9 September 2021

VA magic shimmering elixir for skin radiance, lipstick in the perfect shade for any look, a pencil for thick and neat eyebrows, lip gloss in lavender color and other new products from May have already been tried by the editors of BeautyHack and are ready to share the most sincere impressions – beautiful illustrations are attached!

Liner for eyebrows Mark Brow Tattoo Micro Styler, Medium Brown, Avon

Tested by BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova

I have thick eyebrows that need fixation and light correction. The tattoo liner Mark Brow Tattoo Micro Styler helps me to cope with the last task. Thanks to him, I said goodbye to the fuzzy shape and ugly gaps that may appear during the period of hair renewal. With this pencil, I can quickly finish the missing hairs, give the eyebrows the desired shape and a neat look.

The texture of the liner resembles an eyeliner, so it is easy to work with. It features a triple felt micro tip that draws with strokes and creates the visual effect of natural hair. But the color of the liner can also be shaded if you want to give your eyebrows only a light shade. The liner color may appear reddish immediately after application, but after drying it turns dark brown and looks very natural. The liner stays firm throughout the day, does not smudge or leak.

Price: 500 rub.

Labial pomade Rouge Feministe, 02, Vivienne Sabo

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Ana Lipartia

I love lipsticks in natural beige shades and regularly add to my collection. This time, Vivienne Sabo lipstick fell into my hands, which delighted me from the first application. Delicate and moisturizing, it has taken pride of place in my cosmetic bag.

The texture of the lipstick is soft, creamy, but not dense. If you want to achieve a more saturated shade, you will have to apply it in two or three coats. The lipstick is comfortable to wear and hardly felt on the lips during the day. And thanks to its moisturizing properties, it does not emphasize dry areas of the lips and possible peeling – this is also very important for me. I would also like to note that the pigment does not stick to the lips and can be easily erased with any makeup remover. I have lipstick in a versatile dusty rose shade that perfectly complements any look and suits any occasion. And its pleasant bonus is a sweet aroma, a bit like the smell of fresh strawberries.

Price: 308 rub.

Cream eyeshadow Matte Mousse, 702, L’Etoile

Tested by BeautyHack Senior Editor Anya Sherstneva

In eye makeup, I prefer the classics, so I always choose products that will look natural and emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes.

Liquid eyeshadow Matte Mousse from L’Etoile was my discovery. The eyeshadow has a pleasant light mousse texture, so it is easy to apply to the skin of the eyelids in a thin and even layer. After application, the shadows do not freeze immediately – I also really like this, because I like to shade products. I chose a natural beige shade to use it on its own or as a base for a brighter make-up – if you apply colored eyeshadow over it, their shade will be more saturated (look for the 11 best bases under the eyeshadow here). The product has a light scent, but after being applied to the skin, it disappears. And a significant plus for me was that the shadows are ideally adhered to the eyelids throughout the day – they do not roll down and are erased even in the rain.

Price: 699 rub

Pigment for lips Water Lip Stain, Sparkling Violet Water, Clarins

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

Probably, every girl dreams of two things: to eat and not to gain weight, and also to keep the lipstick as long as possible. The first point is not entirely simple, but for the second there is a solution – Water Lip Stain!

Its huge advantage is that the pigment on the lips looks as natural as possible. The product has a liquid texture, thanks to which it is easy to apply and absorbs instantly. After application, I pat my lips with the pad of my finger and work in pigment for a more natural look. To make the makeup look as natural as possible, there should be no clear boundaries and contours. Although it all depends on your preferences and mood: you can create a “juicy” look and apply several layers of pigment, correcting the lip contour with a liner. Or you can dwell on a light and fresh image, as I do.

In the line of pigments Water Lip Stain seven “delicious” colors, of which I have chosen the brightest and most sparkling. It doesn’t look like a gloss – the pigment has a matte finish, but it leaves light sparkling particles on the lips that add zest to the makeup. And the most important advantage of the pigment is that it is completely imperceptible on the lips, and its color remains throughout the day. Eat, drink and kiss, the pigment from Clarins is not afraid of anything. It also smells like sweet raspberries!

Price: 1 850 rub.

Highlighter– marshmallow Jellime Hightligher, Eel So Candy, Holika Holika

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

As the fairy tales taught us: a little magic never hurts! For me, the “marshmallow” highlighter from the Korean brand Holika Holika has become a real embodiment of magic. It reminds me of fairy pollen, only improved – in a liquid form. Thanks to such a magical melting texture, the highlighter is most convenient to apply and distribute in those places where you want to highlight the skin. The product gives the skin a moist glow, and the pink shimmer shimmer can refresh any makeup. You can apply a wonderful highlighter even without a mirror. It takes just one drop of the product to get the cosmic radiance.

The highlighter contains glycerin, which softens and moisturizes the skin, and smells like fresh citrus. It is hiding in a compact jar that you can carry with you everywhere and cheer yourself up at any time of the day – there is never too much shine!

Price: 890 rub.

Shine for lips Color Me, Lavender Pink, Nars

Tested by BeautyHack Senior Editor Anya Sherstneva

I don’t really like lip glosses because I can feel them on my lips all the time. But the Nars lip gloss surprised me a lot. As soon as I applied the product to my lips, I just forgot about it – the shine feels very comfortable and looks more like a caring balm than a makeup product. The Color Me gloss formula is enriched with caring ingredients, so it softens and moisturizes the lips. Usually during the day I often use balm and even apply it on my lips before makeup, but with this gloss, this is no longer necessary.

Color Me gloss has a creamy translucent texture, so it looks very natural and unobtrusive on the lips. I also want to note the unusual lavender shade of gloss. I was afraid that such an extreme tone would not quite suit me, but after application, the gloss adapted to the color of my lips and beautifully emphasized their natural beauty.

Price: 1 999 rub.

Automatic waterproof eyeliner, 07, Clarins

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Alexandra Grishina

I rarely use eyeliner pencils: usually I have extended eyelashes, or I choose only natural shades. But summer is a special time, so an experimenter wakes up in me who needs bright colors. First of all, with the arrival of heat, I acquired colored ink (I talked about it here https://beautyhack.ru/krasota/makiyazh/govorim-i-pokazyvaem-15-byuti-novinok-aprelya), and before the vacation I decided to add my make up even more colors.

For the experiment, I chose Clarins Eyeliner in 07 Blue Lily. here). It is a waterproof pencil with a soft mechanical lead that gives a bright and rich color from the first seconds. Its huge plus is that after application it is not imprinted on the eyelid and behaves perfectly if you bring them the mucous line of the lower eyelid or paint over the space between the eyelashes of the upper one. It is easy to draw clear lines with a pencil or blend it with a special applicator. And one more significant plus of this tool – the pencil has a built-in sharpener, so it is easy to care for it, and it is always ready for the most daring experiments.

Price: 1 600 rub

Pomade Le Marc Lip Cream, Sugar High, Marc Jacobs

Tested by BeautyHack Senior Editor Anya Sherstneva

I have been following with interest the novelties of Marc Jacobs for a long time – in the concept of this brand it attracts everything – from packaging to the contents of jars. Lipstick is probably my favorite makeup product, so I decided to start my acquaintance with this brand with her.

I have Le Marc Lip Cream in a natural shade that I think looks very feminine and will suit everyone. The texture of the lipstick is dense and creamy. It completely covers the lip pigment with just one layer. The product glides on pleasantly on the lips and does not dry them during the day, and also does not spread or crawl out of the contour. Lasts at least 4-5 hours, while maintaining a comfortable feeling on delicate skin. The aroma of the product is very unobtrusive, creamy and pleasant. A separate plus I want to put a stylish case, which has become an adornment of my cosmetic bag.

Price: 2 RUB 400

Highlighter Professional Protouch, Rose Pearl, Kiss New York

Tested by BeautyHack editor Julia Kozoliy

Despite the stick format, Kiss Professional Protouch highlighter is very soft and creamy in texture.

There are two ways to apply the product: make a couple of strokes on the cheekbones with a stick and blend the color to a golden haze, or apply a highlighter to the back of the hand, and only then, with a brush or finger, take the right amount of the product to emphasize their cheekbones – this method of application is suitable for natural makeup. I love glowing skin with a wet sheen effect, so I usually prefer the first highlighter option. But, no matter how you apply the product, the Professional Protouch highlighter always looks very natural and emphasizes the beauty of the skin of any shade – it will look especially impressive on a tanned face. And the highlighter does not smell at all – and this is also a plus!

Price: 999 rub.

Cream shine-shine for lips Luxe Creamy, Cappucino, Kiss New York Professional

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Ana Lipartia

I use lip gloss a lot in my daily makeup. But products with a translucent texture do not particularly appeal to me. Luxe Creamy lip gloss is just thick enough and gives a rich color, so most often I choose this one.

There are several shades in the Luxe Creamy gloss palette, of which the Cappucino tone was perfect for me. The creamy coffee color beautifully emphasizes the natural lip tone and looks stylish. The product has a handy applicator of a small size with short bristles, thanks to which the gloss is evenly applied and clearly along the contour of the lips. The gloss is dense and long-lasting in texture, and its shine sometimes stays on my lips for several hours. In addition, you can use it both independently and in combination with any lipstick to make its color more saturated (go through our testto find your perfect lipstick). In this gloss, I was also attracted by the fact that it moisturizes and nourishes the lips – I don’t even remember about lip balm during the day.

Price: 499 rub.