Vnon-resistant products and shadow-pencils of all colors of the rainbow, which the BeautyHack team is already using.

Automatic waterproof eyeliner, 07, Clarins

Choice of BeautyHack Special Correspondent Alexandra Grishina

I rarely use eyeliner pencils: usually I have extended eyelashes, or I choose only natural shades. But summer is a special time, so an experimenter wakes up in me who needs bright colors. First of all, with the arrival of heat, I acquired colored ink (I told about it here), and before the vacation I decided to add even more colors to my makeup.

For this experiment, I chose Clarins Eyeliner in 07 Blue Lily. It is a waterproof pencil with a soft mechanical lead that gives a bright and rich color from the first seconds. Its huge plus is that after application it is not imprinted on the eyelid and behaves perfectly if you bring them the mucous line of the lower eyelid or paint over the space between the eyelashes of the upper one. It is easy to draw clear lines with a pencil or blend it with a special applicator. And one more significant plus of this tool – the pencil has a built-in sharpener, so it is easy to care for it, and it is always ready for the most daring experiments.

Price: 1 600 rub.

Intenseyes Creamy Eyeshadow Stick, shade # 5 Taupe, Dolce & Gabbana

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Sofia Vorobyova

The product has a soft creamy texture, it is easy to apply and blend, gives an intense color at the finish and retains ideal durability from morning to late evening.

The line includes 12 shades (divided into 3 groups – the most necessary shades, the colors of the Italian Baroque, the colors of the Mediterranean). For myself, I chose Taupe: a shimmery rich gray-beige that emphasizes the color of the eyes and makes it brighter. The pencil shade is enclosed in a Dolce & Gabbana damask case, symbolizing the tradition and luxury of the Sicilian Baroque.

Price: 2 780 rub.

Shadow pencil Sexy Eyeshadow Pencil, shade Sunset Party, Romanovamakeup

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Julia Kozoliy

Olya Romanova is adored by the entire editorial staff of BeautyHack (and not only us) for her impeccable shadows and lipsticks in pencil format. The Sunset Party shade in the stick looks rich bronze, but it turns into a light shimmering sandy haze over the centuries – for which they have already got into a vacation cosmetic bag! I will apply solo during the day and blend easily throughout the moving eyelid in the evening as a base for classic dark shadows.

The durability, like all brand products, is excellent. The shadows stay on the eyelids all day (and I’m not exaggerating!).

Price: 1 270 rub.

Dual Liner, Shade 03 Dynamic, Givenchy

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

I don’t really like bright makeup, but sometimes a disco party lover “takes over” in me – this image obliges me to colored shadows and eyeliners. When there is a desire to misbehave, I prefer “herbal” and azure shades. The Givenchy eyeliner features both.

The main advantage of the liner is its ease of use. Even a non-professional like me can handle it! One easy movement of your hand and your two-tone makeup is ready. The liner adheres perfectly, does not crumble and does not leave marks in the lash area. If I was asked to give a grade on a ten-point, I would give eleven.

Price: 2 310 rub.

Eyeshadow Pencil, 10 Sugar, Provoc

The choice of special correspondent BeautyHack Victoria Osipova

Heading to an event after a full day in a stuffy office, and you don’t have the opportunity to wash off your makeup and put it on again? This remedy is for you.

The eyeshadow is very easy to apply. The product has a plastic gel texture and a bright shade, which, when shaded, gives a delicate glow and a shiny finish.

I applied it all over the movable eyelid, shading it to the outer corner – a few minutes, and the bright eye makeup is ready!

Price: 650 rub.

Artist Color Pencil Multi-Use Matte Pencil, 902 Versatile Violet, Make Up For Ever

Choice of editorial assistant Anna Khobotova

Bright arrows on the eyes are a great option for any party (fast, practical and convenient). In addition, unusual arrows are one of the trends of this season (how to draw them quickly and beautifully – see here)

I liked the pencil right away – in the line you can find as many as 30 shades for every taste. In addition, the product is multifunctional – it can be applied to the eyes, lips, eyebrows, or used for art make-up (if you are going to a theme festival).

I chose a bright purple color, which can be a great accent of the whole look. The product has a soft, pliable texture and a comfortable lead – you can vary the thickness and intensity of the color. I applied the pencil along the lash line and on the lower mucous membrane (firmness – at five, the pencil did not wear off until late at night).

Price: 1 400 rub.

Eyeliner Liner Virtuose, 605, Vivienne Sabo

Choice of editorial assistant Anya Khobotova

I choose a silver shade to add a sparkle to my look and run out of the house. The pencil does not roll or print even on oily eyelids. For an evening look, I add fluffy eyelashes and a drop of blush to this eye makeup – the look is fresh and bright.

Price: about 200 rubles.

Eyeliner Mark The Big Gel Paint Pencil, Avon

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Julia Kozoliy

The pencils have a gel base, they are applied gently and are easy to shade even with the pads of your fingers. Color saturation is beyond praise. There is a feeling that I have applied cream shadows on the eyelids. The lead is very convenient – you can adjust the thickness of the arrow or shade the product into a light haze with your fingertips. True, the pencil quickly “freezes” – it is better not to hesitate with shading. Persistence did not disappoint – the product lasted until the end of the day.

Take two contrasting shades (there are a lot of them in the line) and apply to the entire movable eyelid, creating a double wide arrow. It will be easy to make such a make-up, but it will not go unnoticed either!

This tool has only one drawback – a high consumption (you will have to sharpen the pencil after each use). But the product has a very affordable price – your favorite shade can be purchased again without sacrificing your budget.

Price: about 200 rubles.

Shadow pencil Luxury Eye Crayon, 12 Burgundy, Kiss Professional

Choice of BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

The problem with purple eyeshadows is finding the right undertones so that your eyes don’t look tired and teary. The brand managed to create just such. A light satin finish, creamy texture and shading complete the picture – it is doubly pleasant to use the product!

The intensity of the shade is easy to vary – shadows in one layer can be suitable even for a daytime look. And the color in two layers looks very saturated and does not roll off – you can apply a top coat and not worry that the eye makeup will be erased earlier than it should be.

Price: 590 rub.

Ombre Lifeproof Eyeshadow, 06, Yves Rocher

Choice of editorial assistant Anya Khobotova

Stick eye shadow is always a godsend for a quick make-up. Just a few movements and your look is ready! This product has a very rich shade and good durability – you can dance until the morning and not be afraid that your eye makeup will go home earlier than you.

But it is better to remove makeup with a two-phase remedy, it will dissolve pigments faster, and you will not have to actively rub your eyes, injuring the mucous membrane.

Price: 890 rub.

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