About leaving

My skin has never been reactive or sensitive, so I don’t do anything supernatural: I cleanse, tone and moisturize, sometimes use masks and go to the beautician. The main thing for me is protection from the sun (I burn easily), a balanced diet and healthy sleep, which, unfortunately, is often not enough.

Fatigue and intense anxiety have a profound effect on my appearance. I realized this early: in high school, my hair suddenly began to fall out – in adolescence I can’t believe in the danger of stress, but I realized very in time that this was not a lie, so I try to monitor the level of stress. Mom always looked impeccable, without much effort, so I had to learn how to take care of myself. This habit still helps: I do not mind the time to, say, make a moisturizing hair mask, because I understand that it is important to me. The same is with a salon manicure – this is an hour and a half me time, which are needed not only for you to have blue nails, but also for recovery and relaxation.

About makeup and blogs

I love to paint, I like to experiment with colors and textures. This is probably trivial, but makeup is one of the simplest means of self-expression. In addition, I studied at an art school and have always dreamed of a creative profession. I was lucky to have a dream come true, but the tasks for the current job have nothing to do with canvases, paints and palettes. I make up for the lack of handicraft and painting when I make some smokey with glitter for myself, my mom or my girlfriends.

As a teenager, I discovered YouTube and then for several years only watched make-up tutorials. In the late 2000s, the beauty blogging industry was still in its infancy, NikkieTutorials was a small schoolgirl recording videos from home, and it still hadn’t taken on the huge scale it does now. In addition, I was very fond of beauty forums – I remember how I spent hours looking at MAC lipsticks and shadows, endless Face of the day and Eyes of the day. Thanks to this, for some reason I learned, say, what is the difference between the MAC Russian Red and MAC Ruby Woo red lipsticks, and also improved my English perfectly: it is easy to remember the names of parts of the face and dozens of colloquial expressions from videos and forums. Now I watch the tutorials too, but mostly to relax: the drag queens makeup videos, the James St. James show “Transformations” or the video tutorials by Lisa Eldridge are more entertaining and distracting than any TV series.

About yoga and wellness

I have been doing yoga regularly for four years now and this is one of the best habits. Before her, I did not go well with any kind of activity: it was too boring in the gym, in modern jazz I seriously damaged the ligaments in my leg, and so on. When I started going to yoga, I was amazed that the teacher focused not on the result, but on the process.

Not comparing yourself to anyone and listening to your feelings – it seems that this is the most obvious thing in the world, but when you really stop looking at the neighboring rugs or thinking about how to pump up your hands by summer, then the meaning of all inspiring quotes suddenly becomes much clearer. It becomes easier to breathe and prioritize not only in class, but also in life: for example, separating your desires from those imposed by the “self-care” industry that promotes the same yoga. The classes also taught me to be grateful to my body and feel comfortable in it: even if it is far from the standards of conventional beauty, I am happy that it is so strong and brings so much joy.

All these discoveries do not mean that I have reached the ideal and now I always feel good and look luxurious: I regularly lack sleep, get nervous, overeat and get angry. The main thing that happened to me lately (thanks to yoga and my psychologist for this) is that I stopped scolding myself and punishing myself for breakdowns and just try to move on and select the appropriate load. Sometimes I run, with a company or alone, when I want to explore a new place. Jogging while traveling is generally the best way to recover as you adapt to a new city. If I get tired and realize that I cannot exercise, then I sign up for a session in the sensory deprivation chamber – it helps to take a break from the constant flow of information and start from scratch.

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