9 September 2021

HWhat is an illuminator and is it different from a highlighter? BeautyHack has chosen the top products, the difference between which is worth remembering.

Hair conditioner VS hair balm

It is a mistake to think that these means are interchangeable. The first and foremost difference is that the balm nourishes the hair not only from the outside (like a conditioner), but also from the inside. The composition, as a rule, contains vitamins and nutrients that take care of the hair structure. The conditioner is designed to facilitate combing and protect hair from the negative effects of the environment. By closing the keratin scales of the hair, it provides moisture retention inside. Also, the conditioner has an antistatic effect, unlike the balm. The balm should be applied not only to the entire length of the hair, but also to the roots, and the conditioner should be distributed only along the length.

Highlighter VS illuminator

Another couple that are rarely differentiated by anyone. Their goal, of course, is the same – to make the skin glow. But they are applied in completely different ways and the subsequent effect of the funds is also different. The illuminator has a liquid texture. It must be applied all over the face to achieve a “glow from the inside” effect. You can mix it with foundation, or you can use it as a makeup base. The highlighter can be of any texture and has a lot of shiny particles. For this reason, it should be applied to certain areas of the face: on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the “tick” of the upper lip. Also, the highlighter can be used as an alternative to eyeshadow to create a fresh look or a trendy wet effect. We wrote about which highlighters make-up artists prefer here

Scrub VS gommage

Cleansing is an important rule for maintaining the beauty and health of the skin. Various exfoliants help us to more thoroughly and deeply cleanse the skin of impurities and dead cells. Many people mistakenly believe that there is no significant difference between them, but there is. For example, gommage is a product based on fruit or lactic acids, which is suitable even for sensitive skin, because it has a rather soft and delicate texture. The scrub, on the other hand, acts on the skin more aggressively due to solid particles (usually pounded fruit pits, coffee, salt). Such “heavy artillery” is not suitable for every skin type. Browse with the best face and body scrubs you’ll find here

Sculptor VS bronzer

The line between these means is very thin. The task of the sculptor is to outline the contour of the face, to create a natural shadow. It is applied to those areas that need to be slightly adjusted and darkened. Important: the sculptor has a matte finish! The shade must be matched to your natural skin color, the most optimal is a muted brown. But the bronzer can be matte, satin, and even with a shimmer. It is used to give the skin a light bronze tan. It is better to apply it on slightly tanned or naturally dark skin, otherwise the makeup will look unnatural. The areas for applying bronzer are above the cheekbone, along the upper line of the forehead and on the bridge of the nose. Read about the main mistakes in contouring on link

Text: Arina Zarudko