It is believed that pets are similar to their owners.: character, behavior, even sometimes appearance. Together with Armani Beauty, we decided to find out how fair this is and asked five girls about their cats (and one cat). And at the same time, the brand’s makeup artist told how to make stylish cat-eye makeup.

Alena Rakova, stylist, artist

Chris has a superpower: he finds lost things. It’s not clear how it works, but it works. He also knows how to spoil things. One day I shamelessly scratched a dream bag I just bought. But I was not angry for long, he knows the approach to me and uses it.

Armani Beauty Eye Pencil in shades 02 to 12 is great for highlighting the lash line, blending and creating a smoky effect. It can also be used if you want to highlight the cheekbones.

Chris’s character is changeable, obstinate: sometimes, he follows me from room to room, and sometimes, on the contrary, you cannot approach him. Chris is on his own and I am the same: we make it our way.

Svetlana Mart, model, actress, producer

My cat is suicidal. We found him with a dislocated hip at the entrance – he fell from the roof. I had to do an operation. And now we are treating asthma. When the cat came to us, I read the memoirs of Prince Felix Yusupov and was in love with him. Therefore, I decided to name the cat Yusupov.

To create an ombre effect, use a lighter shade of eyeshadow as a base (Armani Beauty Eye Tint # 9), and blend a dark shade # 10 along the inner and outer corners of the eye. Repeat the same with the lower eyelid.

Friends say we look alike, we look the same. At the same time, Yusupov’s character is harmful: he sharpens his claws on me while I sleep. My boyfriend does not touch, but I wake up in scratches.

Lena Konchalovskaya, editor of the “Food” section of The Village

My cat is my Patronus. He is deaf, white, with different eyes and a pink nose. Their name is simply Cat, because he still cannot respond to the nickname. The cat follows me on my heels like a dog, asks for my arms, always sits next to me when I work or read. I almost never get angry with him – if he is naughty, I put him in a corner and have an educational conversation.

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We have an energetic connection, he understands everything, honestly. The cat taught me true love: disinterested, unconditional. He himself is very devoted: animals with a difficult fate know how to be grateful.

Larisa Molokanova, editing director

We found Dranik on the street, under the car. He was all eaten by fleas, skinned. This is where the name comes from. The cat is frightened, fearful: everything is interesting to him, but he is afraid of everything. In this we are alike. A friend of mine once tried to make him a predictor of match results, like Paul’s octopus. He poured two bowls of food, put a plate with the team’s emblem in each one, posted pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #dranikvidit. Not really seen. Dranik gravitated too much towards the right bowl, and we stopped the experiment.

For a soft bronze effect, nude shades are suitable – Eye Tint No. 12, 22 from Armani Beauty. To highlight the color of the eyes, line the lower lid with a pencil or loose eyeshadow in contrasting shades (Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in shade 06).

Many people underestimate cats, consider them decorative, as if only a dog can be a real friend … I myself was like that until Dranik came to me. He taught me to love cats.

Love Powerful, creator

Michelle is oriental. This breed resembles dogs in behavior: they love when toys are thrown at them, they love to bring them to bed at three in the morning, they say, get up, it’s time to play.

To spice up everyday makeup, use bold accents: blend an azure blue shade of Armani Beauty Eye Tint # 26 down the center of the upper eyelid.

For Michelle, even the closed door is not a hindrance: she climbs on the door and meows loudly. We even had a joke: “I would like the cat to lie down with you, and then take a taxi and leave.” Michelle is a capricious princess, though arrogant, but sweet. In this we are alike with her – it is impossible to force us to do what we do not want.

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