9 September 2021

Havemoisturizing and restoring products in case you are burnt out or want to prolong the life of your tan!

Rejuvenating body milk after sun Youth Lotion After Sun Body, Guinot

Chemical engineer Rene and cosmetologist Raymonda Guinot have devoted all their professional activities to the creation of anti-aging products and the search for ways to deliver them to the deep layers of the dermis. One of the patents of the family company is the Hydraderm procedure – a device created by the Guinot couple and later improved by the brand’s employees, which is responsible for the active penetration of the components of the funds under the skin. It was invented in 1965, and now you can see analogues in the office of any cosmetologist (by link – a detailed report on one of such procedures). Even Rene was the first to come up with the idea of ​​making care products in the gel format, and his followers (now the company is managed by a friend of the Guinot family, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Jean Daniel Mondan) expanded the line of products, and now every girl can find her own, the only remedy.

Milk after sunburn is more like a cream – a product with a dense texture is best distributed on the skin with massage movements. But in this case it is rather a plus, because after ten minutes of such a “home spa” you get soft, silky tanned skin that shines beautifully in the sun thanks to the small shimmer in the composition.

As many as 56 anti-age components work to protect and restore after sunbathing, including melanin, brown algae extract and vitamin E.

Price: about 5 860 rubles.

Repairing lotion after sun Protect AH Repairing Lotion After-Sun, A-Derma

The main ingredient in most A-Derma products is Realba oat sprout oil, which is grown in France. The product contains no alcohol, so the milk can be applied to sensitive skin and used to care for the skin of children. It spreads quickly and absorbs without leaving a film.

A separate bonus is the lack of a bright aroma. At sea you want to smell like salt and sea breeze!

Price: 1 152 rub.

Refreshing gel after sun Sublime Sun “Protection and hydration” -3 ° C, L’Oréal Paris

Imagine – on the beach, you overdid it with sunbathing, and your skin literally burns, begging you for a cool shower. Sound familiar?

The refreshing gel from L’Oréal was created just for such cases – it cools the skin by as much as 3 degrees and at the same time perfectly moisturizes it.

The consistency of the gel resembles soft jelly (by link you can read about 10 more products with a similar texture). It melts quickly on the skin, but do not be afraid – there will be no frosty “creeps”. But you will immediately feel freshness, as if a cool sea breeze is blowing over you.

Castor oil, camellia leaf extract and aloe vera juice are responsible for moisturizing in the composition. The latter is easy to guess from the aroma – the gel subtly smells of fresh herbs.

Price: 580 rub.

Soothing body cream, Dr. Konopka’s

The result will not disappoint – thanks to its light texture, the product is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily film, and the skin becomes very soft. The cream will significantly alleviate the suffering of those who systematically burn out in the sun, and the lavender scent will “work” as a natural sleeping pill.

The tool will be relevant on vacation – after the first sunbathing, the skin is always under stress, and the cream will soothe it in 20 minutes (this is how much dense, dense texture is absorbed into the skin).

Price: 648 rub.

Refreshing cream after sun protection Expert Ambre Solaire, Garnier

The cream has a rather thick consistency, one package will last for a long time – suitable for a fun company or a large family. The product refreshes the skin with a pleasant chill, soothes and moisturizes it.

If you have sensitive skin and you don’t know which after-sun cream to choose, this is the number one in your vacation bag. Despite its dense texture, it spreads easily on the skin without irritating it. And it is quickly absorbed – apply after a shower and get dressed right away!

Price: 385 rub.

Revitalizing milk for face and body after sunburn, Yves Rocher

If you have pale skin that reacts sharply to sunlight, try to save the situation with this milk with a light consistency.

The product has a pleasant fresh scent and is quickly absorbed. After ten minutes, the shoulders will become noticeably less red, and by the evening, get rid of the discomfort. But the feeling of hydration will be with you until the end of the day!

Price: 539 rub.

Hyaluronic moisturizing balm after the sun, prolonging tan Bronzeada, Librederm

Those who find it difficult to tan are familiar with the desire to prolong the remnants of former luxury and preserve the chocolate shade at all costs. The balm from Librederm is just made for this. It not only stimulates the production of melanin, but also maintains the tone after the vacation (due to the component based on carob in the composition).

The product is easy to apply: it is distributed in a thin layer and is quickly absorbed.

Price: 441 rub.

Body cream SOS, Nivea

If you are looking for a cream for the driest and most dehydrated skin, then this is in front of you! It contains a powerful complex of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, among which panthenol is declared. It is absorbed well, but does not have a waterproof effect, therefore, in a beach holiday, it is best applied at night. And in order not to overload the skin, we advise you to do it locally only on the driest parts of the body that need emergency nutrition.

Price: 449 rub.

Universal body milk “Panthenol 5%”, Wayline

Panthenol at a concentration of 5% is a “golden mean”, when after sunburn the skin turns slightly red, but it has not yet come to a serious sunburn. The product also contains vitamin F and allantoin, a component that has a wound healing and regenerating effect. The texture of the milk is light, absorbed quickly, without leaving a greasy film and a sticky feeling.

Price: 282 rub.

Body cream Body cream moisturizing and nutritive passiflora and macadamia oil, Deora

A travel-friendly moisturizer (a tube made of soft plastic, a cap easily opens and protects the product from leaks) is convenient to take on trips and to the gym. The bottle is small and lightweight. The product has a loose creamy texture (it is quickly absorbed), but it copes with dryness with a bang! It’s about the ingredients: passionflower extract moisturizes, macadamia and shea oils nourish the skin. There are also Dead Sea minerals – an essential ingredient in all products of the Israeli brand. After use, a subtle nutty scent remains on the skin.

Price: 700 rub.