About reactive skin

In high school, I managed to pick up a skin mite in education camp. She was cured of it in six months, but the skin’s immunity has been so-so since then. There were many analyzes, doctors and attempts to understand what was happening, – in the end, the luminaries agreed that this was atopic dermatitis and stress. After intense experiences, the skin can peel off, peel off, blush, stains – there is a lot of entertainment.

After a nervous defense of my bachelor’s degree, I left for London for a couple of weeks. I don’t know how they would react to a man with the face of an iguana in Moscow, but the British did not show by word or form that something was wrong. At such moments, you can only save yourself with drugs recommended by a dermatologist, and even then not always. Friends are used to peeling me and are affectionately called Voldemort (remember the ending of the eighth Harry Potter film) or a snake – the analogy is clear.

I buy cans only after the test: I don’t want to spend money at first and then find out that everything went stained from the “hypoallergenic moisturizing mask”, as was the case, for example, with Avène cosmetics. Often formulations with supernatural herbal ingredients are not suitable, the skin reacts to such allergens. For example, Kiehl’s seemingly soothing calendula mask blushes everything. I end up washing my face with a mild CeraVe cream and using Ducray soothing shampoos. When you feel like having fun, you can add some Lush to your hair care, as long as the main thing is not to hurt your scalp, or else a war will start.

This skin reaction to what was happening taught me simple things: my body is my business, my face is just my face. Spots, acne and everything else that the body can do is not a reason to sit at home, be ashamed of yourself, hate your face or consider yourself unworthy of relationships, parties or anything else. This is a reason to go to a dermatologist, get tested, and have your teeth and throat treated. Such manipulations may not completely save you, but it will definitely become easier for you both physically and mentally.

About work and study

Favorite business is the best medicine for me. In the recent past, I did not like work too much, but I had the opportunity to travel without prejudice to my earnings and – oh, how great it is. Hateful labor poisoned everything: soul, body, deprived of time and energy; in the evenings I just wanted to watch TV shows and buy tickets somewhere far away. It’s a completely different matter when work is passion and admiration, the ability to feel like part of the cool process. Now I have a hectic schedule of a working student doing activism at night. In order not to go crazy, I try to go somewhere every couple of months, and on weekends to be outdoors a lot.

I am studying in the genius magistracy of Phystech with a base department at the Russian Venture Company. And although sometimes I have to skip couples to go to the theater, these couples are the best thing that could have happened to me in my sixth year. I’m glad that education has become fashionable, there are many free lectures on contemporary art, architecture, blockchain, biotechnology and everything else. From time to time I choose a topic and try to figure it out: now is the period of architecture, for example.

About sports and vegetarianism

I hate running around the stadium, but I love walking around the city, so if time permits, I am happy to wind kilometers. Now I’m waiting for winter to get back on the snowboard. Evening, snow, board – the best pastime in Moscow during the cold season. For six years in a row in February I go to ski resorts, I love fresh air and mountains.

For five years now I have not eaten meat and have tried not to eat dairy products – because I feel sorry for animals, because I don’t like, because I don’t want to. Every six months, just in case, I take tests for iodine, iron and so on, in order to honestly answer the adherents of the desire to stick their nose in the wrong place to the question “is the iron content in your body low?” That is not enough, I have a certificate. At the same time, I am not at all fastidious in food and can safely live the whole day on a can of canned beans, if there is a jetlag in the plans. Now I work at a food startup Elementaree and enjoy our products. I believe that such services are another confirmation of the proximity of a technological future.

About leaving when traveling

Keeping your skin calm while traveling is a responsible mission. She becomes even more responsible when luggage is not included in the ticket price, so all funds wander in small jars. They use lens containers that can hold two products and empty Kiehl’s miniatures. Last year I discovered soft silicone bottles at the Podruzhka, and since then my bath comrades have been flying in them.

I love multi-functional things, and here’s the joy: Avène shower gel washes the hair cool, does not irritate the skin, and does its job well. With one Naked palette, you can camouflage troubles on the face, paint cheekbones and smokey. Elizabeth Arden Lip Balm additionally works as a night face mask for emergencies.

A good half of my cosmetic bag is collected on trips. Not because of snobbery, economy or anything else – it’s just more interesting. It’s more interesting to discuss cosmetics with someone local, it’s both practice in English and fun at the same time. The brought jar becomes a souvenir and a pleasant reminder. Brought perfume – the smell of the city. By the way, about fragrances: I really like non-trivial ones, but the prices for the so-called niche are scary. Therefore, choosing between a bottle and a ticket to some wonderful city, I prefer the latter.

About well-being

Since the fifth grade, I’ve been using lenses every day. I like to read while lying down, I’m used to typing messages on the go, sitting at the monitor all day, and much more. I don’t know how long it would have lasted, but in September something pulled me to do an operation to correct my vision. I don’t know why I didn’t dare before: you give money, and in return you get a superpower to see everything – perfect. I hope that in the future it will be possible to treat everything else in the same way.

Further secret information: if you say in Lush “give something for a good mood”, any normal consultant will hand you a bunch of miniatures of gels and everything you need for a fun life for free. If you tell Kiehl’s that you are buying as a gift (a gift to your beloved is also a gift!), Then they will beautifully pack your purchase in a multifunctional box for free, additionally put miniatures and samples for the recipient – both as a bonus and for the donor. Somewhere inside the conscience is revolting, but a student – he is also a student at Kiehl’s.

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