15 eye makeup mistakes that make you old


TOWhat kind of mascara to use, on which part of the eyelid to apply dark shadows and what shades are acceptable on the lower part of the mucous membrane? BeautyHack asked top makeup artists what mistakes in eye makeup should be avoided in order not to look older.

Dark eyebrow shadows

In general, I have nothing against shadows up to the eyebrows – it looks advantageous if you use light natural shades. But dark shadows in the area under the eyebrow should not be present in either age or youth makeup. The darkest accent should be on the moving part of the eyelid, and the remnants of the pigment can be shaded even higher – this should be taken as a rule.

Too clear lines

Geometry in the eyes (especially when it comes to shadows) is a great option for filming or unusual art makeup. But crisp smoky eyes can add age – it’s best to blend them properly and soften all lines.

Dark eyeliner on the lower part of the mucosa

All dark shades, in principle, make them older by ten, or even twenty. Therefore, if you want to apply a pencil on the mucous membrane of the eyelids, it is better to give preference to bronze, mint and pinkish shades. Or even refuse to use a pencil in this part of the eye, so as not to irritate the mucous membrane.

Metallic shadows

Such shadows are now rarely used by makeup artists – especially in age-related makeup. “Metallic” is perfect if you want creativity – in this case, it is better to apply such shadows in the center of the eyelid on smoky eyes. But remember that a large shimmer emphasizes all the imperfections of the eyelid, so it is better to use it pointwise – for example, to emphasize the inner corner of the eye.

Incorrectly chosen shade of brown eyeshadow

There are tons of brown eyeshadows that will suit everyone and won’t age. On the contrary, they will help to accentuate your eyes and refresh your makeup. But in order not to make the look heavier and not to make the face sore, it is better to apply only light shadows to the lower eyelid, and shade the dark brown shade along the eyelash growth line.

Serdar Kambarov

Serdar Kambarov


Dark matte shadows

For older makeup, dark matte shadows are taboo because they make the look visually dull and gloomy. This effect always ages, so I advise you to add a little shine – in the corner of the eye or in the center of the moving eyelid, apply shadows with a shimmer.

Elizaveta Frosina

Elizaveta Frosina


Falling lines in the outer corner of the eye

The synonyms for youth are firmness, radiance and ascending lines. As the aging process begins, the lines begin to drop, the firmness is lost and the face looks less fresh. Therefore, in any makeup, regardless of age, make-up artists try to raise all the lines a little – you need to remember this when drawing the tips of the arrows and eyebrows.

Emphasis on the lower lashes

Someone it suits, someone – no, but everyone should know about the risks of such a make-up. If the lower eyelashes are thick and painted over with several layers of mascara, then they will visually round the eye and make the look heavier. Perhaps this technique will lead to the fact that after a while the mascara will slide down the lower eyelid, leaving gray streaks and the effect of bruises under the eyes.

Unpainted eyelash growth line

It is not a mistake if you limit your makeup to mascara. If, in addition to it, you use other means – shadows or eyeliner – the unpainted eyelash growth line will make the makeup visually incomplete. The line between the eyelashes on the upper eyelid makes the eyelashes visually thicker, so this technique is almost always required in evening make-up.

Shadows on the “naked” eyelid

For most people, shadows without a base will quickly roll down, so the question of preserving the original look of eye makeup is acute. Eyeshadows crammed into the creases of the eyelids often look untidy and create the effect of a tired face, as if you have been wearing this makeup for a very long time.

Elena Yasenkova

Elena Yasenkova


Multiple layers of mascara

Unless you’re a model at a Dior runway, too many layers of mascara will likely make your look heavy. And besides, in life it often looks untidy, because mascara can crumble. If you want to open your eyes, then use bunches and remember, the “cleaner” eyelashes look, the better. In addition, the latest trends in makeup prove that it is better to rely on lengthening rather than volume.

Unblown kayal

Everything is simple here – such makeup narrows the eyes, but many makeup artists specifically achieve this effect. For some, such a technique suits, for others it is better to refrain from eyeliner on both the lower and upper eyelids. In any case, in age-related makeup, you should not visually reduce the cut of the eyes.

Ernest Muntaniol

Ernest Muntaniol


Daytime intensive eye makeup

Girls think that such an image will attract attention, but in fact it will only add 5-10 years to you. Bright shadows and an abundance of black mascara are appropriate only for evening events.

Bright eyes and bright lips

An important rule of thumb: for intense eye makeup, you need light tones of lipstick and gloss. For luscious and expressive lips – moderate eye makeup.