9 September 2021

TOAs a real beautygolic, most of all I love vacations because there is a lot of time for close testing of new products. For the holidays, I most often leave, so the means (especially care) always have a double test – a change in climate, active pastime and flights. The selection contains new items that have passed my personal crash test. And if in your plans for the rest of the May holidays – beauty shopping, I recommend that you pay attention to these funds.

Moisturizing eye cream Moisture Surge Eye, Clinique

Yes, at 23 I have no special skin problems, except for rare peeling and … dark circles under the eyes, which treacherously come out after one night with not enough sleep. Patches are in some way a solution to the problem, but not always. When my lack of sleep is combined with stress and frequent flights, I turn into a real panda. An integrated approach is needed here! Fortunately, the Clinique brand has released a new product – a concentrate for the skin around the eyes. It is a lightweight water-based gel in a package with a very convenient dispenser (one or two clicks dispenses the right amount of product). I squeeze it onto my ring finger and squeeze my fingers together to destroy the membrane of the lipid spheres (they can be seen in the transparent package). Apply to the skin around the eyes with massage movements in the morning and evening. It also works great as an express mask for the skin around the eyes before applying makeup. What’s in the line-up? Capsules with lipid spheres (contain coconut oil with aloe leaf extract + vitamins C, E), caffeine, activated aloe water, three types of hyaluronic acid molecules, glycerin, green tea and algae extracts. For a week of use, I noticed that the skin around the eyes became moisturized and refreshed, and most importantly, dark circles under the eyes disappeared. It’s great that the product is quickly absorbed, because I am not one of those who like to wait for a long time!

Price: 2 700 rubles.

Moisturizing gellotion Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience, Origins

This is my favorite organic cosmetics brand. The creator of the brand is William Lauder, the grandson of Este Lauder. Since its inception on the global market, Origins has established itself as a brand specializing in natural cosmetics and traditional recipes. In addition, the latest technologies and scientific trends are used in the formulas of the products. I wrote about the brand’s favorite body product here, and now I’ll tell you about a very cool novelty!

It is a super-light gel with a pleasant lemon-herbal scent that is absorbed into the skin in a couple of seconds. The product is recommended for all skin types and is also suitable for those with sensitive skin. It contains microdrops of chaga infusion, kelp, zinc, a complex of essential oils (lavender, geranium, orange, tangerine, patchouli, incense) and a Mega-Mushroom complex based on fermented chaga, sea buckthorn, lactobacilli, and other useful ingredients. The novelty refreshes the skin from the first application, moisturizes, soothes, and also helps to regulate the sebaceous glands (if you have an oily skin type, pay special attention to the product). We must take!

Price: 4 760 rub.

Perfumery water Madly in Love, Kilian

I am a huge fan of Kilian fragrances, and the My Kind Of Love collection has been stirring my mind for six months already: it is not without reason that it was created for young and lovers (I told about it here). 4 fragrances appeared in Russia last fall, and the fifth (Madly in Love) is launched this spring. I met him back in winter in New York and waited for him to appear with us. The aroma reveals sweet and sensual raspberry notes that dilute the middle notes of white tobacco and the base notes of black leather. In general, I’m not a fan of “skin” fragrances, but I fell in love with this one at first sight. Here, the skin is successfully combined with raspberries, which never cease to remind of themselves over and over again.

The full name of the perfume is Yes I Was Madly In Love But That Was Yesterday.

I associate this scent with a new dizzying romance, when all the past is left behind, the pain has passed, and the emptiness has been replaced by a pleasant anticipation of new love victories.

Price for 100 ml: 11 300 rubles.

Powder Bronzing Compact, 001, Clarins

Each Clarins collection is like a work of art, and the limited edition powders are so beautiful that it is a pity to use them. But we have to! The palette contains three products at once: blush, highlighter and bronzer. The blush creates a delicate pink blush on the skin (don’t be afraid to layering – the effect of “Marfushka, darling” will not work), the highlighter is ideal for a delicate shine, and I use bronzer as a sculptor and emphasize the cheekbones with it. The effect of the funds is really like the kiss of the sun. A tanned, radiant, fresh skin is what you need for an express make-up. I love these compact multifunctional tools: they are convenient to take on trips.

Price: 3 650 rub.

Shine for lips Gloss Interdit Vinyl, Vibrant Blue, Givenchy

If in the summer or just on a trip, I can do without most of the make-up cosmetic bag, without lip products – nothing. Balm, shine, moisturizing lipstick – something of this must be. For the last week I have been using the new Givenchy. It is a lip gloss with a cool blue undertone, which spreads on the lips in a couple of movements, does not dry them out and gives a beautiful moist effect. The composition contains polymers, which is why the product is comfortable to wear. Gloss makes lips visually plump and more voluminous – just what you need for beautiful selfies on vacation!

Price: 2 390 rubles.

Text: Karina Andreeva