17 best foundations with SPF


Zand what does Ernest Muntaniol love Vitalumiere Aqua, what basis does Irina Mitroshkina advise and what means does BeautyHack editor-in-chief Karina Andreeva use? We’ve rounded up 17 of the best SPF foundations.

Ernest Muntaniol’s choice

Foundation Vitalumiere Aqua, Chanel

The best way to refresh makeup is a well-chosen foundation – updating it after a couple of hours, you will not get the effect of a plaster on your face. This cream contains a lot of water. Gives a semi-matte, semi-luminous finish and blends well. Remember: the more water in the formula, the better for dry skin – the cream will not accentuate peeling. The formula contains a mineral screen and a UVB sun protection filter that protects the skin from harmful sun rays (SPF-15). This is important for our region and climate.

Price: 2 378 rub.

Alena Moiseeva’s choice

Concealer Traceless Foundation, Tom Ford

Thin, glossy in texture. Perfectly fits even on the driest skin and removes flaking. A light shining finish appears. The composition includes an SPF-15 filter.

Price: 4 600 rub.

Elena Krygina’s choice

Bobbi Brown Skin SPF-15 Foundation

Foundation with dispenser, in a glass bottle. Most importantly, it has a balance: in the Bobbi Brown range, from the thickest sticks to the lightest balms, it sits right in the middle.

You will not feel the cream on your face – very comfortable, but it gives good coverage. It adheres perfectly and does not dry out the skin during the day. By the way, I even put it under my eyes – instead of concealer.

Price: 3800 rub.

Choice of Alexandra Kirienko

Foundation Lasting Silk and Luminous Silk, Giorgio Armani

And these are the best remedies for winter and dry skin. Luminous Silk has a fatter texture than Lasting Silk. I mix them a lot. Perfectly evens out the tone, does not clog into pores and does not dry out, hide mimic wrinkles and have a sun protection factor equal to 20.

Price: Luminous Silk, Giorgio Armani: 4 127 rubles.
Price: Lasting Silk, Giorgio Armani: 3 740 rubles.

Foundation Double Wear Light, Estée Lauder

I recommend the product to clients with combination and oily skin. Mattifies, hides imperfections and gives a slight lifting effect. Light in texture – I wear it in the summer. It just protects from the sun’s rays SPF 10.

But for dry skin it is not suitable: it can emphasize peeling. Very persistent – lasts up to 15 hours. “

Price: 4070 rub.

Irina Mitroshkina’s choice

Foundation Maestro Fusion Makeup SPF15, Giorgio Armani

I recommend this remedy for people with oily, porous skin. Lays down in a thin layer, does not roll and looks natural. Gives the face a natural glow and spreads easily even with the fingers, although I prefer to work with brushes. “

Price: 4 420 rubles.

The choice of Natalia Vlasova

BB cream Сreme Nude SPF-20 Erborian

The product is shiny, but it doesn’t have to be applied all over the face – I love using the BB cream underneath concealer. Or even instead of concealer – sometimes you don’t need it at all to mask bruises. The product has reflective particles, so a BB cream will suffice.

Price: 3 450 rub. (45 ml)

The choice of Sergei Naumov

Foundation Studio Sculpt SPF-15, MAC

The tone should hide problem areas well, and at the same time give a natural effect. MAC Studio Sculpt with silicones copes with the task – it perfectly hides flaws, it is practically invisible in the photo.

Natalia Isaeva’s choice

Moisturizer with tone Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, NARS

In my opinion, the perfect foundation. Lightweight, comfortable, invisible on the skin. But for all the weightlessness, it masks minor redness, evens out the tone well.

Contains Mediterranean algae and organic moisturizers to smooth and tame skin all day long.

A product with SPF 30 protection – more than once helped me out when I underestimated the danger of the Moscow sun. True, the face stood out strongly against the background of the burnt parts of the body, but that’s another story.

Price: 3 099 rub.

Elena Motinova’s choice

Foundation with lifting effect Perfectionist, Estée Lauder

A helper for aging skin. The Perfectionist really fills in wrinkles with their texture and reduces their appearance. Expression wrinkles are completely invisible, and deep ones are smoothed out well. The luminous pigments in the formula of the foundation scatter light and leave the face healthy and protected from the sun’s rays with SPF-25. For young girls, this foundation will help to hide flaking – the Perfectionist “sticks” flaky particles to the skin. The finish is velvety, as in the photographs of Hollywood stars before the Oscar.

Price: 7 650 rub.

The choice of Andrey Shilkov

Foundation fluid The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF20, La Mer

Long lasting tonal fluid. You can apply it with a brush or Beautyblender sponge – the finish is thin, very natural, ideal for a natural and long-lasting make-up. In addition, the product cares for the skin – after a few weeks of constant use, you will see it yourself.

Price: 6 792 rub.

Editor-in-chief Karina Andreeva’s choice

Cushion Derma-Cushion, Gray Beige, Dr. Jart +

One of my favorite BB creams for a long time has been BeautyBalm Dr. Jart +. It seems that now I have found an alternative to him. When you use the product, there is a feeling that you did not just apply a foundation, but as if it were a good moisturizer at one time. At the same time, the coating turns out to be weightless (I used the sponge pad that comes with the kit), and the skin is radiant (a highlighter in the form of a cross is hidden in the heart of the cushion). If you mix both shades, you get a fashionable gym skin effect (as a person who loves sports, to be honest, the result is indistinguishable: as if the truth just got out of cardio training). For a thicker and more matte finish, apply only the beige part of the cushion – the product masks skin imperfections well and even relieves irritation. The composition is excellent: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and marine plankton extract for deep hydration, calamine (a compound of zinc oxide and iron oxide) to relieve redness, oil of moringa oil to protect against negative environmental factors. SPF 50 – as a wonderful bonus (not everyone can take foundation with them on vacation, but it will be very useful at sea in the summer).

Price: 4 715 rub.

Egor Kartashov’s choice

Cushion Miracle Cushion SPF 23, Lancôme

Perfectly moisturizes and refreshes the skin, gives it radiance and protects it from the sun (there is an SPF filter 23). The make-up is obtained without the mask effect.
The porous pad is impregnated with a tonal fluid that resembles water in texture. I especially recommend it to fans of BB and CC creams.

If a client asks to choose a tone for home use, then I always advise him.

Price: 3 100 rubles.

The choice of Maria Viskunova

Foundation Naked Skin One & Done, Urban Decay

A universal formula for summer – a light moisturizing tone plus concealer to mask imperfections, on top – a transparent powder. If the skin is good, you can do with one thing.

Naked Skin One & Done is the lightest moisturizing creamy tone that covers minor nuances. It is lightweight and invisible on the skin, at the same time it stays firm all day and protects from the sun’s rays, having an SPF-20 formula in its composition. Leaves a natural finish and slightly mattes. Suitable for normal to combination skin.

Price: 1 199 rub.

Olga Romanova’s choice

CC-Cream Embryolisse Soin Correcteur De Teint

Embryolisse’s beloved CC Cream is a super treat! It cares for and covers minor imperfections, creating the effect of well-aligned skin. But at the same time, you will not notice a single trace of foundation – the coating looks flawlessly natural. This tool is for those girls who prefer natural makeup, want to achieve the perfect skin color, but do not like dense textures. The product includes a protective formula SPF-20

Price: 2 330 rub.

Cushion YSL Le Cushion Encre de Peau

It is also very delicate and light in texture, evens out the skin tone qualitatively, but is completely invisible. I equate it with the Embryolisse product – I just alternate the two depending on my mood. I would not call the cushion format professional, but it is very convenient for home use, so I recommend it to everyone. The product has SPF 10 protection.

Little hack: I use the BeautyBlender sponge with the cushion, not the cushion that comes with it. It is this sponge that allows you to distribute the product on the skin as thin as possible and blend well.

Price: 1967 rub.