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In October, in most of Russia the temperature is already slowly but surely tending to zero – a difficult time is coming for those whose skin reacts violently to the wind and minus outside the window. Such an ardent response to weather irritants is usually called cold allergy, although this is not entirely correct: what is happening is not associated with allergic mechanisms.

The problem is usually signaled by severe redness on the face, rashes after returning from frost, itchy and flaky spots. There are many reasons – from prolonged use of antibiotics and problems with the gastrointestinal tract to banal stress. In any case, sensitive skin needs special care, and the situation is complicated by overdrying due to central heating. We tell you what tools will help prevent an unwanted reaction or cope with difficulties that have already arisen.


Skin sensitive to cold needs to be cleansed like any other. Makeup that is not washed off can only exacerbate the problem: pigmented products like a thick tone can cause additional dryness, unlike light coatings with additional moisturizing properties. In this case, you need to approach the choice of products wisely: look for make-up removal products that are developed taking into account the characteristics of the skin, which has a broken protective barrier. As a rule, the pH of such products is at least 5.5-6. They can be used as a second stage of cleansing after hydrophilic oil or solo, the main thing is not to rub your face “until it squeaks.”

854 r

The entire Lipikar series is designed for people with atopic dermatitis, whose skin lipid barrier is compromised by definition. In the composition of these funds there is niacinamide – it is he who is responsible for the regeneration and retention of moisture. The gel-cream has a neutral pH, and after using it, the irritated areas usually turn pale, while there is neither a feeling of tightness, nor, conversely, an oily film.

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It cleanses the skin well, although it cannot cope with long-lasting makeup. Among the declared functions is the restoration of the protective barrier. The product contains hyaluronic acid, which works to deeply moisturize the skin.

1284 RUB

Previously, this milk was called Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk, and if you find a sample from an old batch, take it boldly – it’s the same product. The product is very thick, the composition is according to all the canons of this organic brand: extracts of chamomile, fennel seeds and arctic black currant, as well as fatty acids. REN milk can be used as a second stage of cleansing after hydrophilic oil if you want to do without water at all.

RUB 980

With a neutral pH and low acid content, this gel can be applied to both wet and dry skin. In the second case, the process resembles working with hydrophilic oil, only the texture of the product has nothing in common with the oil. It cleans well and soothes irritated skin and is especially suitable for those who have combination skin – dry and prone to irritation on the cheeks, but actively secreting sebum in the T-zone.

$ 69

If you use thick and long-lasting make-up products, pay attention to the cleansing balm of the Japanese brand Shu Uemura, which recently came to Russia. This tool copes with the removal of almost any makeup, while moisturizing the skin due to eight different oils in the composition. Unfortunately, in the corner of the brand in TSUM and on the Russian website it is not yet available, but you can order international delivery or try the Nutri: nectar cleansing essence of the same company.

Creams, emulsions and lotions

Creams for damaged skin should deeply moisturize at the beginning of the cold season and nourish as much as possible when the temperature drops below freezing and visible foci of irritation appear on the face. It is advisable that this step of care also works to protect the skin, reducing damage from contact with wind and frost. These products include coconut oil, shea butter, lecithin, squalene or squalane, lanolin and mineral oils. The list of components that you need to focus on when reading the label can be found here.

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The product from the already mentioned La Roche-Posay line can be used in different ways depending on the condition of the skin. This is a dense cream, and if the skin on the face is just starting to peel off, or you have a goal to prevent a reaction, then it should be applied at night as the last step of care. If the situation is already serious, the cream can be used in the morning under make-up: irritated skin will absorb it without leaving any residue. If necessary, you can apply it pointwise.

RUB 990

The emulsion of the Korean brand The Saem is more suitable for preventing problems. It can also be used on the skin around the eyes if the area is prone to peeling. The emulsion can also be applied to areas that need less hydration, such as the T-zone, so as not to clog pores during a period when especially dense products are needed for irritated areas of the face.

RUB 606

This niacinamide hyaluronic acid lotion is formulated to restore the skin’s protective layer and retain moisture. It is able to muffle redness and relieve itching, does not clog pores, and makeup on top of it lays down evenly, despite the fact that the instruction recommends using the product at night. The fact that the product has received approval from the American National Eczema Association is also credible.

4499 RUB

A nourishing rich day cream is part of the Est̩e Lauder range for mature skin, but also suitable for non-aging skin in need of intense nourishment. This product has an additional function Рlightening age spots. If this effect is undesirable for you, take a closer look at the Day Wear cream of the same brand in the version for dry skin. Test the latter first on a separate site: the composition, albeit in a small concentration, contains vitamin C, and in some cases it can cause additional irritation.

RUB 10 408

Rather, the bonus tool on this list is due to the prohibitive price tag. However, if the budget allows, then it is worth spending money on it. The stated tasks of the cream are to replenish the lipid supply in the skin, increase its protective function and maintain the skin’s ability to heal itself. He successfully copes with all, so that he can provide significant assistance in the fight against “cold allergy”.

Serums and oils

Serums and oils can significantly help moisturize and nourish the skin. They are especially effective in preventing overdrying caused by indoor air during the heating season. This process can aggravate the condition of the skin, already injured by frost, so you should not neglect this stage of care.

450 RUB

This serum contains pure vegetable squalane. By the way, you can read about the difference between squalane and squalene, for example, here (no, they are not the same thing). Squalane has a protective function, while deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

2400 RUB

This serum with hyaluronic acid and the same squalane nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and also relieves itching on irritated areas. During periods of exacerbation, the agent can be used every day, in …

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