How it started

A short bang, despite its avant-garde look, is actually a thing with a history: it was worn, for example, by Betty Page, one of the most famous American models of the 50s. From time to time, such bangs return to the “mass” circulation: they are strongly associated with the fashion of the 90s – then they appeared in the haircuts of Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie. The heroines of the films also made these bangs iconic: the complemented square was worn by the heroine Natalie Portman in Leon, and in 2011 we saw Rooney Mara’s ultra-tiny straight bangs in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid have already decided on the experiment (the latter tried on overhead strands especially for the Dior party), and recently Emma Watson and Emma Roberts appeared with short bangs. Despite the seemingly the same initial technique, the girls’ hairstyles look completely different: the short bangs can be perfectly straight or torn, laid neatly or deliberately carelessly, and besides, it suits many haircuts.

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