the perfect replacement for the same Obagi at a cost of £ 25. The company has a very responsive support service: when I did not receive a message about sending it within a few days after the order, I wrote a letter. The answer was received on the same day, and it said: “We apologize for the delay, but we want to wait for a new batch of bottles, which literally tomorrow will come from the factory. We want your vitamin C to be as fresh as possible! ” For vitamin C, this is really very important: L-ascorbic acid is effective as long as the solution remains clear.

Obagi oxidized (turned yellow and then turned orange) in a couple of months. I have been using the new product for the third month now, and it is just beginning to acquire a yellowish tint. I immediately poured half into the second dark glass bottle, closed the lid, put it in the box and in the refrigerator – this way the vitamin C stays fresh, which means that a bottle for 25 pounds will be enough for me in six months.

With other active funds, budget replacements have not yet been found. I tried Tretinoin from the pharmacy (we sell it without a prescription and costs a penny), and it turned out to be more comfortable than Obagi, but it’s still quite aggressive. As a result, I now use very expensive retinol and Ultraceuticals; considering that a bottle is enough for me for at least four months, the price suits me. But these funds are also inconvenient to buy, they are not in Europe – you have to bring them from Russia. So I hope to find a good replacement for them too.

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