Shawty
A superb shade and a luxurious little package!

Set Powder MAC Invisible
It lays down in a thin layer and is really invisible. I love it, but I only use it on the set! I myself try not to use powder, I do it very rarely.

Moisturizing Foundation Futurist Foundation Estée Lauder SPF 45
For a long time I was looking for a foundation for the summer, which could be applied on the face calmly, without worrying that you spoil the skin, but, on the contrary, knowing that you only make it better. So there he is! SPF 45, for a minute, it also moisturizes really well. You don’t need a lot of it, literally a drop. Only because of these same advantages, there is one drawback – the cream hardly sets in any way, leaving a moist finish. And still don’t forget about the extra SPF. The amount you apply with this cream is still not enough, so a preliminary application of sun protection is also necessary.

Eyebrow fixing gel Vivienne Sabo
They know how! I have been using it for five years. Fixes eyebrows almost like hairspray. The best.

Longwear Fluidline MAC Pro Longwear Eyeliner Blacktrack
The black eyeliner is not perfect in terms of durability (I’m going to find a better one), but good! Every time I take it in my hands, I remember how I bought it: a charming sales assistant recommended it and sold it to me – I looked at him with my mouth open and I don’t fully remember how I took out my wallet and bought it.

Inglot Gel Eyeliner
Great for me at the moment, plus it has a lot of shades. The product has a small volume, but I will buy more.

Chromaline MAC Eyeliner Process Magenta
I recently chased this eyeliner all over Moscow and found the last one in stock. Awesome and in large volume. But I need more shades.

Lip Comfort Oil Clarins, Honey Glam
Sticky, but looks cool – like gold when smeared generously. Even after that, very soft lips. I apply it to models before makeup with disposable sticks using an antiseptic-treated palette, always keeping in mind hygiene.

Mascara Cabaret Artistic Volume Mascara Vivienne Sabo
I don’t like using mascara while working – I consider the images complete without it. But just in case, I always have these three sealed mascaras with me, in my life I also use them. Recommend.

Hydrophilic Biore Oil
A well-known hydrophilic oil, which has many fans – and I am one of them. Just a favorite! This is my first step of cleansing after makeup, only then I use the cleanser. Perfectly removes makeup, from the eyes too (if used according to the instructions, of course). But I do not recommend using it exclusively for washing: it is very important for me to wash with gel for cleansing anyway.

Gentle Toning Lotion Avene
Favorite remedy if you washed your face in the morning a couple of hours ago, and just now want to put on makeup. In order not to wash my face again, I rub my face with it. After it, the skin seems to be moisturized too.

Becca Cosmetics Après Ski Glow Collection Face Palette
Limited edition palette with the most beautiful dry highlighters in the world: Opal and Rose Gold. Anyway, the whole palette is great, especially if you are a make-up artist – if you see it somewhere with discounts, grab and run.

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